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Positively Giddy

We have these really awful neighbors a couple houses down from us. I don't think I've written about them, but Chris has. They are constantly fighting in the street, screaming at each other, screaming at their kids. They like to sit in their cars and honk at whoever in the house is taking to long and then scream at whoever it is when they finally come out. At least once a week there is a huge scene in the street in front of their house, sometimes big enough that is spills over to the street in front of our house. Also, they dump their garbage on the curb and it blows into my yard, which is minor compared to the rest of it, but it pisses me off.

Last night, Chris and I sat on the couch and agreed that we would have to move before Mia was old enough to realize what was going on, because we didn't want her exposed to that kind of influence and also because they peal out at 100 miles per hour after the street fights and I was worried about her safety. I've been pretty depressed since then, because with the housing market being what it is around here, pretty much the only way we could move would be if I went back to work. I would do that to get away from them, it is that bad.

But then, today? I found out that they are moving.

I haven't stopped laughing since.

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Congratulations!! I know I recall a rant of your Husbands about a homeowners association and a trash can (I think), if you get some more bad neighbors, call them. Thats what they live for. Funny how the Universe has a way of making things right.

I'm very excited for you guys! Moving is a huge pain, especially in the DC area...glad you don't have to go through it.

but are you happy dancing?

Chris is.

So cool.

Fight the urge to be nice now that you know they are moving, because they might just decide how nice you guys are and stay.

How lucky! I hope you get some great new neighbors.

We're pretty fortunate to have awesome neigbors, except for one guy who owns a huge, noisy pick-up. He leaves for work at 5 a.m. each morning, and everyone knows it.

Happy day when the trash takes itself out!


Consider this my "high five" "congratulation" doing the whoopy dance happiness for you guys... i wouldn't want to raise my child around those people either!!

That is great news! I used to live next to neighbors like that. I renovated my house, had it just the way I wanted it, then moved because I just could not take it anymore! I can imagine how thrilled you are! This is a day for champagne!

Do they need help packing? Because we would all totally go over there to expedite things....

Decisions like that are rough. I'm glad you guys don't have to move after all!

That is great news! But with my luck with neighbors, (see blog) they are probably moving in next door to me... sigh

That was a close one!

(please tell me they're leaving the area... there is a house for sale right around the corner from us)

I was feeling utterly terrible for you...UNTIL THE END OF THE POST!!! Woohoo!!! You guys should totally celebrate!!! (Whilst praying for better neighbors!!)

I love it when problems solve themselves like that. Congratulations! But every neighborhood needs a little trashy element to it - will y'all pick up some of the slack? I think just wearing lots of tube tops and flip flops (either you OR Chris - doesn't matter) would do the trick.

OMG that is the most awesome thing either. Our house isnt great and there have been ones we have seen that were better for cheaper but the only reason we didnt move was because we have awesome neighbors here. They are all so nice and keep their yards up and come over to chat so we could never give that up.

I've read of the aforementioned "WTN" on your hubby's site, and completely understand your elation.
(By the way, when the Cactus says he did a "#3" what does that mean, exactly?)

wahoo. like i told chris, whip out the champagne starting now and don't stop celebrating until the last glimpse of their moving truck disappears over the horizon. and then, then throw a big ass party.



deep sigh of relief from me to you.

Just read the happy news on the hubby's site. Congrats!!
By the way, what did you do with the WT toy?

Oh! Miracles do happen! Yay. So very happy for you. I just hope, wherever these people end up, that they get some help before they do even more damage to those poor kids.

Woo Hoo! Are you dancing around with Mia? Yeah, did you boil the WT toy, or did it hit the trash can?

so this means their house will be for sale.... *runs to check finaces to see if we can afford it*

Yay!! Congrats!

We had these awful neighbors too and from the minute my husband and I moved in they gave us nothing but a hard time...they made our life miserable. After about 12 years of barely holding it together we decided it was time to move and we moved out of state. Two days before we put our house on the market, I drove by their house and there was a for sale sign on it!!!! We laughed too!!!! Congrats for you...hopefully the new neighbors will be better!!!! :)

hooray for you!!!

First of all, I can get your blog at work again--yeah!!! Secondly, there is a God!!! Hmmm, maybe she/he will get our awful neighbors to move now!

Excellent - now could you get the mobster across the street from me to move out? Thanks! Just, you know, watch your knee caps.

Hurrah! I'm so happy for you guys. Best wishes for good replacement neighbors.


I wonder if Chris's hickey scared them off?

Have you read the comments over at Rude Cactus yet?

Yours are much more genteel.

I'm glad they'll be out of your life soon.

Yay! White Trash Neighbors are leaving! YAY!

Perfect! Now you can decide your future without them influencing you. Better to make your own decisions.


Wonderful! Congratulations!!!!

That's too awesome! Congratulations on your fortune, now go get a lottery ticket!

Hopefully they move far far away. Not Orlando far...


how awesome! i know Chris was uber-concerned about bringing the bean up with that kind of stuff around... woohoo! let's cross our fingers that you get a great young couple with a handsome little boy for Mia moved in there!

Wooohooo. :) Great news.

Oh, yay for you! :)
I wish my neighbours would move. They've been building a humungous ugly house next door since I was pregnant with Joey....He's run out of money and is "finishing" it by himself--after hours. He bangs away at it all night long....He also caused a leak in our new basement (which we made him fix), dented our garage (again, made him fix), and destroyed part of our lawn (not fixed) in the process.... Thanks for letting me vent....I'm sooo happy for you. :)

We had those same neighbors next door! We referred to them when relaying stories as The WT (white trash). Some friends of ours from out of town actually called the police on them once when they came by our house (we weren't home) and witnessed some of the screaming.

We were relieved of ours a couple of weeks ago also. The Crazy-Cat-Lady-Who-Only-Lacks-the-Cats two doors down bought the house they were renting just to kick them out. Signed papers, gave them 48 hours to get out, had a For Sale sign up the next morning by 7:30.

I still haven't decided if we just attract nutters or if, in fact, 99.5% of the population has completely lost control of their facilities.

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