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Quick before I panic

Is it normal for Mia to have a little (very little) bit of blood in her mouth when she cuts a tooth? Or should I call the rescue squad?

Oh, and do you think a fireman would be any use in this situation?

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I think you are safe.

Firemen are always good. For mom.

And the blood is no biggie. My oldest chewed on popsicles until he bled like crazy because his upper teeth coming in bothered him so much. (he was over 1 when he got them)

A Fireman couldn't hurt. Who knows he may turn out to be as hot as your Pediatrician.

Got my fireman fill yesterday, sitting eating a pizza with a heartbroken friend... and the 15 (very FLIRTY and cute) fireman, still smelling of smoke certainly brought her up a couple levels of happiness :)
Thought you might like to live vicariously through us ;)

I wouldn't be too concerned about the blood- I bite my OWN lip daily :)

Firemen - hmmmm. She's probably in no danger, but firemen are sometimes very nice.

BTW, the pictures in your last post were great. Thanks.

I would make an appt. with HP just to be sure. And bring the fireman.

I'd say the blood is no big deal. Both my boys had some bleeding with teething.

But if any members of the rescue squad are H-O-T, then you'd best give them a call. Wouldn't want to pass up the opportunity for them to come to the aid of a damsel in distress...

We took my grown daughter down to the firehouse to have a ring cut off. (They have the equipment and they're usually sitting around bored).

She wanted to put another one one right away.

Those guys are cute.

Fireman are of good use in ANY situation. Madeline never had any blood in her mouth due to teething and/or cutting teeth, but I'd google that if I were you.

BTW...LittleJuJu's Little League coach is a fireman!!

Fireman are of good use in ANY situation. Madeline never had any blood in her mouth due to teething and/or cutting teeth, but I'd google that if I were you.

BTW...LittleJuJu's Little League coach is a fireman!!

damnit, sorry about that.

Same thing happened with my little girl. And yes, I freaked too. :) But she was fine.

Still, you'd better consult a fireman. Or two. Or three...

Simply YES

I don't think the blood's a big deal. You may want to call your doctor's office--i.e., the nurse there--for your own peace of mind. But, she's fine! :)

I recall bloody drool during some of out teething sessions, but far be it from me to keep you from having a fireman out to look. You know, just to be safe.

I know nothing about teething, but it doesn't sound unreasonable that there might be a little blood. And when can't a fireman help a situation?

Her poor gums are probably just raw. But I heartily agree with the previous posters -- there's no harm in being extra-cautious and having a fireman check it out. I mean, they're trained to handle these things, right? And Chris won't be home until later?

I remember seeing a little blood on a bib & a stuffed toy, especially with the first teeth.

A fireman helped deliver my baby.

1) Bleeding? Yep, especially with top teeth. The amount tends to vary with what was being used as a teether. A dampened and then frozen washcloth makes a good one.

2) Firemen are always good. Never thought you'd need to

I agree, firemen are good. very good.
Bleeding during teething - not that unusual. And remember any blood coming from the mouth always looks worse than it really is because it's mixing with saliva.

firemen = yummy. Was there another point to this entry??

it's normal! It's normal! Not to worry. But? Might want to call in the fireman anyway.

A post on teething and a mention of firemen and in all these comments not one about the "jaws" of life? That kind of joke must be a guy thing.

I should have posted this comment over at Chris' spot.

Love your site, btw.

Echoing everybody else-- it's fine. But definitely get yerself a fireman.

By all means call the firemen. I'm sure that they'd be good for an afternoon of entertainment.

Same thing happened with Kyra. I didn't have a blog and therefore the wealth of knowledge at my disposal that you have, so I freaked and took her to the pediatrition. Damn, why didn't I think of firemen first? Oh well, live and learn.

Of course I don't know anything about anything not having a kid...but I assume that since those teeth things are pretty new she might have bit something in her mouth like a tongue or cheek???

But I agree with most posters...Fireman are usually NOT a bad thing.

Blood? I have blood to look forard to?? oh no...

Beth, this is one of the reasons I read your blog...Mia is just a few months older than Daya, and I still know nothing about babies so I figure you go through it first then i know what to do.

No real experience with teething, but why not call the firemen and go visit the pediatricia? He's a hottie, right?

firemen are ALWAYS useful. can't find the binky? call the firemen. foot stuck behind your head? yep, firemen.

blood in mouth, totally normal. from my experience anyway.

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