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Somebody call Social Services

Now, technically, I did not lock the baby in the car, alone. Well, alone except for the car keys.

She did it herself.

Moral of the story, if you have remote locks on the car and the baby is chewing on your car keys, do not get out of the car and shut the door.

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Amen, sister.

Oh, and try and get a car with OnStar since they can unlock your doors remotely, saving you from the dreadful call to hubby, police, etc., explaining your predicament.

I'm just sayin'...

I did it because my car has the automatic child locks so that they can't open the door but I had the AC running with the automatic start to cool off the car so I thought it would be okay - long story short, the friggin fire department had to unlock my car for me to save my baby. Worst Mother Of The Year crown is officially handed off to you now. Thank God; that thing was getting so heavy.

ok, here's a funny but true story for ya... I am going to Walmart one day.... and I strap my son in his car seat... he is around a year and a half... and off we go. We arrive and I jump out of the car, go around to the other side to get him out... to find that I not only locked him in... but I left the car ENGINE ON!!! yes! true, embarasses to admit it. True story, had to call the fire department to get him out. So see.... at least you have Mia to blame it on.

I can't believe how calm you are...

I would have FREAKED.

Glad all is well.

Also, don't allow the child(ren) to play with the remote if it has a 'turn-the-horn-on-forever' option. Especially if the car is on the other side of the house with a garage between the car and the house, acting as a massive sound barrier.

Because the neighbours do not have said sound barrier. And they will politely knock on the door and humbly request that you turn off the never-ending-horn that has been honking for nigh on an hour.

And you will be shamed. SHAMED, I tell you and lamely attempt to explain ...

If it makes you feel any better, my mom locked me in the car with the keys when I was a baby... and this was in the days before power locks and remote locks!

I've never done that, but yesterday morning Ian set off the car alarm (again) playing with the keys... and the van doors have been known to reamin open all night.

Remote keyless entry has it's downsides too.

I knew there had to be an upside to my never having been able to afford a car with power locks and windows!
Actually, I've never owned a car that I couldn't break into in under two
Did Mia even know something was up?

Ok... so um... is it bad cause I'm laughing? Only because I have almost done this a gazillion times... luckily, I haven't been successful.

Glad you got her out... You did get her out didn't you? LOL

I locked myself in the car when I was a baby, and not only did my mom have to call the police, but they couldn't unlock the car because it was a VW Bug, and none of their tools worked on it! I don't remember the resolution to the story, but I got out eventually! And I am fine!

I'm sure that caused a moment (or several moments) of pure panic. Did you have extra keys readily available?

Never locked the kids in, but when the boy was about a year and a half, I put him in the car seat, hopped in the driver's seat, took off to the grocery store, got out, went to get the boy out and realized I NEVER BUCKLED HIM INTO HIS SEAT!!!
Having kids robs you of your intelligence - we all do such stupid things.

Scary. I think that kind of stuff is something parents freak about, but something most kids never even care about. Did you have to call the fire dept. to get her out? I saw a woman do that one time. Her son was asleep, so he never knew. She was freaking out, but I enjoyed watching the hotttt fire men rescue her son.

I always keep extra keys in various places for just this reason. I'm terribly absent minded and my preschooler can hit the door lock with her foot while buckled in her carseat. She thinks it's hysterical.

Ah, see that is right up there on my list of things to worry about since becoming a mother, along with earthquakes, driving into bodies of water, fire, unplanned pregnancy, plane crashes... crap, I'm neurotic.

Jeez us! I would have freaked out. Were you standing there with your hand on the doorhandle waiting for her to hit the unlock button? LOL

ok, I called and they're on their way

Im so glad things worked out! One thing my anal ex boyfriend taught me was to get one of those key holders and put it underneath your car just incase. Sad to admit I have had to use them more than once! Hey you are so not the worst mother of the year!

Oh gosh, that's totally something I would do. Babyless, though, since I got keyless entry I haven't locked my keys in the car once! I used to do it...uh, a little too often.

Technically, I didn't loose my baby. My ex left the door open while I was in the pottie and my newly mobile 1 year old walked down the hall of the motel and attempted to convince the lovely latin housekeeper to take him home. It would have worked had I not run out of the room screaming "Somone stole my baby!!!!!!"

Did you have a spare handy, or did you have to call Chris to come let her out?

I haven't done that (yet) but I did once lock both Queen B and myself out of the house by giving my ENTIRE key ring to the guy at the auto shop before I drove all the way home in the rental. I had to go out to TechDad's office and have security call him to get his keys.

oh sweetie....
did you have to call a locksmith?

my friend D with twin boys had to do that. and her boys were about 1 and knew how to let each other out of their car seats, which they did.
then she kept trying to get them to hit the locks, which they would and before she could get the door opened, they would hit it again and lock it.
oh and the car was running

I feel your pain.
I'm not laughing, no, I had to cough
really, I've had this bad cough for days

FURIOUSLY knocking on wood here.

Good tip. I'm guessing the denouement didn't involve firemen. Because you would've taken camera phone pictures if it had, right? Right!?

Happy Friday!

I have locked my son in the car when he was a baby. It happens. Even when you don't have automatic locks - which means you have to go out of your way to lock the door, and leave the keys on the seat before you go around the other side to find that you did, in fact, lock the baby in the car with they keys.

Wait... didn't you get stuck in the back seat and have to bang on the window for someone to let you out once? ;)


Well as long as you learned that important lesson, I am not going to say a word! :)

OMG!! haha, what did you do!? you have to tell us the whole story :)

I found out the hard way that if I open the doors with the automatic dealie on my keychain, and then only open the BACK door, when I close the BACK door, ALL THE DOORS WILL LOCK!!!!

Even if my sweet baby is in there by herself!!!

I had to call my hubby and have him take a cab to where I was, as I stood outside in a blizzard and watched my baby inside the van, with tears running down my face.

And me without a cell phone! I had to GO BACK IN THE BUILDING and call my hubby! Thankfully, a lovely older woman agreed to stand there and watch my baby as I did this.

Scariest damn thing I ever did.

this one time at band camp..or this one house we rented (it was ick!) Brendan's room somehow had a key lock on the door. And we didn't take it off. And of course one day he locked himself in. And I HAD NO KEY. And no one cared. I'm serious. the fire department adviced me to borrow a ladder from my neighbours. wtf? I think I eventually used my freakish mommy powers and sawed off the door handle.
He of course was fine...he was just playing away having a great old time.

For a few seconds I had the idea that at the time of writing, she was STILL lovked in the car, and you were just here to inform us before extracting her:

*click* The door locks. A chill goes up Beth's spine as she slowly turns around.

Sure enough, there is Mia, giggling and waving to you as she gums the car remote and starts trying different keys in the ignition.

"My God," thinks Beth, "I must blog this!"

Heh. Did that. And before remote locks. My daughter was old enough to understand (two). She started crying and then sneezed. It wasn't pretty. And I had to wait while my Dad drove across town to open the door because it was his car and he had the extra keys. That was a fun morning. Still remember it 12 years later.

I've done it. Now have an extra accessible set of keys.

I could tell you stories that would make your toes curl! These weird things that the "good mother's" tell you "they" would "Never" do is pure crap! It all happens to everyone. So don't beat yourself up too much. must have been so scared. I would have been freaking out!

Yipes! I've forgotten to buckle him up. Thank goodness he's now old enough to remind me.

But this is why I always leave my door open while I get him out.

this post made me giggle, but mostly i wanted to say happy mothers day :)

All I wanted to say was Happy Mother's Day!

well, a perfect post to say "Happy Mother's Day" to you on. :-)

Beth- THANK YOU for posting this. I thought I was the only one this happened to! When kiddo did this, my purse and cell phone were in the car with her, too. And it was raining. The nice ladies in the supermarket parking lot gave me change to use the pay phone and stood by the car. I was on the phone calling hubby to bring the spare keys when she unlocked herself.
A scary 15 minutes I won't soon forget.

Beth- THANK YOU for posting this. I thought I was the only one this happened to! When kiddo did this, my purse and cell phone were in the car with her, too. And it was raining. The nice ladies in the supermarket parking lot gave me change to use the pay phone and stood by the car. I was on the phone calling hubby to bring the spare keys when she unlocked herself.
A scary 15 minutes I won't soon forget.

Not that this comment has anything to do with your post, but...

Happy Mothers Day! As one of my favorite mommies to read about, I thought I better not forget to wish you a great day.

You know what's cute? The other day I was looking at pictures you had posted of Mia while holding my little girl, and she got SO excited to see pictures of another baby. It was just... adorable!

Heehee! Must have freaked you out a bit at the time, but since everything's fine, I must say that it sure does make a funny story! :)
Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mom - I hope you had a great day!

Ok, that is too cute! Happy Belated Mothers Day!

PS...I've been checking Mia's site a lot and haven't seen any new pictures! :) (j/k)

It's been a week for being locked out- I locked my keys in my car at work on Tuesday and got a ride home to find that we were locked out of the house because Hubby locked the faulty bolt lock and no one's keys were working. Luckily it was a nice night to sit on the front porch waiting for a locksmith.

Oh my goodness! I hope it wasn't too hard getting her out. And happy Mother's day... :-)

Hey, Beth!

Have a great Mother's Day!
Wear your crown proudly, even if it slips once in a while.

But seriously, haven't they approached you about a book yet? If Ex-Playboy, MTV VJ, Jennie Mac can do it, so can you...

Anni :-)

Happy Mothers Day! I should confess to you that Shepherd almost rolled off the bed at his grandma's house this weekend. He hadn't flipped back to front yet, so we'd still leave him on the bed for a fraction of a second to put a shirt on or something, standing there the whole time. Leave it to fate that I pulled my head through the shirt hole just in time to see him roll front to back towards the edge of the bed. I'm still holding my breath.

No worries - as long as she wasn't armed in there - I think you are safe.

i'm told stuff like this happens. of course, i've been told this by my mother who once let me take an elevator ride in my stroller without her...

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