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Ten Months

Mia Bean,

You are ten months old today and leaving your babyhood behind you so quickly that it makes my head spin. In the past month, you have learned to crawl so fast that I sometimes have to run to catch up with you. You have learned to pull yourself up and can do it with the aid of the stairs, the wall, your highchair, a convenient leg or hip, the floor, or even a sturdy blade of grass. If you are awake, you want to be standing, you can balance with very little support, and sometimes you forget to hold on and teeter upright on your own for a few seconds before gravity kicks in. You love to walk, whether with me holding your arms or by pushing a toy or a stool or the laundry basket along ahead of you.

You eat! We still have avocado as a staple, but in the last month have added pears, apples, sweet potatoes, fruit puffs, cheerios, crackers, cheez-its and goldfish. (You don't eat many cheez-its, but you sure do enjoy them.) You still do not care for yogurt, pasta or tofu and banana is hit or miss, but after three solid months of nothing but avocado it is huge progress. You also, and I hate to say this for risk of jinxing it, sleep. You've have had the napping thing mastered for a while, but now you are actually sleeping at night too. Most nights you wake up twice, but the second time is generally late enough in the morning that I choose not to count it. We finally figured out that we were part of the problem, and decided to make ourselves part of the solution instead. You are much happier, and I am much happier too. Last night, however, was a major exception to this, so we are betting tooth number eight will be here any day now.

You have learned how to throw a temper tantrum if I prevent you from doing what you want to do or have the gaul to take my keys away from you so I can start the car. Your favorite things to do, other than standing, are pulling books off of shelves, dumping everything out of the pantry, pulling clothes out of drawers, pulling your toys out of their baskets, and dumping clean laundry onto the floor. Are you sensing a theme here? We have started to think you may have a career as an interior decorator.

You adore taking a bath. We started giving you baths at night instead of in the morning so that daddy can help, and when you hear the water running in the tub you crawl as fast as you can into the bathroom, pull up on the side of the tub and squeal with delight. You love to play with your bathtoys and to splash and be splashed and to crawl around in the tub until we pull you wet and wiggling and protesting out of the grown-cold water. Even when it is not bathtime, you like to pull up on the side of the tub and look at your toys and giggle.

Your favorite part of the day is when your father comes home from work. You smile and giggle and yell at him to get his attention and crawl all over his legs as soon as he comes in the house. Sometimes we go outside to wait for him, and as soon as you see him in his car your whole body starts to wiggle and if you could I know you would run straight to him.

We spend a lot of time having long conversations and playing peek-a-boo and hide and go seek. You like to sing songs and be turned upside down and thrown up in the air and spun around until your eyes get huge and mommy gets sick. By the end of the day, every square inch of floor is covered with toys or paper or boxes of crackers and dirty socks thanks to your day of exploration. You are learning so quickly now - you see something once and can remember or repeat it.

Early this month, we lost Pixel, and I have wondered how that impacts you. You adored Pixel and crawled along after him all day long trying to get hold of his tail or his ears and cram them into your mouth. I can't tell whether you have noticed that he is gone, that they are both gone, but I hope that in some faint way you will remember them. I don't think either of the cats ever thought having a baby was the greatest idea your father and I ever had, but Pixel especially became very protective of you and very tolerant of your "affections."

Mia Bean, Mia Monkey, Mia Munchkin, you are barely my baby any longer. You are my amazing little girl, and I can't wait to see where this next month takes us.


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Heavens, where is everyone today?

That post is wonderful.

I was looking over her diet and it sounds like you might not have a problem with a little taste of chocolate cake for her birthday. I love 1 yers olds covered in chocolate.

Or something equally messy.

That should be 1 year old. I always mess up on that word.


How did this happen?

They do grow fast. One day they are crawling along and when you turn your head for a second they are all grown up with babies of their own. My oh my, they grow fast. And holding your grandchild can never replace holding your own baby.

mia is pretty smart she seems to have good ideas. i, too, enjoy dumping things all over my floor. and not picking them up, perhaps i will try to cram my cat's ears into my mouth. we'll see how that goes.

holy moly! Look at her go.

(are you going to let her try a ringalo?)

I have no idea what what she was working on on the computer, but boy, she is not pleased that you are distracting her. She's not blogging already is she? I thought that didn't happen till the 13th month! Your child is a genius!

I found your site late one night when my own (now 14-month old) son wasn't sleeping. What on earth did you do that worked?! Mine still isn't in the habit of sleeping more than 2 hours at a stretch! Congratulations! But you must share what you've learned. Please?

Mia is adorable, as always.

With her love of water, have you considered "swim" lessons? Our local 'Y' does Mommy & Me classes that we did when my daughter was this age. Tons of fun.

You know, every month when I see the letter I tell myself not to read it because it will make me cry. Sniffle. Sniffle. I never listen to myself.

She really is growing up. I'm glad to hear that she is expanding her list of acceptable foods. My youngest son couldn't eat any white foods. It just upset him. So for a while, we had catsup on many foods. He did grow out of it, of course, but never really did like any white foods very much.

I'm so glad you are all enjoying each other. She has a wonderful smile.

I just knew it was Mia all along that was writing this blog! LOL! SHe looks so serious!!!
Happy 10 Months Mia!!!!

I know it makes no sense, but it seems like she is catching up to Madeline! Happy ten months, Mia Bean! The world wide internets love you!

Oh how I love these monthly letters. Mia sure is growing up fast!

That is a beautiful post. And ten months already? Didn't you just post about her turning nine months? And wait wasn't she just born last week or something?
SHit, I feel old.

Yay! Happy 10 Months! She's looking more like a little girl and less like a baby. (probably not what you wanted to hear)

she is adorable!
and what a wonderful post!!!!

Mia looks like a little girl, not a baby, in the first shot. Thank goodness her babiness is evident in the last 2 shots.

I just want to eat those cheeks!!

Very sweet..and extra congrats on getting the sleep thing worked out. I'm sure it's better for all involved. :-)

Our son does the same thing when he hears the tub and will fly to the bathroom. He loves bath time. Cute pictures!

Sweet. But she will always be your baby. Even now with G at 27 months old I still look at her as my baby. Ahh the crawling days how nice those were...

She is scrumptious. I love these letters, I can't wait to see what this next month holds too.

She is truly a Cancer Baby...I love water too! Every one born in late June-July are all water babies! She is SO beautiful Beth! And it goes by way too fast! Wonderful! You are so smart to document it all! It was all I could do to clean the house and sleep! Cudos to you!

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