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Last night, as we were getting Mia ready for bed, I was lying on the floor and Mia planted her chubby little hands on my hip and pushed herself up into a semblance of standing. She stayed there for a bit and then sat back down and crawled off. A couple minutes later, Chris and I looked at each other and said, wait, did she just stand herself up?

Yup, she sure did. She can do that now. She can also shoot avocado out of her nose and hit the wall ten feet away, but somehow I find that less endearing.

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you guys are SO DOOMED!

heh good luck chasing after her once she starts walking. *evil grin*

Very exciting and super scary at the same time! Nothing is safe now. :)

I think it is time for you to put targets up on the kitchen walls, perhaps she is a future darts pro!

hahahaha... love the mental image of avocado coming out of her nose. And the standing up??? AWESOME!!!!

Wow...she can stand AND she makes guacamole?! Start renting that kid out for parties!

Oh, I don't know. That life skill puts her well on the lucrative career path of the Nasal Avocado Ballistics Director.

What a big girl! YOu must be so proud. And scared...

There are no new pics of MIA! What the hel.........can we get some new pics of Mia pleeeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeeee??

*sniff* :( *sniff*

I had an early walker too. (You do know that now that she has matered standing up alone that the walking thing is next?) She got up on her feet one day and started walking and has been on the go ever since!

Hooray!! Pretty soon you won't be able to catch her! Our Baby D is now doing the whole standing, not holding anything and then realizing it, thinking to himself "oh shit!" then falls on his butt.

I dunno-- that avacado thing is pretty damn impressive. Ya got any video of that?

Such a talented child. ;-) She's growing up so fast, even from my perspective way over here. It's scary! But so cool.

Hmm... that's pretty good... 10 feet. Wonder if she could do it on command. Now, that would be awesome.

Look out now.... her "gimme that which I am not supposed to have" range has just increased greatly. :)

Standing is awesome, but make sure she hangs on to that avocado trick - it'll be awesome at parties once she goes off to college.

You gotta get the avacado thing on camera, for starters, because that's pricesless, but I imagine the standing to be equally fascinating and can't wait to see it in action, too.

Isn't it amazing. I had a late walker, but it was still amazing watching her stand up all by herself. Mia is so cute. I second the avocado on film call. You have to get that on video.

We need pictures of Mia with avacado, what a good Mia Monday that would make. :)

Would that be a whole avocado? Or are we talking chun-key?

HA! and you thought just having a child changed your life... welcome to the fast track my dear!!!

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