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Warning: Cuteness Storm Brewing

I guess I should have mentioned that Mia liked the pool, sort of. She wasn't too sure of it at first, but she warmed up to it once we broke out the toys and she figured out that she could splash. She didn't even get upset when her face got dunked or when I made her wear her hat. I think her favorite part though was when I took her into the deeper water of the main pool and jumped around with her.

I looked pretty hot in my bathing suit, if I do say so myself. Provided that I remembered to suck in my stomach. I just wish there were a way to suck in your thighs.

Today we are off to the zoo, so brace yourselves for almost unbearably cute shots of Mia marveling at the baby panda and the gorillas and the hot dog vendor and random bits of trash in the bushes. She's easily impressed. I've been teaching her about the animals for a couple of days now, so I expect her to be able to identify each one by making the appropriate animal noise: trumpeting for elephants, barking for seals, snoring for lions (they are always asleep!), asking for directions to the panda house for tourists. (Get me! I don't even live in DC and I'm a snob about tourists!)

Anyway, we'll be back with pictures and sunburns this afternoon. I know you will all be anxiously awaiting a full report.

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I will also need to know about the snacks

Does Mia really know how to do animal noises? You should teach her horses next, 'cause nothing's funnier than a baby trying to imitate a horse. Seriously. Have fun at the zoo!

Just be careful of the panthers. My husband went to the zoo in Montgomery and saw them in quite the compramizing position. You really don't want to have to explain that to Mia. (Evidence:

If you figure out a way to suck in thighs, please let me know. Also, the butt. There's gotta be a way to deflate a butt - specifically, mine. And don't say EXERCISE. I will accept no such answer.

Speaking of deflating - the zoo is a great way to deflate your patience. At least, the zoo in Philly is. You're good parents. My 3 1/2 year old still has yet to go.

Yeah, if you figure out how to deflate the thighs, let me know, ok? I suppose there are always those swimsuits with the shorts-bottoms, but to me those always look like, "LOOK AT ME!!! I'M HIDING MY THIGHS!!!". There's a reason I haven't gone swimming, post-baby.

I just figure I've earned every bit of the flab (and the wrinkles). Can't remember if I felt that way at your age though. Probably not.

I've heard the D.C. zoo is great. Have a wonderful time.

'A way to suck in my thighs' Hee hee hee! Put me on the list of folks to inform if you figure this one out. Have a great time at the zoo.

Can't wait for the pics. Great idea, too. I think Joey and I should check out the Toronto zoo....So hot out, though.

Great thought--sucking in the thighs!....being able to suck in the butt would be useful, too...!

Can't wait for the pics. Great idea, too. I think Joey and I should check out the Toronto zoo....So hot out, though.

Great thought--sucking in the thighs!....being able to suck in the butt would be useful, too...!

(sorry about the double post...again...I have to learn to be patient with that "post" button....

We are taking G to the zoo for the first time this Saturday. She of coure knows all the animals at her age so it should be really cute to see her reaction. Luckily our zoo is very well shaded so no sunburns. I hope you guys had a blast!!!!

If they ever figure out a way to suck in your thighs, I will be a master thigh-sucker-inner. :)

Okay, first of all, those bathing suit pictures from yesterday? Wanted to eat her up. Even called my husband in to admire her thighs and he said "So chubby! I want to nibble them!" and that's from a guy with no kids so you know he's a reliable source.

Second, when I took my 1 year old nephew to the zoo he had a great time except! when we went underground to view the sea lions. Scared the crap out of him. Screamed like we were torturing him. Obvioulsy didn't mean to so I felt horrible. So, I hope your day at the zoo was good and that you didn't unintentionally scar your child. Cuz that's no fun at all.

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