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You be the judge

People say she looks like me.

What do you think?

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You are both beautiful!
She has your eyes.

Do you have any pictures of you at a similar age to Mia? Looking at pics of my hubby helped me determine that my son was really his. ;) (joke!)

yup! Both your eyes are gorgeous! However Mia has you in the cheeks department! The girl has some kissable cheeks!!!


Yup - it's all about the eyes.

Are you sure she wasn't switched at birth?

My God that child gets cuter by the day. And yes, twins.

The eyes have it. Definitely.

Hmmm.... yes, but I think you have more teeth.

I don't think she does in this particular picture, but in the Easter pictures, I found myself saying, "Mia looks WAY more like Beth than like Chris..."


Yeah, she's your kid no doubt. I especially love the Elvis lip thing she's doing.

Yep- Its all about the eyes :)

Aw someone stole my Elvis comment. That's what I get for sleeping in...(shh, it's three hours earlier here...not as bad as it sounds.)

Yes, I have long thought she looks like you.

You both have those big beautiful eyes and such warmth in your faces. So yes, I think she looks like you.

I see it more in the picture on the right..but both gorgeous so it's a given!

I agree that I see it more from the picture on the right....that gorgeous little face!

PS - I didn't know you had freckles...are those freckles?

Naaah, you're way older.

Well... hmmm... not really, at least not in this picture.

I dont think she looks alot like you. I think she has your eyes. I think she is just the perfect mix of you and your hubby. Of course everyone on my hubbies side says G looks like me and everyone on my side says No she looks just like him.

I was just going to say the exact thing as Lisa...perfect mix.

Definitely. The eyes have it.

First of all, you both are so beautiful. That being said, I would expect you want honesty and friends are honest so I have to say that I do not see you in her so much. She is just very fair compared to you. But then again, I don't really see Chris'd have to do a side by side with him and her too. Maybe its that you are smiling and she is not. Who knows, you can't tell these things in photos sometimes.
She is getting SO BIG already, wasn't she just born like last week?
Regardless of the answers you get today, you made a beautiful little girl.

She's definitely got your eyes. Otherwise, she's so much rounder in the face than either you or Chris that it's really hard to judge.

Of course she does! I see it in the eyes.

This is a great picture btw!

You definitely have the same eyes! And the same forehead. :)

They grow up so quickly. That's a nice pink ribbon in your hair, too. ;)

Yes, she has your eyes!!

i always thought so. but in this pic, not so much... luckily, she's just genetically blessed, both her parents are hotties, it doesn't matter which one she ends up looking like!

I think you can breathe a sigh of relief...she's definitely yours!

Also, that is one mean Elvis impersonation she's doing!

Cute -- very cute

do you hear it.... it is that old record great photo! she is so beautiful and you are such a beautiful mom too. This photo... made into an 8x10 and turned black and white... darling! not that it isn't darling now... don't get me wrong, I just can see this as a big blk and wht.
Simply GREAT photo... oh thats right I have said that already... well, at least I am saying something slightly different. :-)

First thing I noticed was the upper lip. Yes, she looks like you.

What a great picture. :)

Yup, I do. SHe has your eyes. And bone structure. Once the chubby baby stage wears off, you will see it more.

Hee, hee. Mommy and Mia. :) That's a great pic. You need to get it printed up and framed so you have it 20 years from now when your computer can't read your CD's anymore. Its a keeper.

And by the way, just keep putting up pictures of you like that and am I'm going to totally become a psycho internet stalker for you. Wow. Does Chris know you look like that?

Definitely the eyes.

She's a beauty!

Most of her looks like you, though Chris is lurking in there someplace. Both of you are gorgeous.

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