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You can keep the football hero

The new blog is fixed! Fixed! I just posted a fabulously funny introduction that you must all go read immediately. There will be a quiz! And if you fail, you will be forced to repeat the entire blog! And really, nobody wants that. Even if Jodi (hi Jodi!) does claim that she just read and enjoyed my entire archives, I think most people would be driven to drink by the experience so it is best that you avoid it if at all possible.

Anyway, yesterday I got an email from one of the lovely people over at the new gig saying the "IT team" had found and fixed the problem (apparently, they needed to whizzbang the whosiwhatsit and recalibrate the fllibbertygibbet) and my first thought was "yay!" and my second thought was "I wonder if the IT team is cute?" You know I love geeks, right? And nerds, and dorks. Smart is so hott. What I love above all things is a computer geek, because not only will they probably get my Star Trek references, they can also fix my email and troubleshoot registry issues.

I have never understood women who get all hot and bothered over football players or actors - what are they going to do for you? (Ok, I mean other than that and you know it and just have a dirty mind, which I love about you, but that is not the point here.) I'll take a nice hacker over that any day of the week.

Then I started thinking: why do I assume that the "IT team" is a group of cutely nerdy guys sitting in a darkened corner somewhere beefing up their personal firewalls when they aren't busy fixing my little website? Shouldn't I assume that the "IT team" is equally likely to be a couple of women with cute shoes and nicer eyebrows than me? Especially since this is a very women-focused organization and every single person I have dealt with so far has been a shining example of the fairer sex? What kind of modern, feminist, liberated woman am I to automatically assume that anything technical is handled by men?

I was going to make a point here, I really was, but I still find myself wondering if the IT team is cute.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who asked about publishing my last name over at the other place, I appreciate your concern and your looking out for me. You needn't worry, however, as my paranoia is still alive, well, and fully intact and some things are not as they seem.

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IT guys are totally hot. That's why I married one! haha...Not only can he do 'that' but he can defrag my hardrive and write to my registry. Sometimes, if I'm good, really good, I get to hold his mouse and he tells me what to click.

Ah yes, brains are soooo sexy!
Pen names are alive and well, eh? Glad they got your home away from home fixed up.

I am enjoying the other blog very much and secretly really happy that you *have* to blog there every day.

ROFL at Paige.
My boyfriend is an IT guy too. Can't beat it.

I wondered about the last name at the other blog. I should've known you'd have it all under control....

Ahh, keep that paranoia well fed hon... It comes in handy now and again. I'll get your new blog added to my blogroll this weekend when I do some maintainence on my blog... Im terrible and always forget to check blogs unless they're on my 'roll.

well, i dont know about actors but athletes, hey, don't discount them either! a guy who can throw a tight spiral or bank a three-pointer gets me every damn time, in any way you want to take that! that's not to say i don't love me some geeks too. smart is hott! i think for me, above all, is the person's ability to do something well, regardless of what particular thing may be. well, with some exceptions of course. an excellent burglar wouldn't get me going i don't think. unless, hmmm, if he were robbing Tiffany's -- no. you're right. that would be wrong. wrong!


I used to date actors... it's totally not worth it.

My husband is named TechDad for a reason. Loves me my geeks! Sooooo.... smaaaart. And *giggle* to Paige, as well.

Yeah... I have finally given in to the fact that nothing turns me on like a guy who can talk nerdy to me.

Also, if you perhaps happen to find out if the IT team is cute, could you let me know? And maybe slip them my e-mail?

Give me a computer genious any day. No make that every day!

My husband is a math/computer/engineering nerd. Totally hot. AND he can rewire electrical do-hickies and hang drywall. AND he can change a mean-smelling diaper without breaking a sweat. He's a keeper.

I married a sort of IT guy myself so I agree. But don't pretend you don't like actors, Miss My Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend is Clive Owen and Not Bill Gates.....

oh if you're going to assume a name how about cruise.... okay, sorry, gosh, you really get angry fast dontcha?

I'm drawn to the musician types. Wierdo's with no butt usually, funky hair and extremely talented fingers....oh my.

Happy Weekend.

Great job on the other blog! I noticed you told your mom about that blog though - aren't you worried that she might find this one? I thought your blog (and your husband's) were anonymous? Aren't you guys worried about getting found out by your families?

Also, I prefer to think that the IT geeks are hot, nerdy men too.

Wow! I made the blog! I feel so cool.

My husband, totally a nerd. But, a great husband and father, so there you go!

mmmm. i love my computer nerd.

but in general, i go for the musican types too - usually bass players. with nice hands. long, dexterous fingers. oh yeah.....

ooo... I'm terrified of horses too! They are pretty, but they a BIG and can hurt you when they get cranky.

Heh. Totally good to have someone who gets your geek-jokes. For me, it's Lord of the Rings references.
And fingers? Well, the last two crushes have been piano players...(as am I, oddly enough, but I'm not much of a DIY-er.)

ROFL at the comments.. My guy, semi-nerdy. Ok, so maybe more than semi. He's teaching me to get his nerdy sci-fi tech speak. I smile and nod. A lot.

You know, I remembered your worries about revealing your name to the Internet, and I thought to myself, I wonder if she made up a fake last name.

Great minds think alike.

My football hero can move furniture and carry me.

Plus, he can get good tickets to sporting events (probably not much of a selling point for you)

I married an IT guy, too. I think he's hot. In fact, I like him BETTER with his glasses on. He's one of the biggest nerds I know (some of his friends are worse). I like some actors, but they're usually the gangly, geeky, not so popular ones.

Yes. To the IT guy sort of thing, even though first and foremost my future IT geek is a guitarist. I fell in love with him watching him play in a coffeehouse, for goodness sake! I do joke with him that I know what he's looking at on the computer - it's always either guitars, Linux boring stuff, or weight lifting nonsense. Or sometimes just playing a video game.

Anyway, we had our discussion about the last name bit. You are one clever lady, yes ma'am!

OH yeah?
I married....a.....CHEF! (well an almost chef) So there. :p


Does it count though that I WAS the IT at my last job? Does that make me hott?

Everyone on my old blog knows my last name. It's the same as that country singer dwight. No one has tried to kill me, or my cat. I have had wonderful calls and gifts on my birthday and holidays from some awesome people who stalked me through that blog :). I will be honest and say...I closed it down because there were some in RL who took thier anger with me too far. Be careful.

Your other blog is alphabetically ahead of this one so I read it early this morning.

Now I understand why you posted the biography after your other posts (which I had no trouble accessing).

I'm going to start alternating with bloglines and Monday start with "Z".

I've always liked IT guys. In fact I abducted one and am making him working on my new site and let him out of his cage every now and then to make his own post. :)

Oh by the way, Recovering Self is being archived for personal reasons and Chris (not your Chris) and I have moved to our new domain at Clicking Keys. It is going to be a lot of fun.

I also have a thing for smart/dorky geeks, but the last such person I knew turned out to be quite creepy so I'm wary of geeks (ha ha) until that memory fades into the far far recess corners of my mind. BTW, if I had a hardcopy of your archives I'd definitely take it to read it on vacation.

And hmmmn, what do you mean somethings are not as they seem? Love a good mystery.

My guy is an athlete and a geek. Bliss!

LOL at your intro on the other site, that was absolutely fabulous!!!
Also laughing at Suze - bass players ARE freakin' sexy beasts. Phew!
(...fanning myself...)

Very fuuny. I like it. I went and read all of the posts you put up there tonight. It will be nice to read more stuff from our favorite bloggy mommy!

Also, my IT guy or my hubby was the lead singer in a punk band. Nothing was sexier than hearing him sing or yell I guess. I thought he was the sexiest man alive...everyone else thought I lost my mind.

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