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Baby Love

Forgive me, I posted this over at the other place a couple of days ago, but I wanted to have it here too. Nobody reads this thing on weekends anyway, right?

I love her chubby cheeks, the extra chin that turns her neck into a great, hidden mystery, the dimples on her elbows so deep they are really divots. I love the soft, sweet orb of her belly, the creases in her thighs that look as though they were deep-cut by a raging river over millions of years, the way her fat little ankles bulge out over the perfect rectangles of her feet.

I love her eyes, grey then green then brown then blue. I love the long locks of hair that twist into wild ringlets just behind her ears. I love her eight shining white teeth, especially the top two middle teeth that came in so fast and large and forceful and presage the little girl she is quickly becoming. I love the ridiculously long fringe of her eyelashes, her mouth, still slightly crooked that reminds me of the months she spent banging her head up under my ribs, the tiny pink kiss of a birthmark on the side of her nose.

I love how she delights in climbing the stairs but refuses to learn to go back down. I love the dirty look she shoots me when I follow too closely, when I can almost hear her thinking "Mama, I can do it myself." I love the way she holds her hand out to me and squeals, demanding that I escort her on an unsteady promenade across the kitchen. I love the look of determination and bliss on her face as she pushes a toy or a chair or a box along ahead of her as she makes her straight-legged, upright progress around the house. I love that she hasn't learned to turn and must abandon walking whenever her prop hits a wall.

I love the elaborate syncopation of her fingers on the satin trim of her blanket as she falls asleep. I love nursing her to sleep, watching as she struggles to find the energy to keep sucking and then collapses, her head lolling back onto my lap with the last drop of milk rolling down her flushed cheek. I love putting her in her crib and watching her fling herself over onto her stomach and pull her knees up under her like a piston ready to fire. I love going in to get her when she awakes and finding her standing in the corner of her crib, peering around the solid end, watching for the door to open and breaking into grins and giggles when she sees her rescuer has arrived.

I love the way she scoops up handfuls of Cheerios and shovels them into her mouth, always saving one or two in her clenched fist to eat when her supply runs out. I love the way she hands me Cheerios or toys or bits of lint she finds on the floor and then peers into my hands to see what I have, finally thinking better of her generosity and snatching the item back.

I love even the crying, the sad or angry or hurt tears, the temper tantrums, the howling in frustration, the laughing when I tell her no, the hitting my face while she eats, the long nights of no sleep. I love it all.

I love her laugh, not best; I couldn't pick a single thing I love best, but perhaps as first among equals. I love the way it rolls and peals and starts and stops in fits. I love that she is starting to find her own humor. I love when she laughs at me, and even more when she laughs with me.

I love being here every day, for all of it, for every small step and large step and actual step. I love being a mommy, being this kind of mommy, being almost always within the sound of the voice she finds more and more each day.

What do you love?

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I absolutely love morning smiles, it's by far my favorite time of day. I walk into her room and look at her in her crib. I don't say anything but wait for her to notice that I am there. When she does see me, a smile crosses her face so big it melts my heart. She then hisses out a little laugh and kicks her legs in excitement.

I love being her Momma!

I'm here on the weekend. Usually do my blog rounds on Saturday morning while I'm lounging about.

Can I just say - that post made me want to have a kid right this very second.

I love watching my kids learn. For Oliver, discovering and learning what he is capable of; for Julia, the satisfaction in doing something by herself, her learning to become more independent.

I love this post's beautiful.

I love that M thinks I'm comfortable. I love that C is a great big brother - that P and J adore him.
I love how E rolls her eyes at me - eventually this will drive me crazy, but for now I think it's hilarious.
I love that J wants me to play with him and watch him ride his bike. I love how he sucks his thumb and holds his blanket, very much like Linus of the Peanuts.
I love P's curls and her giggle and how her eyes light up when she sees anyone of her family. I love her determination. I love that she knows where we keep her pacifiers.

There's so much more, guess I'll have to post the rest on my own blog.

Every few weeks, I make the effort to travel and visit with my nieces and nephews that live 500 miles away. I love the look of surprise and excitement when I enter the room and they realize I'm back for a visit. Their squeal of "Auntie Anni!!!!" and the immediate leaping into my arms makes my heart pound with great delight. There's nothing better. This is what I love.

I love the way he has "his" way of doing things and that he tells me when I am doing it wrong - ahhh the independence of a 2 year old...

I love the look of awe and wonder when I show him something new...

I love it when a few days after I taught him something he brings it up again...he's getting it! Yeah...

I love the feel of him against my legs when he runs over for a quick love.

I love that he tells me what he loves - Moo (the dog), his "b", his mommy, his daddy, etc..

I love that we are starting to have conversations - real ones where he tells me what he wantsd, likes, etc...

Much like you, I love being a Mommy. You are a great one!

You mean aside from this post? (Which has just answered my question about what to pick for the "Perfect Post" June award.)

Hmm. My hubby, my puppydog. I love how Oreo spins around in circles when she really wants attention, and how she'll do just about anything for a piece of popcorn. :)

Like some food, the second day is better.


I really need to write down some of these things about my own children more often, that was so sweet.

I love the way she runs to me or her daddy when she sees us come home or into a room and gives us a huge hug.

I love how she gives things to us and makes sure we keep holding it when she walks away.

I love her kisses--all goopy and wet!

I love how she comes over and puts her head on my lap when she is ready for her nap or bedtime.

I could go on and on and on and on...

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