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Oh, what, like you never take a day off?

I couldn't post yesterday because I was too busy scrubbing the hardwood floors, which cover the entire main floor of my house. I mean scrubbing as in on my hands and knees with a rag and a bucket. No, I don't know why either except that I am pretty sure it is a sign of serious mental disease. It can't be too bad though, because Mia peed on the floor in my bathroom four days ago and rather than washing the floor I just put a bathmat over the spot.

Anyway, you know what I really want to do right now? Take a nap. Are you with me? Chris is at work and the baby is asleep in her crib, so I've got room for two of you with me. No snoring, no tickling, and no funny business. I'll go fluff the pillows, please be quiet when you come in and take your shoes off before getting in bed. I have a really comfy couch too. First come, first served.

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woo hoo....I could use a nap!

I just heard on t.v. that most Moms say that if they had a remote control that ran their life, like in the movie "Click", they'd mostly likely put it on pause and...that's right.....take a nap.

I'd love to join you, but Baby Energizer bunny is awake.

I'd love a nap but unfortunately I have 3 kids that won't nap at the same time so I have to stay up all day. (sigh)

Is spooning considered funny business? I'm flexible, I can be either the outside or the inside spoon, so you get to choose!

I'm off to spray the fruit trees (yes again!) So that's good for an hours worth of torture. I'm thinking this afternoon I'm gonna try for a lie-me-down.

I'm with Donna. Have to do the spoon. Shall we have a girly-spoon sandwhich, perhaps? *yawwwnnnn*

I am so in on the nap business. I cannot seem to wake up today so napping is the next best thing. Besides, work is UBER boring today...I'll be right there...

I was just telling someone that my afternoon plans included a nap. I'd give up chocolate and my right kidney for a nap.

I call the couch! Woot!

(no offense, Beth, but the rule about funny business means I can't stay in the bedroom. You know how funny I am and all that.)

We would come over, but there are three of us.

Two of us are pretty small, but they kick. that's perfect. :-)

Did you indulge a little Cinderella fantasy as you scrubbed? Sing, Sweet Nightingale!

(commencing virtual nap with you... now!)

I think I get a nap this morning, too, as Queen B's going to a friend's house in a few minutes. I'm very excited.

Before you get any help for your possible cleaning disorder, wanna come scrub my floors? I'd do it while she's gone, but you know... nap.

Napping...glorious napping.

Too bad I'm at work. Gah!

I hate hardwood floors. I mean, I love how they look, but cleaning them suck.

(My cat pooped all over the bathroom floor like 3 weeks ago...and I just covered it with the bathmat. I found it this morning when I went to turn over the mat, instead of cleaning it, and rediscovered the CAT POOP. I suck at house cleaning.)

Oh, I could use a nap right now!
Should we start calling you Cinderella, then?

Okay...I'm kicking someone out...I wanna come home and take a nap!

Ahhh, napping. I have to go back to work next week, and napping is what I'll miss most. I wish I could say it was my daughter, but I'll see her when I get home. no naps when I get home. Oh well, work is much less tiring than being home all day anyway.


I was just about to take a nap and decided to check what's up with you first.

Now it sounds even better.

Ahh, so nice to see that young people (of the supposedly grown up variety) nap too. I thought it was just that I was getting old. YAY!


Man, I totally missed the nap. And I am all about napping; I just wish I didn't have that pesky work stuff in the middle of the day. Or conferences. I am so over conferences!

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