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Breakfast of champions

Really, really tired champions.

(That's orange juice in the bowl. Whoops.)

At least one of us is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Although I don't know how, since I'm pretty sure she's the reason I was up from 1:00 to 3:30.

Hey, like the new hairdo?

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Loving the new 'do!!!! :)

The hair is cute.

She can be wide awake and happy, because even though she was up all night she knows she's getting a great nap in just a few hours!

Was your bowl of OJ good?

The first picture, classic.

Hey, Pebbles!

Um, is that soup?

I was so sleep deprived once that I sat down on the potty (OMG I've been potty-training Ally for tooooo long) and did not notice that I had neglected to pull down my underwear.

It gets better, eventually.

And the hair is cute.

I am always that tired.

Now drive over here, I have to eat those cheeks.

And with a face like that, you can't even be annoyed! Love the hair!

What a great way to start the day for you! Seeing such a shiny happy faced beautiful baby! She seems so happy! Shes absolutely gleaming...

And whats that breakfast? Raw egg yolks? Or am I missing something here?

Love her new hairdo! Like you said, cuteness to a whole other level!

I've started this post several times and each time I get ready to leave unsolicited advice....

nice ponytail...on my daughter we called it a palm tree becuase it just kinda stuck straight up.

Can't tell what that breakfast that vodka in the glass and raw egg in the bowl?????/ damn woman.

Did I miss something? Is Mia competely walking on her own now? Love the 'do! And let me guess, you are so tired that instead of putting the OJ in the glass you put it in the cereal? You poor thing!

She is just TOO adorable. And, hey, at least you put the OJ in the bowl *before* the cereal, so not all was lost, right?

Right now I feel like you. Hubby is working me to death. Yesterday all I did was cry I was so tired. Today I am tired too. Unfortunately he never naps so I am stuck being awake. I do intend to make him pay in August when I have my surgery!

Beth, I am so there with you. I generally only eat lunch at work these days, that's my meal of the day. Evenings, by the time Daya is asleep, I'm just too damn tired to eat, and cook? forget it.

Oh dear, poor Beth. I've done that, too.

Mia can be as shiny and happy as she wants to be, as (while she may have been up during the night) it was her choice, and she got as much sleep as *she* needed and wanted.

We get a lot of that around here, too. Two broken adults sitting on the couch staring at the wall, and one happy, dancing toddler poinging around, full of energy.

Cheerios and o.j. are good together, I hear. (I'm glad you clarified that it isn't egg yolks. Thanks for that.) The 'do = good. The tired = sucky. The caffeine = not allowed when breastfeeding? Ugh. I suppose that means speed is out of the question.

Long enough for the ponytail now! Love that stage! Looks like she has more teeth too! Cute!

Don't you know kids have to be super cute and adorable so that we still love them despite all they put us through as parents?? ;)

it's amazing how "awake" they can be even on nights when they are up all night.

love the hairdo.

So that's the ponytail you were so adamantly against until yesterday?

She's adorable.

Adorable! I can't wait until Alaina grows some hair. And look at all those teeth! What a cutie patootie!

hee hee - I've actually poured OJ ON MY CEREAL before and ate it anyway because I was too tired to do anything else. I added milk too and then it was like an orange julius with peanut butter cap'n crunch mixed in. Weird.

And I don't even HAVE kids yet!

Mia's sure adorable.

She's smiling because she's got good hair today and because she kept you up last night. Who doesn't love the taste of a little power?

At least you didn't pour it on the cereal.

Wow! She looks really different with her hair up like that. It looks lighter in color than it used to. I love the Pebbles 'do!

love the do!!! Joey's sitting here right now, wiyh her little ponytail, bouncing on my lap, and waving and pointing at her little friend in the computer. :) yikes and pulling poor tigger's fur out! gottago!

I agree her hair is starting to lighten up... or at least appear that way.

ok, so did you drink/eat the oj with a spoon?? and her pony is ADORABLE! she is turning into a little girl!

My goodness. She is just rarin' to go. :-)

Hey! Hey!! She's smiling!! Not grabbing for the camera!!

yes, but just wait till you brush your teeth with desitin...whitens and brightens

Don't worry. Sometimes I almost put the cereal box in the fridge, and the milk in the cereal cupboard. And I'm not even tired.

OR I try to put the lid of the milk jug on the cup of milk I just poured. Senile at age 19? I guess it must be possible!

that last picture of mia reminded so much of a baby picture of myself! i can't find it though. but i was born with a ton of hair also ( yeah...good stuff. she's adorable.

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