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Dear Chris

Happy first Father's Day. This dad thing agrees with you. It is amazing and wonderful to watch you with our child, to watch her crawl as fast as she can toward you when she hears the door open every afternoon, to watch your face light up when you see her coming. Thank you for taking on this adventure with me, thank you for this beautiful child, thank you for this beautiful life. Thank you for being the best father anyone could ever imagine.

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Happy Father's Day Chris!
Lucky you Mia and Beth!

Happy 1st Father's Day to Chris (and family). May every year be as special as this one.



Aww, that's sweet. Hope your little family has a great day.

What a sweet post....

Happy Fathers Day to & Mia are very lucky women Beth! :)

*sniff, sniff*


Aww. :-)

Happy day to all!

Awwww. Very sweet. Hope you all enjoyed your day. :)


I'll probably steal it, change a few words and send it over to my husband.

awww..that's so sweet :)

So sweet. He's a great daddy. Happy Day to all you Cactus-Fishes!

What a sweet post Beth! Happy father's day to Chris!

lovely post. :)

Awwwww! That's really sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, I adore that photo.

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