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Dream a (very) little dream

There are few things in life more boring than somebody describing a dream they had to you, unless that dream directly involved you and also kissing. What's worse, and I'm sorry, but it's true, is a description of a dream on a blog. I immediately click to something else, and I am sure I'm not the only one.

So, I thought I would try a little experiment to see whether describing a dream on a blog could ever be interesting. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to describe a dream or a recurring dream in 10 words or less. If your description is very entertaining or hilarious or involves me and Clive Owen and a bottle of chocolate sauce I may yield a bit and allow you 12 words, but hand to god if you leave a seven paragraph description of the dream you had last night I will delete it without a qualm.

What? My blog, my rules.

I will go first with my frequently recurring dream:

Waiting for fitting room in crowded department store. Losing sweater.

Wait! That's a haiku!

Waiting for fitting
room in crowded department
store. Losing sweater.

Double points if you can do it in a 10 word haiku!

(Y'all, I know I am so lame, but it has been weeks since I have slept more than 2 hours at a stretch and yesterday Mia became a freestanding object and the day before that she climbed her high chair and frankly I am amazed that I can still almost type so deal with it.)

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I told dub-ya Bush
Economic Policy
Is Crap, purely crap

(I actually did have this dream... so what's worse? that I had the dream, or that I wrote a haiku about it?)

Hope you get some sleep sometime soon.

Crocs chasing after
Family on a cruise ship
Screaming everywhere.

Sorry, had a nightmare. :-(

having sex with ex-,
outside rolling on the lawn,
everyone watching.

(that's eleven, but dang it was good.)

Childhood home
Tornadoes coming
Take pets to basement

I have this dream whenever I'm stressed out. OR this one:

Big event
teeth fall out all over
sobbing ensues

My pacifist cop
partner has licorice gun.
Caught midget robber.

I have the BEST dreams sometimes. It's like Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino having a movie fight in my brain.

P.S. It only works if you say it lic-o-rice, not just lic-rish.

College chemistry
class. Forgot to attend it.
Remembered finals week.

Okay, all I can say is that I'm so sorry you haven't slept more than a 2 hour stretch.


When I've been doing too much multitasking:

Discover fishtank
I had forgotton about
most survived, thank God.

Last night I dreamed I went to the hospital to have a baby, and I was afraid no one would believe I was pregnant! Also, annoying people were singing in the next room. About insurance.

You know I can't say ANYTHING in 10 words or less, right?

what is this thing "dream" that you are talking about? I have no idea.

Seriously, I haven't remembered a dream in months. I'm lucky if I sleep long enough to start dreaming -- I soooo sympathize with the 2-hour sleep shifts.

Driving up a hill
The car tips over backwards
Tumbling towards death

How's that for a pleasant reoccurring dream?

So far, Gavin's the winner as far as I'm concerned. But then, he managed to work in two favorites of mine: licorice and midgets


Tiny Little Dream Haiku:

The mother of my
gynecologist was named
Monday April Fourth.

Recent Dream:
Ex-husband shot a girl, I took his car keys and left.

That's the much abridged version. I always dream volumes. I don't generally tell anyone about them though.

I have this once in a blue moon dream where I am DOING IT with some guy who has this really hot body. 'cept I never see his face and we are always DOING IT on the playground at one of my old schools or in the priest house.

I don't know who this guy is, I said, I never see his face...but if I ever meet him he is sooooo going to get it!

Chewing piece of gum
That gets bigger and bigger
And sticks to my teeth.


ohhh a haiku

having sex on the playground
rolling round and round

underwear gone
late to history class again
never graduate now

Don't you need to actually sleep to have dreams???

Shave legs-dream tonight
Legs are no longer shaven
Almost every time

Too many words, but haiku, yes?

stuck in: school, mall, airport.
can't find exit; no escape.

Dracula, poison
jelly beans. Retaliate
with gum from church rail.

Recurring childhood dream:

Monsters eat bunnies.
I watch but nothing happens.
Still, strangely scary.

Crap. It's 11. I can't do anything to 10 if it can go up to 11.

On a beach playing in the sand, waves crashing.

12 words!

Clive and Beth covered
in chocolate sauce and kisses
Drizzle, lick, repeat

I don't sleep enough to dream these days so that will have to do!

Going to the beach,
losing my bathing suit
drinking margarita's.

Yeah... it was a F*U*N dream!!!

Brothers gay friend
Asks what shades of makeup
I think he should try
Is also wearing streaky orange self-tanner on legs.

All I can say is I'm pregnant, hence strange dreams.

Me running through maze
Totally hot guy saves me;
Not my husband, Oy!

My recurring dream. I haven't had it in a while. I kind of miss it.

Gave birth to baby
It was Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Namibia rocks!

(I had this dream, and man, it was surreal.)

run and jump off of
the beat up picnic table
watch look I can fly

Pieces of tape stuck
to heads. Bon Jovi opens
fire. People dead. Yikes!

High school confusion
Can't remember schedule
Will be late again.

Look at me! In ten words and everything. I also don't get much sleep at night and I think this used up all of my mental reserves for the day. I'm going to go lay down now...

First love Just friends
Eight years Found again
Kiss me.

Wow! Haiku is fun! And, I've had this recurring dream for EIGHT YEARS!

Winning Lottery.
Giving to friends and Family.
waking up broke still.

I dream is much similar to one above. Some plagiarizing...

College unknown course
class. Forgot to attend it.
Remembered finals week.

English subtitles
made the words of german fiends
fully understood

- yes, i had a dream in german, with english subtitles. mine is a screwy subconscious.

Relations with much
older colleague. Woke up red
faced. Wasn't all bad.

Gap sale
Everything $1
Frantically grabbing handfuls of clothes.

I always wake up from that dream upset that it was a dream.

Nightmare rather than
dream. It haunted me for years.
I can still feel it.

I wake under him
shattered stemware threatening
I scream silently

i HATE hearing about dreams, i agree and with you on that!! i am not bothering to tell ya about any of mine...they are boring anyway, lol.

Recurring nightmare:
Tsunami hits, destroys house.
I am swept away.

Me. I am a spud.
Beaters are lowering down
Threatening to mash

From my childhood

Raggedy Ann and
me rafting and a chase by
a giant monkey

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