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Dumb, Beth, really dumb

So, you wanna know what I did? Well, some of you may be wondering why I am such a snob and haven't blogrolled you yet, even though we trade email every day and I tell you I love you and that one time I was drunk I tried to kiss you. Sorry about that. The thing is that a while ago I decided to change the email address I use on my blogrolling account from the address I never used that I set it up with originally so I could have multiple blogrolls without paying but have since forked out the 19 bucks so I figured I may as well use one of the (several) email addresses that I use all the time. Make sense? No? Well, let's move on anyway, shall we?

You can see this one coming a mile away, right? Apparently I can't remember what email address I used. I have tried every single email address I have without luck, so probably I fat-fingered it when I changed it. I can't get into my account. I have emailed Blogrolling, I dunno, 43 times begging for help and the bastard snob losers haven't responded. Fuckers. I paid you 19 entire dollars and this is the support I get?

I suppose it is time to give up and just set up a new account and spend days upon days rebuilding and updating my blogroll, but frankly the thought of that makes me want to go eat an entire bag of potato chips instead and then collapse in salt shock. (Is there such a thing as salt shock? There should be.) My only question now is whether I should dispute the charge with my credit card company just on principle since I'm pissed that nobody has even responded to say "tough shit, moron, now leave us alone" or just eat the 19 bucks as a sort of stupid tax. Whaddaya think?

Also, can you tell I'm trying to stop swearing in front of Mia? You guys are now the only outlet for my potty mouth, so prepare for me to start blogging like a sailor.

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I tried to contact Blogrolling when I couldn't log in to pay my bill! Do you think they answered? Actually no they didn't. Eventually I resolved the problem myself. So I have come up with the reason no one ever answers. The place is run by computers who are incapable of personal thought, or help. That's my story!

You guys are way ahead of me. I couldn't even get blogrolling to work. I do mine manually like a suck.

Well, someone over there is awake enough to push at least one button because when my Gold account was getting ready to expire, I was getting emails every other day. I'm sure they were automated but someone had to set that up right? Blogrolling, it seems to me, is the kind of service where, once you've paid up, they sort of forget about you. Me? I'd fight for my 19 dollars just on principle and then find another service. Bloglines is cool but only good if people have RSS feeds.

Anyway. Sorry for your troubles.

eep I'm too discusted with diaryland to work on my page, they never answered my questions either.

One of the few things my tiny nephew can articulate is "F*** You!" (which he over heard his 7 year old brothers say, who swear they ONLY said it ONCE, yadda yadda . . .) It's actually really cute, like he's a one toddler cheer squad, 'cause he's so happily determined about it. You can only respond with "did you say achoo?" or pretending like he's not doing anything worth paying attention to - I usually have to excuse myself to a couch so I can laugh into a pillow.

So THAT'S why I keep getting all those strange emails to my email address!!

I say dispute it... bad customer service is bad customer service...

As for the swearing... you can always blame it on the wtn's

I'd dispute it, why should you be paying for something that you can't even use.

I would dispute it, amazing how quickly you get customer service that way. That or link to them and organize a hit. Get all of your readers to hit the link and send them emails about how mean it is they won't help a girl out.

Sorry, I have no advice about the blogroll situation, but I wish you well in your quest to stop swearing infront of Mia. I always think I'm doing so fucking well and then I'll hear Julia drop her sippy cup and shout, "Jesus Christ!"

Um, oops.

To help me to stop swearing (well, sort of because I am such a sailor mouth) we started saying popcaorn right after the swear word. Somehow that turned into C saying peanut butter. So now if I swear - I say "shit - popcorn" and from somewhere in the house/car I always hear.."peanut butter" It's pretty funny!

I'm cheap so I would dispute it. I hate giving away my away!!

Dispute it! There's no excuse for poor customer service. Want me to run them the fuck over? I do all my cursing online too. ;-)

So far I have never had trouble with Blogrolling. *thank heavens From what I have heard they are impossible to get help from and you end up getting old and gray before they even pay attention.
Just of curiousity (this being my first time and all) how old is your little one? Let me explain. In my case and in several other mothers that I know we all had PP hit us later than the "normal" 6 weeks. It hit me when I quit nursing my daughter at 6 months old. (I dried up) My hormones shifted. They thought it was thyroid but it turned out to be Post-Partum that was brought on by other aspects that I was suffering from. (polycistic ovarian syndrome)
If you can answer yes to two or more of these questions you are at high risk for PCOS.
1. Are you gaining weight at a consistant speed
2. Are you fatigued (that could be just from having a little one)
3. Have you noticed little hairs growing on your chin...etc
4. Do you have sugar or insulin problems
5. Did you have fertility issues?
6. Do you have irregular cycles.

Ok now that I've posted on your post if you can answer yes to at least three of these have them run a PCOS test on you. I was misdiagnosed for 15 years. Finally when I went in for fertility problems they were able to be addressed.
See what happens when you let a visitor run amok?!! LOL

I'd say dispute it. They're keeping you from using your account by not responding to you, and still charging you for it.

I just do my blogroll by hand, which might be why it hasn't updated in like 6 mos... hmm.

We'd done pretty well cleaning up our sailor-talk early on, so we wouldn't have to worry about it later. I've mostly gotten to where I can actually say "bleep" instead of cursing. "Bleeping bleep of a bleep" rolls off the tongue pretty well.

of course, the *one time* I slipped and muttered "Damnit, TechDad" (it was minor, but deserved) to myself in the kitchen, I hear piping up from the living room "Nammit, TechDad".

yeah, fight for your money... $19 could be a cute top or skirt... for Mia.

LOL @ the not swearing thing... when my oldest was about 3. At the dinner table, she says, "I'm not eating those damn green beans!" I about fell off my chair trying not to laugh too loudly.

Just hope she doesn't do it in public.

Curse away, my friend. Curse away. I wish I could curse on my blog but I have some religious folk that have some strong influence over how we get de dosh in our sweaty little hands, so I must censor myself. *sigh* My husband tells me all the time not to censor but I am afraid. A. Fraid. I will live vicariously through you, instead. I might even whisper the naughty words under my breath while I sit at the computer reading your latest. Then I will snicker. I'm such a rebel.

You really should get more for $19 than what you've been getting. At the very least a kick in the crotch. With a bow on top. And some smarties.

I do that a lot with passwords, which this sounds a lot like. Get a computer-shaped pillow and beat it up. It doesn't help, but it feels good. Don't ask me where to find computer-shaped pillows either. =/

Salt shock? There's probably something bad to do with hypersodiumization or something. But I'm no pearsamedic.

If you're not the first person to coin "blogging like a sailor", you should get at least partial credit. Independent discovery counts for a lot.

I'm really dumb about usernames and passwords. I couldn't blog for about a year because I couldn't remember how to get into my account. I can't give any advice on that stuff.

But- blogging like a sailor? I say Fuckin' Aye, Matey!

ok....hmmmm... the thing is... I have no advise for you... not that I don't have any thing to say... but I usually don't give advise about stuff I have no FRIGGIN CLUE about!!!???? Actually feeling pretty dumb myself... don't know what a blogroll is?? Yeah I know I was absolutely NO HELP!... ummm.. in a lame attempt to throw something your way... YEAH!!! DISPUTE IT!!! and then tell us how that works out for ya.

Dispute the charge. That'll light a fire under those damn blogrolling asses.

Welcome to potty mouth blogging club. It may not be exclusive but DAMN it feels good.

Contest the $19. Make sure Mia is out of the room and swear your sweet ass off at them. Then, come back here and give us a 'cuss by cuss' account of what went down.

I fear when we have children because I love potty words SO MUCH. Sigh. One more sacrifice. According to my husband I bust out the word 'cocksucker' a lot when I have computer problems. Not very mommy-like but still damn funny!

definately dispute it ... if only for the fun of it. But AFTER the potato chips. You'll need the strength. Don't forget to stay hydrated!

Yeah, it seems that the software community at large has decided that customer service is optional at best. WordPress doesn't even HAVE customer service. I have been really impressed with my hosting company though - 24-hour support, a phone number where you can talk to real people, and they answer emails like REALLY fast. Go MidPhase! you do get it fixed...can I be on your blogroll? Pretty Pretty Please? ...Is it pathetic and rude to beg? Probably.

PS...regarding disputing the charge. From someone who works on the other end of chargebacks, I can tell you that the cardholder is always right. It doesn't matter what reason you give them, or what kind of T&C Blogroll has. If you dispute it loud enough and long enough, the CC company will give you your money back, especially if you say the product was not as described or that you weren't given full disclosure or something. So happy re-claiming!

I didn't know about blogrolling until I finally learned how to do my own blogroll about a week ago. Looks like I didn't miss much.

What a crock of horse manure.

You're on mine, incidentally. Once I found out how to do it, I added a whole bunch of people - alphabetically because I'm anal about stuff like that.

Don't feel bad, I do that all the time. Forget what email address I used, that is. Not swear in front of my ten month old daughter. Mainly because I don't have a ten month old daughter. But if I did, I wouldn't swear in front of her. Geez, Beth. Worst mom EVER. ;)

Aye aye, matie! look forward to sailor-like blogging from you! ;) Get your money back from blogroller if you can--totally!

Blog away like a sailor. I stand at the ready!

Nicholas now says "GODDAMMIT" thanks to David, a hammer, and an errant thumb nail.

Every time I start something that requires a user name and password, I email myself the information with a subject line and keep them all in a folder. It's saved me a lot of grief. stopped swearing in front of Mia? I'm worried about at what age we have to actually start worrying about we do and say in front of the baby. Because at this point...we do whatever we want.

(Glad to know I'm not the only person with problems remember log in info, etc.)

Hi Beth,
I say dispute the charge! I had terrible technical problems with Diaryland after I signed up for a gold membership and after 134!! days I am still in the queue for an answer. Very unprofessional! I wish I had tried to get my money back. It still bothers me, so I mention it whenever I get the chance.
Love your website! Love Riley! Love you!

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