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Help my, um, TiVo

People, my TiVo has a sad and lonely existence. It never gets to do anything anymore. Sure, it got to do some work the last few months, recording shows while we tried to get Mia to go to sleep, but lately it just sits there like a glorified cable box. Poor TiVo is almost empty, and once I finish watching the last season of West Wing (I'm all the way up to March!), well, TiVo will have nothing left other than whatever bad sci-fi saga Chris has decided to record and then delete without watching. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give me some recommendations of tasks I should set for my TiVo. Recording shows only, I'm afraid, as I have had no luck getting the damned thing to do the dishes or take out the trash. Tell me, what's on in reruns right now that I should TiVo and watch over the summer? Pretty much the only things I watched during the year were Lost and House, so you have a lot of leeway here.

Ready? Go!

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We really like this show on HGTV called "What You Get for the Money". It's on Wednesdays for a half hour. It's not in-depth like Lost but it's fun to see what your money will buy in different places in the US.

You gotta watch the travel show. They go all over and you get to see how people live in other places. It's so cool!

You didn't watch Grey's Anatomy? Grey's Anatomy!

It should record "Deadwood." That would make your Tivo very very happy. :-)

Beth, its all about watching the World Cup!

Sadly- I have found a keen interest in the newest reality "suck you in" show - Treasure Hunters (NBC)... but mostly b/c how do 10 teams (which includes a team labeled genuises) take so LONG to figure out clues which take the average person watching the show less than 25 seconds... Truly Amusing.
Hope you guys aren't too flooded out...

Grey's Anatomy!!!!

Well..not much of a TV watcher (actually we don't even have any cable of any sorts...not even basic) but we do download stuff...and get stuff on demand....and lately I've been digging the new season of Entourage....seriously digging.

Go forth and tivo!

I also recommend Grey's Anatomy and Treasure Hunters!And Prison Break! Kind of predictible but Wentworth Miller is freakin' HOT!

I would recomend The Office. it is a must record show because so much is going on that you miss the first time around.

Oh and sesame street. Nothing like having Bert and Ernie on demand.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on fx. They're showing a few of last season's episodes on Fox on Sunday nights, though that requires a lot of bleeping. But the new season starts on fx on June 29th! It's almost here! The show is random and hilarious.

I'm a sucker for Grey's Anatomy. Also, I love anything house related such as "Flip that House" or "Take this house and sell it"... [ooh, oooh, ooh, while i typed this, my pumpkin got brave and just let go of the baby gate - AND STOOD UP BY HERSELF! - proud mommy moment!!!]. I'm hooked on House, as well. And it's first run now, but I think the show "Windfall" isn't too bad.

oooh, I second the vote for "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia" and would like to add "Reno 911" (on Comedy Central).

i'm not sure if you're into reality shows, but i enjoyed project runway. there's a new season starting in july.

My vote's for Grey's Anatomy. Especially since they are rebroadcasting all the episodes from the beginning starting this Thursday. Great way to catch up!

Project Runway is coming in a couple of weeks but I missed teh entire season of ER, I am hoping that reruns.

I'll tell you what's on ours, you can pick what you like:

Power Rangers
Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Power Rangers Time Force
(okay, I'll skip the rest of the Rangers)
World Cup
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2005 (you don't wanna know)
Monty Python
South Park
Clean Sweep

I think you may be able to figure out which human recorded which show...

It doesn't do the dishes? Well, that's it, I'm not getting one!

i'm a big fan of veronica mars. little blonde spunky heroines seem to suck me in. who knew?

also, the office, and my name is earl. funniest 1/2 hours on tv.

Well you need to set it for Psych (starts July 7 on USA I think). It has Dule Hill (did I spell that right?) from West Wing.

I also recommend Windfall, So You Think You Can Dance (I know I'm terrible), I watch Treasure Hunters, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it. I just started Kyle XY (on abc Family), so far it looks interesting.

The 4400 is also good, but you might be a little lost if you haven't watched the first two seasons.

Eureka starts sometime this summer (it's a scifi, but looks interesting, then again I'm actually dying for the Stargates to start up again.)

There you have it my current TIVO list.

Grey's Anatomy!!!

Im thinking you have a lot of work ahead of you...
Greys, A+
Rescue will have you rolling.
gilmore girls is my favorite
ER or any of the CSI's
and law and order it!
then of course we have the soaps...but thats dangerous territory if your inexperenced :)

I would second (or third or fourth?) Grey's Anatomy, as well as The Office!

Grey's Anatomy
Entourage (Sunday nights, HBO)-- I'm so excited the season is finally here!
The Office

And if HBO runs Big Love reruns anytime soon you must watch. I love that show.

I second 'Deadwood'. Also, I love 'Veronica Mars' although it's going into its third season, so you've missed a bunch. Not sure how far back the reruns will go. 'So You Think You Can Dance' is very entertaining (it was also mentioned above).

We don't have cable, and ABC won't come in well enough to watch, so my suggestions are pretty limited. When I do watch, I'm picking from:

House (but you already watch, so good for you)
CSI (Las Vegas)
My Name is Earl
Bones (but I think it's already been cancelled)
Uh... almost anything on PBS. Antiques Roadsow, History Detective, Mystery (the new Miss Marples are pretty good), This Old House...

I want a TiVo so badly so I can watch the Daily Show again. Since they moved the next day repeat from 6pm to 7pm CDT I haven't seen it as much as I'd like.

If they show any re-runs of "Sons and Daughters" in your area, That is a great choice. THE BEST! If you like "waiting for guffman" or any Christopher-Guest type movie (like Best in Show) you will love it. It's a sit-com that is primarliy improv, and its about a family that is quite possibly as crazy as my own. If they cancel it, I am never watching ABC ever again!

Grey's Anatomy- I liked it so much I had to blog about it every week. Gilmore Girls, the show has jumped the shark but it's still better than half the stuff out there.
Watch 4400 and tell us how it is. I have been tempted, but can't muster up the energy to get involved in another show.

CSI!!! :) (the Vegas one.)
or anything on the food network. or um.. CSI :)

I dont know. I don't watch tv much anymore, except to watch my netflix dvds. lol

The Closer!

Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, (I do love me some Gordon Ramsay), Project Runway, and definitely The Office. Also, Can't Get A Date is a guilty pleasure.

Our TiVo has recently come to life, and I am...adjusting to it. Right now I'm home enough to watch some TV, but I know it will work out when I have to work on Thursday nights when my beloved Grey's Anatomy comes on. (Why did it have to switch? WHYYYYY?) Anyway, my new summer show is The Closer on's pretty good so far. So try it! And...of course Jon Stewart. We're also TiVoing Conan O'Brien as we are never up that late anymore.

Our TiVo is quite active and happy. Although I do think it records more shows than we have time to watch.

Our collection:
Carlos Mencia
Daily Show
Chapelle's Show
Stargate SG-1 (not as good without O'Neill)
Doctor Who (only the first season)
Jimmy Neutron
The Family Guy

And for when Rosado and Violeta are over, we must have a constant flow of:
64 Zoo Lane
Pinky Dinky Doo
Dragon Tales

i am a huge 4400 fan. Thats really the only show i watch in the summer. its on sunday nites (9 i think) on USA. thats all i got. of course, if you havent watched it before, it may be alittle confusing.

Entourage and Weeds. And Battlestar Gallactica (don't laugh!).

The Office is by far the best show on television and I will have to agree, Greys Anatomy is great as well - much better than the ER days....

-Greys Anatomy (duh)
-Treasure Hunters
-Project Runway
-A Baby Story (to make you cry)
-Entourage (If you have HBO)

Yeah...summer television sucks it hard. There is NOTHING to watch or record. Ever.

I'll also vote for Veronica Mars, Deadwood and the Office. I like Rescue Me too, but I know it's not for everyone. Oh, and whoever mentioned Prison Break -- Wentworth Miller from is really hot.

"Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" on the Discovery Channel is pretty entertaining and it doesn't really matter if you have missed a season or the beginning of a season to watch it.

You might also check out "Kath and Kim" on the Sundance Channel, "Green Wing" and "Footballer's Wives" on BBCA, and "Everybody Hates Chris" on UPN or whatever station it is.

The Office!!

I'm a big fan of House, Boston Legal, CSI, and Grey's Anatomy.

If I had a Tivo, I'd be all over those shows.

My favorites (and I think most were previously mentioned)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The Daily Show
The Colbert Report

Comedy Central Present (1/2 of laughs just before bed or other times when I don't want to have to think).

I never watched it, but I was amazed that not one person mentioned Desperate Housewives. It is amazing how fast that show has fallen from grace.

Ok well I watch more tv than anyone should... so here is what is getting recorded on my dvr this summer.

1) Big Brother (CBS)
2) How To Get The Guy (ABC)
3) Treasure Hunters (NBC)
4) Windfall (NBC)
5) Hell's Kitchen (FOX)
6) The Evidence (ABC)
7) Rock Star: Supernova (once it starts) (CBS)
8) The Office (I still love to watch the reruns) (NBC)
9) Lovespring International (Lifetime)
10) Nip/Tuck reruns (FX)
11) Veronica Mars reruns (UPN)

That's all I have for you now...

I can't believe no one said 24. Oh my goodness, 24!!! The only thing about this show is that you really need to watch the episodes in a season in order, since each episode is a one hour long period in a 24 hour day (hence the name). We don't have cable, but we buy this show on DVD because it is just that amazing. I got my hubby the fourth season for father's day, and last night we watched four episodes after the baby went to sleep. FOUR!

This show is amazing. If you can't TiVo it... buy it. Netflix it. Something! Watch it!

I suggest recording kids shows and burning them. You can get a good collection before she starts watching TV. I know she doesn't watch TV, but just in case...those shows are expensive to buy when they're on all day, and you can just tape them. And if you ever do let her watch, when you want to get her dressed and brush her hair in the moring, you can just pop a dvd in and distract her. Hypothetically speaking of course. My daughter never watches TV. LOL

You are clearly being shamed into Grey's Anatomy, which I totally support.

Inside the Actors Studio
Top Chef
Entourage (just for Ari)
and I'd pick some groovy 70s show like Good Times just for the helluva it.

Ok I have a few...I still love sex in the city reruns if you have never seen it. Big Love and the Sopranos are huge hits! I am guessing you have HBO?
If not then I second the travel channel. They have amazing shows on there.

If I was going blindly into it, I'd pick shows that it didn't matter what happened last week or next week.
CSI (any)
Law and Order (the real one)
Inside the Actor's Studio
Or try and set your mind to not care where you come into the story, then you can pretty much go with any series.
Oh, and Scrubs and ER you can pretty much walk in on!
Bravo has some interesting things.

Dr. Who (I believe they're rerunning the new season on SciFi)
Miss Marple Mysteries (PBS)
Good Eats!
If you can catch Chef! on a PBS or BBC station, it's definitely worth it.

Old seasons of 24, The Closer and Rescue Me...

I would say Grey's Anatomy, except I believe 12 other people probably already have. I just found it yesterday and I have added it to my Tivo. The Closer which is on TNT. Monk & The 4400 on USA. And Little People Big World on TLC. Oh and if you need some laughs, Last Comic Standing.

In no particular order:

Rescue Me
Treasure Hunters
Hells Kitchen
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

and just because:
Real World Road Rules: Fresh Meat

Hope this helps!


Deadwood, Entourage, Hells Kitchen. Umm...Battlestar Galactica.


I'd even offer to send you the Season 1 DVD's but my Mom still has them.

My two favorites, Rescue Me and Entourage. I would also suggest Medium if they start running those re-runs on NBC. A lot of people don't like Patricia Arquette but I think she does really well on this show!

Veronica Mars
The Office
Daily Show

Anything that doesn't require too much thinking... too hot to think

My name is earl and Bones were ones I'd recommmend - but without cable my viewing choices are pretty limited. Hopefully by the time we can afford cable and a Tivo they will be able to do the dishes and mop floors.

I don't know if it's on reruns or not, but Scrubs is freaking hilarious. If you have Netflix, and want to start renting a series, I highly recommend Six Feet Under.

Last night there was a little piece of Boston firefighter ass on my TV, courtesy of Treasure Hunters. I don't think I need to say anything more to encourage you to tune in (a repeat of that ass is on next Monday).

Add to that some Last Comic Standing, Project Runway, and (yup) Grey's Anatomy... I think you've given your TiVo enough to get started.

Hmmm....Definitely watch Big Brother! (not a rerun, but vastly entertaining and anthropologically intriguing--to me at least!) Dead Like Me is another excellent show. I'm in Canada, so our TV schedules are different than yours. What's a rerun for you may not be for us....

Ok, here's my current faves...

The Office
No Reservations

Wow. Is that it? Man, I suck.

I would love to tell you how to use your tivo, but... I do that for a living so really, i normally love your blog, but...I can't stand any matter concerining tivo. I deal with too many whiny mother-f$#@&*rs complaining about how their lives were ruined by a malfunctioning tivo to give a good goddamn. I still appreciate you and your blog, but tivo, me, oh and a little bit of puke in my mouth. I think more pics of Mia might cure that.

My DVR is also not so busy right now. I set it to tape about 8 million things during the good TV season, but since it is set to record only first-runs, it is done for now. I am, however, DVRing the MTV cultural hits Real World and Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat right now. So I can further the brain rot that comes from school, work, and wedding planning...

I'm not going to read through all the comments, so I'll just add my voice. If I've duplicated a suggestion then you'll know it is something to consider. :)

Prison Break - each episode is exciting like a movie. And the lead guys is hot. He takes his shirt off a lot.

How Clean is Your House - I always feel better about myself after watching that show. I definitely don't have a bottle of rancid, stagnant water in the corner of my room. And my bed is made. And my clothes are (mostly) put away.

You are What You Eat - wow. I didn't know people could eat so unhealthily. I know that I'm not the most healthy (I love cinnamon raisin bagels! Num!) but 7 loaves of white bread in a week for a family of 4? White bread? No. No. No. No.

I love the cold case files and city confidential on A&E. I wish I got that channel. Probably a good thing for my family that we don't. They wouldn't eat.

Last Comic Standing. We have been enjoying that show. Some really funny people, but it is getting a little annoying in the faux-dramatics that must plague every reality show, which is unfortunate because it's supposed to be comedy!

Okay, that's it.

Okay, I quickly scrolled through the comments, and I have to add my vote to Veronica Mars. My 5 year old loves the theme song. We sing it together and then giggle when he makes the low bass note at the end. It's a great show. I love it. I forgot that I love it. But I love it!

You must see:

Campus Ladies (Oxygen)
Reno 911 (Comedy Central)
Lovespring International (Lifetime)
Dog Bites Man (Comedy Central)
Take Home Chef (TLC)
Saved (TNT)

I can't read through all the comments, so this might have all ready been said...


I am all over anything that Kathy Griffen does. Check out her new series "My Life on the D List" on Bravo. Awesome. Oh, and super funny!

Grey's Anatomy, It is by far the best show!

The Dog Whisperer. I know that you don't have dogs (or if you do, you're doing a spectacular job of keeping mum about it) but the show is great. It's on the National Geographic channel, and they usually play several episodes in a row.

These are the shows that are usually on my Tivo:

Battlestar Galactica - I can say it with a straight face. The show has big problems, but its pretty ambitious for a TV show. Love it.

24 - Great show but I think will run into becoming a parody of itself if it goes on much longer. Check it out now before it does. Season 4 is the best so far.

Globe Trekker - My artsy choice, documentary-type show that follows a twenty-something "trekker" as they wander around a random contry. Some "trekkers" are better than others... Ian Wright wandering around Japan was pretty funny. Its on weird channels, so check your guide.

Dog Whisperer - I'll cast the second vote for this one. Nice and light if you can't find anything else to watch, and its amazing to see how people mess up their dogs... There is a saying that goes "The only thing that two dog trainers agree on is that the third one is doing it wrong..."

You're already watching West Wing and Lost, thats good.

My wife watches Desparate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, which pretty much means I watch Desparate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy...

everyone pretty much listed all mine, tivo is lonely considering it's hiatus "season" for all my stuff. currently?

reruns of Law and Order: CI
So you think you can dance
My name is earl
The office

Waiting for the new seasons of:
Grey's Anatomy
One Tree Hill
Gilmore Girls
CSI (all of 'em)
Law and order: SVU (FAVE!!)

You must, must, must Tivo Grey's Anatomy. I Tivo'ed it because my sister-in-law insisted, and I am totally hooked.

Also, I Tivo Sex and the City when it plays in the middle of the night, and I have lots and lots of cheap entertainment.

Oops, I mispelled "desperate" before... and probably a bunch of other things too, knowing me. Great thread.

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