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Literally dying from sweetness here

Mia just crawled across the kitchen, produced one of her beloved cheerios from her chubby little fist, and gave it to me. Of course I ate the nasty, soggy thing.

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Aw... what a good mom you are. ;)

she gave you a floorio????????

she is going to win the nobel peace prize I'm sure of it...either that or she's going to clean floors ....

either way, a proud mama, I'm sure.

Of course you ate it! It was dripping with love... :P

Just wait til she takes it out of her mouth to offer you a bite, and then doesn't take no for an answer.


I love my little guy as much as the next person, but would I do that? Um. No. You'd understand if you saw my floors. ;-)

This morning Dude decided to taste a furball that was lingering a little past his babygate. I didn't think he could reach it. I was sadly mistaken.

But I may also be a little particular. I would never share his spoon either no matter how delicious his food was. I think I'm wierd.

How could you not? That is too cute.

Now that's love - on both your parts. :)

Awwww, I would have done it too.

babydrool cuisine!

Awww...just wait until she hits the stage where she wants it back! Sure, she'll go so far as to shove it in your mouth, but then she'll try to cram her little fist in there to get it back...and woe be to you if you've already

So sweet! It cracks me up when you try to say, "No thank you," to something they really want you to eat and they practially shove it down your throat.

Ahem, are we getting zoo pictures? :)

Ewww, you couldn't have faked it??

Awww, sweetness.

What's a little drool among family?

oh well sure. you have to. it's the law.

ahhhh! I love that.
that's so cute (and at the same time...really very gross)

Oh, the things we do for our kids. My favourite is when Julia dunks a hunk of bread in her lemonade and passes it to me, all soggy and drippy, and says, "I want to share with you, Mummy!"

How can I say no?

you are a much better mom than i.
there's no way i could have eaten it.

gross... sorry, but that is gross.

Okay, that's the cutest thing EVER. And how kind of you to eat it. :D

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