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Mia Monday #22: Ring Ring Edition

I thought I had a few more years before Mia started monopolizing the phone.

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She has such cute, comfy looking summer dresses. I swear - she's the best dressed kid I've ever seen.


And, I must say, Mia's hair looks quite nice in those photos.

The phone was Amanda's favorite toy as a baby. I remember going in one day to get her up from a nap and finding her talking on her fisher price phone while reading a book. (second favorite toy). It's the same 30 years later.

That third shot is priceless. It's as if she just heard the juiciest bit of gossip. She's just the cutest.

If it were my child, I'd be happily snapping away while, unbeknownst to me, she had connected to Antarctica via satellite at $97 a minute.

Mia is very, very cute...

What a punkin! That's Southern for adorable, in case you don't speak it. :-)

Too cute. Looks like you'll have to replace the old broken remote collection with the old broken phone collection for Mia to play with.
Do you get on another phone and "talk" to her?

Just wait till she learns how to speed dial, and uses it to call Daddy at work every time you leave the room to switch over some laundry!



;) just make sure she doesn't dial 911. heh.

so cute! I especially love her expressions in #1 and dramatic :)

just gorgeous.

What they said. My first thought was the phone bill.

Mine all loved old phones even before the cell. Better than the plastic variety for some reason.

Cute! Button went for the video game controller yesterday, but the TV was on instead. I think for a while she really thought she was making Art Garfunkle sing.

Can you hear me now?

That phone is SO her new boyfriend. No longer merely an instrument of communication.

so's only the beginnning! by the way, I have the same

super cute photos!!!

I hope that phone isn't the one you all sister fell in love with our phone when she was about a year old. And she called Japan. Twice. Then we had to get her a fake phone which she hated. LOL.

We gave our little guy an old, unused cell phone (yes, the battery was removed). He carried that thing everywhere saying, "Hi, Papa (grandpa). Hi."

My favorite is the first one. She's all, "Yeah, I'm going to have to take this. Could you just ... go in the other room for now? Mmmmkay, thanks."

OH she is so cute, they should invent another word for it! My 2-yr-old boy loves the phone too. He talks to my mom all day. Not much he says makes sense, but she replies with stuff like "Oh, really? No kidding, I was just telling Mommy that too."

okay. in 10+ months of mia-bean pix, i think my most favorite of all (other than the ones where i totally need butter for the rolls) is the third one seen here, where she's looking to the sky in delight. my.fav.

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