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Mia Monday #23: W is for Washington Edition

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These are so cute! I love her shirt. Sadly, it would not look that adorable on me.

I especially love that last photo. She's beautiful.

Those little belly rolls make me giggle...

that second shot would totally be my desktop if, you know, she was my kid. kind of weird to put someone else's kid (not related to you at least) on your computer so i'll just repeat my usual Monday Mia-ism, "She's too cute for words!" and leave it at that.

also, love the last shot. is it that she really doesn't mind the hair clips or are you just catching her on the good moments??

I'm baffled by how mature Mia looks in the last picture! What happened to the cute pink lump-o-baby? Not that there was any question, but I'm now absolutely positive that she is going to be a *stunningly* beautiful child.

So when will she start gracing the runways and JC Penny catalogues?


i love the little clippy.
ah...i can only dream of having a baby with hair...

she's delish.

All adorable but my favorite is of her little booty in the first photo.

As always....adorable shots!

Hurrah for Mia Mondays!

On Mondays, I do several things when I get to work: read Post Secret, see if anyone I know is getting married by checking the paper back home online, and come see Mia Monday. Because it never fails to put a smile on my face.

What a little Chunk monster! She is beautiful, and I LOVE your blog.....I read it every day. You are too funny! And how in the world do you get 40 comments?!?!?!?!?! that is INSANE! See you tomorrow!

OMG she is such a little cutie. Sweet...

I know you feel this way, already, but Mia is absolutely beautiful! :)

I love your photos of Mia, and not that I'm claiming to be some great photographer because I totally am not, but have you tried taking your pictures without the flash when there's enough natural sunlight? It really does wonders for the pictures. But I do still ike the pics of Mia.

yup she is your kid- smoking hot ass right there for the camera :)

LOL.... looks like you got yourself a baseball fan! Great pic's!

That is one stylin' kid. I just KNEW the "W" didn't stand know...THAT guy.

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