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Mia Monday #24: Blankie Master B Edition

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The early edition looks just as cute as the regular editions.

The third picture is my favorite with that big ol' smile!

I like the 2nd picture best....I can't believe how long her hair is getting! :)

Just when I thought the level of 'cute' in the world was stable....

She is SOOOO adorable! Each week she just gets cuter :)

Mia says, who is scared of mudslides when they've got a great blankie like mine?

Aww, cuteness + blankie!

Glad you guys still got her to sleep in spite of the storm.

I want my blankie!

she looks like she's hit a little growth spurt. or is it the camera angle? either way. cuteness abounds. as always. mia mondays rock!

OMG - she suddenly looks so grown up! She's a little girl.

Can I please eat her(chomp on her cheeks and arms). Just a lil? Please? Pretty Please? I swear you can make out with me if you lemme do that :P
On a serious note, thats a beautiful child. I truly love her. Shes growing up so fast too!

She is completely adorable.

Beth, what happened to your baby?

You now have a sweet little girl!

So cute!!! I love the 2nd picture with her blankie.

LOVE the first pic...she looks like she's giving you the "What? What you lookin' at," attitude.

So cute, I love it. Her hair is getting so long.

Oy oy oy! What a little cutie! And, the hair is TOO. MUCH! :)

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