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Name that rash!

Hi. I have a rash. Cool, huh? It is an odd rash, so odd that I went to the doctor to have it peered at and diagnosed. And now, since I'm bored, I'm going to give you clues and the first person to figure out what I have will win a prize. Unless nobody plays, in which case the first person to bother to guess something that isn't disgusting will win a prize.

I'll try to do this so you can find the answer by asking Dr. Google, but I must point out that if you do get the answer from Dr. Google the images that you will find look considerably worse than I do. I want it on the record that, so far at least, I have a rather mild and not at all nauseating case.

Anyway, on with the hints:

My rash is fairly common, although I had never heard of it, and it is not contagious so you are all still free to make out with me as the need arises. It appears on the upper body, but not on the face.

In the early stages, it is sometimes mistaken for ringworm. Or syphillis.

There's not a damn thing you can do about it, except try to make it stop itching. (I don't itch much, woo-hoo.)

The spots usually form a certain pattern, which I am not going to describe because it is a google give-away. (Also, what the hell? I don't have nearly enough spots to form any pattern, but if I ever do you had better believe I am inflicting pictures of that on all of you.)

Ok, ok, fine. Here are some pictures to make it easier.

This is me:

Man, I sure wish I had hands. And feet.

Here's a artistic representation of my rash:

Also, I really should have brushed my hair first.

And here it is from the back:

Note that I have additional spots on my back, you can't see the spots on my front from the back. That would be weird.

Also, if you are a friend of mine from childhood who now happens to be a doctor, you are disqualified because that would be cheating. Also also, if you are my (ok, Mia's) hotty pediatrician, I think I need a second opinion. Why don't you stop by any time before my husband gets home at 4:00?

Comments (37)

I'll take Pityriasis rosea for $1000, Alex. It's annoying. And I'm a complete dork for answering.

I have no idea what it could be...rashes aren't really my forte, unless they're showing up on a baby's bum, but your rash reminds me of the time I woke up with zillions of tiny pimples all over my neck, shoulders and chest. It was icky.

And I'm not sure why, but I felt compelled to tell you about that strange rash of mine. Carry on.

darn it - I think I had the same thing a couple of years ago when D came home from Iraq - I thought it was flea bites at first but then it kinda went all christmas tree pattern on me - turns out was some kind of rash ( I think the same as yours) - Dr actually prescribed me a month at a tanning bed as Vitamin D helps (am I completely off base here?)

You mean to tell me that we can make out with you? COOL! Pencil me in your calendar for say sometime next week or so? hee hee

Oh yeah, I guess it's some form of flush!

I'm with Pam! I had it a couple years ago myself. It wasn't itchy or anything on me, but it looked very very angry. My doctor said it was caused by a virus that kids carry, and I got it after spending a lot of time with my young nieces. He also said that once you get it, you most likely won't ever get it again, and I haven't.

it's shingles. i haven't even read the whole entry yet, but that's my guess and i'm stickin' to it. and now let me go finish reading your symptoms.

hmm my daughter had roseola earlier this year... tiny red bumps but not itchy. probably not that.

I'm going to be wrong, but I'm going to guess Seabather's Eruption. I don't know if you went swimming where there were any Thimble Jellyfish over your vacation, but I know all too well that they lay their eggs between Mother's Day and Father's Day in Cancun. The eggs get caught in your swimming suit and little larvae bites break into an itchy-fun rash a week later.

I wanted to say shingles 'cause I've had them in severe stress then I asked Dr. Google and she said Pityriasis Rosea.


My guess? Pityriasis Rosea? I Googled it... and, hey, this game is fun! Although I'm not sure you're having as much fun. I can't believe it might not go away for 2 months. That's a long time to have Christmas tree patterns on your back. :)

Yep, it's PR for sure. I had in about 2 years ago. It's annoying, but benign. Gotta love the Christmas Tree pattern, though, eh? You could give Mia a marker and let her connect the dots. :-)

One thing I read when I had it is that UV rays can help. You might consider swapping the tankini for a bikini and catching some rays. That seemed to help me (and I was doing that in October in MN - BRRRR).

Good luck - and don't scratch!

Tetter? My brother and I have been trying to figure out what tetter (teter?) is ever since we saw the Gold Bond commercial 20 years ago.

I have no idea about the rash. But you need to eat more. You are looking like a stick. Is one income forcing you to cut your grocery bill that much? Plus a little conditioner would really do some wonder for your hair. Even cheap Suave.

I have no idea what the rash is...

but strangely, you have much fuller hair from the back than the front.

Yay, pictures. You know no illness is complete without fun pictures.

And you have a smokin' ass.

I'm with Pammer - it's also affectionately known as a "Christmas tree rash." Check it out:

Last time I had a rash like that was when I was 26 and caught chicken pox from my kids! Yep, I somehow managed to escape chicken pox as a kid.
But my guess, a sun rash. I get them too.

I had PR AGES ago when my middle kid was a nice spots for me...huge patches of ITCH and UGLY! A very NOT HOT Dr. diagnosed it, oh, and mentioned "Your breasts are leaking"..."um, yeah, my baby's crying"..."Does that always happen?" "Only when I'm nursing, HELLO, are you SURE you went to medical school??"

I'm not first, but I know it's Pityriasis Rosea.

I have rashes, too. But they aren't contagious either so I hope that means we'll be making out soon! Especially since that picture of you is totally hawt.

Pityriasis Rosea! I had that, waaaaay back in my 20s. Got mine right during sunbathing season too, very attractive.

And I agree with Lisa V, you need to eat more, stick woman!

Just be glad it's not the heartbreak of psoriasis!

Nice sketch and I don't have a clue. I bet your other visitors are right though. They all sound so smart and the Latin sounds so exotic. If you had shingles, I'm sure you'd know it. They're go way beyond itching into horrible pain all through your body.

I think I had it a couple of summers ago and didn't know it. I know I've had shingles.

yeah, you need a second opinion from the Hotty Pediatrician... I've never heard of that thing they are all saying you have.

What ever it is, it looks like little red dots. And I agree with the person that said you need to eat more. Honey, you worry me with that stick thin frame of yours. Well, then again, I'm sure there's only so much you can eat, what with not having hands to pick up the fork, or feet to walk to the table.

Hope the rashies go away, soon.

Chiggers. Chiggers kind of look like a rash, but they definitely look like little dots, just like the ones you have there. Definitely chiggers.

And I'd like the number to your Pediatrician.

pityriasis rosea

not that i'll get a prize as there are many other fine users of dr. google that beat me to it.

glad it's not syphillis! ;)

While I'm not the hottie pediatrician, I'm sure I'm disqualified. But allow me to express my happiness that its not syphillis. That would sure suck.

I was going to say pityriasis rosea as well, but only because I had it too. On my legs a few years ago.

i have to type this with 1 hand b/c the monkey won't let me put her, quickly: not shingles (as some said)--that would not be funny....That's all i know. except ialso know that i've had a rash all up and down my legs for a few months now--hardly noticeable but crazy itchy. going to the doc about it tomorrow. isn't that fascinating? Owwww!!JOOEEEY! stop it! gottago...

p.s. love the're such a good drawer! Your hair looks great,too!

pityriasis rosea... and i'm horribly upset that someone has already said this one lol.


I don't know what you have but this is a perfect opportunity to mention that I, at age 26, got SCABIES (AKA mange). How crazy is that? I had to slather this think cream stuff over every inch of my body (including under my nails and in my ear skin folds--yes, ass crack too) and wash everything in the house. It sucked. So be happy you don't have to do that with whatever it is you have.

Hope you feel better though.

Those pictures are HYSTERICAL!

Shingles, people?? Oww! Let's hope not!

It's the plague! The black death! Or maybe you should not let Mia color all over you with red pens anymore.

I really wish you had some boobies, but I guess hands and feet would be nice, too.

I'm going to go with heat rash...

Judging from your diagrams, I would diagnose both extreme anorexia and Mysterious Ethereal Red Spots That Float Four Inches Off Your SkinT. You should also cut back on the jumping jacks in your present condition.

Geez, I go offline for a week and miss out on "Name That Rash" and invitations for making out, too?

Glad it's a minor one, but still no fun, huh?

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