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Ouch. Pictures.

Burned ever crapping fuck out of hand. Sheer stoopidity. Typing hurts like bitch. Lookee, pictures.

Tomato sauce. Ceiling. The fuck?

Avocado. Ceiling. See above.

Bah. For babies.

Breakfast. Cheerios blend with chair.

Cleaned fridge. Am June Fucking Cleaver.

Amazing Bubbles.

Pointer for idiots.

Climb stairs.

All day. Over and over. Do not thwart, screaming to ensue. Is good for smokin' ass, yes?

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What a nice surprise to see a Mia-Friday! :) I love the picture of her with the Cherrio-Chair....her hair look so long...she's adorable as always!

hoo boy, it looks like you've been very busy!

Looks like you have got your hands full there?? Food on the ceiling?? You and Chris been getting wild in the kitchen or what??

Im super impressed with the fridge.I *reallllly* need to thoroughly clean mine before the baby gets here. If my in-laws were to see the crazy things that are growing in there....

I would suggest putting frames around the slpashes of food. Very Jackson Pollack.

Sorry about the boo-boo. Me kiss and make all better?

I'm pretty sure June Cleaver never had Tomato Sauce and Avacado on her ceiling. ;)

I certainly do not miss the days of chasing the little one up the stairs. I feel for you.

Believe it or not, there is now actually an EDIBLE bubbles product... why? I have no clue, but there is, thus necessitating warning idiots that assume ALL bubbles are edible now.

Hugs about the hand. Buy the OTC burn cream, it helps. So does an ice pack or a bowl of cold water. Trust me - advice from the girl who can't take anything out of the oven without burning herself and has the scars to prove it.

My daughter turned her nose up at the high chair at about that age too. We have the adjustable height one. I ended up lowering it all the way, and she would still eat off the tray. That way I at least got some use out of it. and it kept my chairs cleaner (since they're cloth covered) Besides, it kept me from being annoyed when I had to have that big bulky thing in my kitchen but she would refuse to sit in it.

Am also impressed by the fridge. Mine is also clean, but only because it's new - the old one crapped out on us. just goes to show that procrastination pays off. I had "clean the fridge" on my to-do list for weeks. Now I didn't have to do it.

Meanwhile I'm paying a personal trainer to force me to climb some really long ass set of stairs over and over. And all this time I could have just been coming over to your house and climbed with Mia. I'm thinking that would be loads more fun. :sigh:

Sweetie, you need a day off. Get Chris to spend the day with Mia and go out with some girlfriends. Get a pedicure, buy a dress, do something for only yourself, and take a break.

This post scared me except for the pics of Mia. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....................

ouch to the hand. that totally sucks.

yay to the stairs being good for a smoking ass. :)

Pictures work for Friday. Post sprinkled with *fuck*. I like that. Sorry about your hand. Hope it gets better soon. Are we talking in short sentences all day? Because I can do it! :)

"Do not thwart"...that made me laugh.

Sorry about the hand. We've got Dora bandaids, if you need one.

All that stair-climbing plus your genes? Oh yes, she will have a smokin' ass.

I've needed to clean my fridge all week, but I think your pics have finally inspired me. Thanks!

Cleaning my fridge is on my list, too, but it's WAY down there. LUV the pix!

Sure hope Chris enjoyed the evil hand burning Pasta Primavera. Can you take the tray off and let her sit at the table in it, kinda like a stool? Hmm... would it be easier to paint the walls to match the avacado stain, or stand on something to wipe it off?

Wanna clean my fridge? I don't. No comment on the bubbles... except, this must be for the same idiot that uses a curling iron while sleeping. They wouldn't have the warnings if someone didn't try it.

Who needs a gym membership when you have a child to chase up and down the stairs... bonus workout, carrying said child down the stairs. Smokin' ass just in time for shorts season.

Sorry to hear about your hand. Don't you wish they made prozac coffee?

Sorry about your hand. If it WAS the result of the pasta primavera, I'd say Chris has earned himself a weekend of stair-climbing with the baby.

Enjoy all-about-Beth Friday! No more fridge cleaning!

note to self: buy single story home before having babies.

If it weren't for the stairs and the kids, I don't think I'd ever get any exercise.

quite talented, that little girl.
hitting the ceiling? i AM impressed!

Oouuch! So sorry about your hand. But what a kickass entry.

You are too, too funny. Guess that's why I'm a reader.

Tomato-based sauce on the ceiling is a sign of a good cook (leave it there for Avocado puree? Well, that one is kinda strange...make Chris clean it (you're injured, take advantage)!

The one with her looking in the fridge looks like a shot from MTV's BABY CribS!!

Hey...I gotta call them up for that pitch!

I can understand the tpmato sauce hitting the ceiling but how did you manage the avocado? Top came off the blender?

Love that little bootie heading up the stairs.

Congrats on the fridge. Clean and healthy contents at the same time. June and Donna would be proud.

Love the pics! and the captions....Keep em coming! She's really gorgeous and adorable. :)

hahaha is that the starts of a smoking ass we see there on the stairs :)

Dare I ask...How did you get the food on the ceiling?

Mia is adorable. You both are very busy ladies!

You know....... the comments are almost as entertaining as the blog! Love your writing, thinking I need to make friends with your friends!

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