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Very briefly because we are about to go swimming...

A very bad baby picture of me is available here. Hot damn, but I was cute.

Chris got a little jealous of Mia's ponytail last night, so I tried to make him feel better by fixing his hair like hers. Then, I grabbed the camera.

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He must really love you.

LOL! You guys are great, you're crazy like us. 8)

You should do a family portrait with all of you Pebbles'd up. That'd be damn cute.

ROFLMAO! That is too funny! You guys are so much fun!

Chris is way too sexy for his hair LOL


LOLOLOL!!! Ohh My... Chris looks Hot! Hehehe I think you should celebrate that do by going out on the town to show it off, lolol!

That's HOT! ;) You guys are hilarious!

Too funny-

OH and he reminds me of the Jim Carey character from the old In Living Color skits... where he was a scarey masculine woman with a teeny bikini top on... (the hair does it)

umm.... yeah he MUST really love you.. and I feel like I need some comfort now... totally scared me! SNL might be calling soon.

That? Hilarious.

Holy cow, those are just too funny!

That is classic! You guys make me laugh!

That is hysterical! Ya'll crack me up.

There aren't words to describe what seeing that pic of Chris did to me. I jumped back a little and giggled. And then I felt violated. Not sure what that's all about.

Um, does he know you posted that one? ;)
Too funny. that payback for his posting the pics of your flabby (not!) belly?

Your house seems fun!

You better watch out woman! Any more pictures of him like that and I'm huntin' him down! ;~)

That is an awesome photo!

Cute. Very cute. ;-)

Oh, I just gasped and started laughing. That was priceless, thank you.

Yep, I'm posting He kind of reminds me of the one girl in the slumber party scene of Grease (can't recall her name or that of her character)...ya know, the chipmunk-ish one who sings, "Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a with new Ipana toothpaste!"

LOL..I'm cracking up. That is hysterical!

I am soooooooooo glad I didn't take a swig of soda before looking at that. Too funny!

OH MY GOSH. the pic of the hubby is TOO MURCH!

Is he wearing lipstick? Or does he have that natural coloring thing that that one Irish actress whose name I don't remember has?

I have *got* to find me one of these husband things so I can put his hair in little ponytails. That is the most awesome picture EVER.

LOL - she really does look like her dad :)

Dulurking to say, He is pretty, oh so pretty. Mia is prettier though. That pic just tickled the hell out of me. Love your site.

so, so, SO pretty.... btw, OBX misses you. :) We've GOT to catch up pronto....

That is sooooo not his shade of lipstick. I would suggest something with more of a brown color to it. LOL

see I told you two pony tails were cuter than one...

cuter...cooter ....gawd I'm a twelve year old.

That's terrifying. You realise that he looks just like Mia.

hey, i read the post over at that other place ;) and i wanted to give you a little pat-pat on the shoulder and let you know that i probably REALLY clean my bathroom only about once every 3 months or so. i mean, i do the toilet OF COURSE, but i'm just saying.

it's cool. as are you. ;)

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