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Ran. Dom.

Chris stole my post, so let's all go over there and make fun of him, ok? I know, I know, my own fault for not properly dibsing.

You wanna know what I did last night? I ate an entire pint of dulce de leche ice cream. I can't say I recommend it. In fact, I started feeling sick before I even finished, but by then there wasn't enough left to save so I was committed.

I haven't been out of the house past 7:30 in almost a year, so how's about you all tell me about your fabulous weekend plans so I can get all jealous and live vicariously through you?

Look, baby cuteness!

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Finally the big house warming party tomorrow night. So cleaning, cooking, decorating. And fun with friends. If you and Chris and the Bean just happen to jump on a plane to Chicago you're very welcome.

Packing to go to CA. Woo. (Well, GOING is awesome. Packing -- meh.)

Enjoy your weekend!

no that I want to be a downer, but at least you won't be jealous of me... we're going to a friend's funeral tomorrow. It was somewhat unexpected and under not very pleasant circumstances, so we have that going for us as well. Friends from out of town are arriving this evening and staying with us for the weekend to attend. I anticipate lots of drinking/reminicing/crying to occur in the next 48 hours.

I can't make fun of Chris because I'm almost his age and do the EXACT same thing with years. It's so weird.

That picture could be a greeting card. Seriously. It's so perfect yet generic yet lovely. I love her ringlets!

I'm planning on staying out tonite until 7:45.

Just because I can.

We're going to a play tonight (Children't theater version of L'il Abner). And I think we'll be out till about 10:30. I wish you could go with us.

I'm going to the Lake this weekend with some friends for some tubing, water skiing, swimming and hot tubbing (tubing and tubbing in the same sentence - may be interesting only to me). But while you get to do fun stuff with that adorable child of yours all of the time, I only get two days of fun.

Let's see. Tomorrow I have to go to the grocery and do some laundry. Clean the house. Mow the lawn.

Sunday I'm working a herd of cattle with friends.

At least I have plans.

My big plans: going out Friday night to hang out with teenagers; going out Saturday night to hang out with people closer to my age and do adult things like drink wine (we will be out until 1 a.m!); Sunday, going to church in the morning and then kicking off my Sunday shoes to watch the Sunday evening real-life-movie-drama. Do they still have real life movie dramas? I used to watch them all the time in grade 9. Garage sales might be in the cards for Saturday because I still love garage sales. I missed out on them for 7 years, and I shall now get my fill.

Unless a pint of Ben and Jerry's Marsha Marsha Marshmellow makes you jealous, I'm afraid I've got nothing for you. The Dulce de Leche sounds delightful, but I need something cruchy in my ice cream. Maybe if it had almonds....mmmmmm....

GORGEOUS photo!! (As always, of course!) :)
We're going out to see an amazing jazz singer tonight, then we're off to lovely cottage country for Saturday/Sunday to attend a wedding.

Other than the cruise we took when I was pregnant, the only time we have been out without the kid(s) is *once*, when we saw a movie. In the afternoon. And of all things, we picked "The Incredibles".

We are incredibly misguided, lol.

I'm cleaning the house tonight; tomorrow hiking & drinking margaritas with college friends and Sunday meeting with the minister to take THE TEST to see if we ARE truly compatible enough to get married. I plan on being "in" each night by 7:30 because...well, yeah, that's what I do.

At 7:30 I am already in my pajamas, slippers with my blankie. At 9:30 I walk the dogs, and at 10 PM I crawl into bed and watch TV for 1/2 an hour before turning off the lights.

I am going to...oh, wait, you said 'fabulous' weekend plans....nevermind!

Dulce de Leche is pretty rich, and too unchunky for me to be able to finish a pint at a sitting. Though, back in college, maybe... I used to be able to have a pint of B&J's White Russian flavor, no problem.

I've been out maybe 3 times, after 7:30, sans child, and one of those times, my friend and I decided that rather than go out dancing, we'd stay at her house and bake cookies and drink cocktails, instead.

I'm hanging out with Queen B tonight, while TechDad has Boys' Night. The rest of the weekend all depends on how badly my/our colds develop. Worst case we sit on the couch, best case we hit the beach.

My second favorite ice cream. Pecan praline is first.

With Ray back in hospital, things are up in the air. I'm going to try for San Francisco and Gay Pride day on Sunday. No, not me, my youngest son. He and I helped start PFLAG here in Merced and we'll be marching with our matching t-shirts. Cool. The Fresno chapter will have a bus if the entire walk is too much for granny. My other son, his wife, and the baby are going along too and possible my Elcie with the wheelchair.

I'd like to touch base with one of my blogging buddies while I'm there. We've met once at a blogging potluck and have been trying for another meeting ever since.

I could use the break if I can cover childcare for the other girls. Three is too many (four with the baby).

I have a 9.5 month old son and due to some crazy generous circumstances, I've been able to go out twice this week on dates! Weird and wonderful. This weekend...housecleaning, smooching baby, daddy's plays a show, sneaking in naps with baby, more baby, and more baby.

Love your blog!

I have a 9.5 month old son and due to some crazy generous circumstances, I've been able to go out twice this week on dates! Weird and wonderful. This weekend...housecleaning, smooching baby, daddy's plays a show, sneaking in naps with baby, more baby, and more baby.

Love your blog!

dinner with the cool neighbour lady tonight, then dinner with friends and their cool 4-year-old tomorrow. and then dinner and wine with other friends sunday night. That's a whole lot of food and conversation (and if i'm lucky, wine). There will also be trips to the gym (to counteract the food and wine) and a visit to gramma in the hospital. oh the drama!

have a great weekend. because, while you might not have nighttime outings, you have the cuteness. and what cuteness!

i'm going to a First Birthday BBQ for my cousinephew, Sacha. Something you will soon be able to celebrate with Mia, so nothing to get jealous about. :)


big plans for me.
the husband is out of town.
so...i'm spending the evening in my bed. maybe with a good book.

let's see? tonight? I'm cleaning the kitchen. I might do something spectacularly crazy like do a load of laundry too. i also have plans to sit and knit on some stuff i want to get done.

tomorrow? i'm going to do anymore laundry that's left. i'm also going to finish unpacking. or at least unpack enough so that it looks like i sorta unpacked in case Joe comes back from CA next weekend. i want it to give the appearance that i do more than come home from work, sit on the couch and watch tv/knit. (i tried to go to the fitness center at the apt once, but i couldn't figure out how to open the door. it has like, a weird lock thing on it, and i'm not sure it's open at any time when i could use it. i haven't gotten the balls to ask anyone yet cuz well i looked kind of stupid in front of all the people sitting in the pool. ha.) and then i'm going to go see Cars w/ my friends for one of my friend's birthdays.

sunday, i'm going to probably sit around and do nothing. wlel, not nothing. maybe laundry if i have any left. vacuum. read a book. yeah, i have to finish the book i'm reading by monday or the two people who get it after me will kill me. :)

aren't you jealous? *lol*

This is so random--and I apologize if anyone above already mentioned it, but I didn't read through all the comments...anyway, I noticed in the picture that Mia's head is turned as if she's looking at something, so I started to look too...ok, now, I don't know if your pillows have pictures on them, so if they do then I'm a moron and ignore me please, but if they don't, then you might find it interesting that is a likening of a woman's face on the pillow to the left. It looks like she is wearing pointy glasses and has shoulder length hair with curls at the ends--does anyone see it??? Weird--sort of like the Jesus on toast type thing!

I'm almost as much fun as you considering that I'm commenting on your page at 9:47pm on a friday night in my PJ's. Hey moms are cool like that, we don't have to go out every night..right?

How's this for sorry... it's Friday night, I'm in my nightgown (as I have been since 6:00 p.m.), there are no kids home, and my husband and I are sitting around watching TV.. on a Friday.

It's grim.

It's okay, Beth, I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey....Totally recommend it--IF you want to eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. If you'd rather stop at a bowlful...don't buy it!

This weekend: birthday party for Joey's friend at noon....Yes, a one-year-old's birthday party. I'll let you know if Elmo's there. I think it's just a picnic outside. Other than that....why don't I just read your other commenter's comments and live vicariously through them, too....

Ohh, lets see. I started my weekend early with a work financed trip to NYC for a conference, but took time out to meet up with some freinds and eat some great food and drink just a little too much. Really, we werent THAT loud and obnoxious.

Tonight we went to our church picnic and ate lots of fattening fried Polish food. And llok, its almost 10:30! I'm up way past my bedtime!

Tomorrow will be laundry and bathroom cleaning fun! Whoooo! And Sunday I have to work.

Boy it started off strong but just lost speed and comes to a schreeching halt doesnt it?

Oh yes, the "I might as well finish it, because there's less than a serving left" trap.

I am going to a cookout with my mom this weekend. And then I am doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and hopefully spending some quality time on the couch. You probably don't want to live vicariously through me!

Hi Beth - Its the Old Dominion Beer Festival in Ashburn, VA for me this weekend. Assuming it doesn't rain, of course.

two words:

family reunion

( and suddenly your whole world is looking just a little brighter)

I'm alone this weekend and will be spending most of the time in any airconditioned spot I can find. It's scorching, 3 digits out here! I'll people watch and catch an earfull of gossip. I'll go to the movies and indulge in an large popcorn (easy butter) and box of Hot Tamales, chased down with a cherry icee. I'll feed the hens and water the garden. I'll go hang out at Montgomery Village for their free summer jazz concerts, drink fine wine and eat bruschetta. I'll peruse the stands at the farmers' market. I'll go to the Riley Store 9th Annual Art Materials Festival (their way of saying "Summer Art Sale". Make more ice cream. No dulce de leche, but whatever fresh fruit I find at the farmers' market. Read more of your fabulous posts! There you have it, my agenda for the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend to you, Chris, and sweet Mia!

Beth, please tell us you have pictures on your pillow! I just called my daughter over to show her because of the Jesus on toast comment--we had found a grilled cheese sandwich with 'Mary's face' on the internet once that sold to a casino for something like 3 million, which we found so funny. I can't believe anyone noticed.

I so love dulce de leche. addictive. And, I know this isn't news, Mia is gorgeous. She is unbelievably cute. There aren't words for how cute, really.

As for the weekend, now over, my husband and I were talking, yet again, about the magnitude of the changes brought about by having children. We're such party animals. It's hard to be home or in the car by 9p. Not to mention scheduling everything in 2 hour increments to get around the nap schedule. I should note here that party animals in our case really just means staying up late drinking lattes and walking around our favorite ancient city. But still....

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