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So, another question, ok?

Y'all, I'm pretty embarassed to be asking this, but I was lying in bed this morning trying to take a nap while Mia was sleeping (and of course I couldn't fall asleep) and I for some reason remembered how when I was a little kid my mom always made me put toilet paper down on the seat of a public toilet before I sat on it. And then I started wondering whether I would teach Mia to do that, and then I wondered if anyone had ever really caught some horrible disease from a public toilet seat and then I wondered what other people do, so even though I am embarassed to ask about your toileting habits only one day after I asked about your dirty underwear habits, here I am and I'm doing it.

So, do you cover the seats with toilet paper? Use those paper covers they have sometimes? Hover over the seat? Hold it until you get home? What do you teach your daughters to do?

And I guess it is only fair that I go first. For me, it is case by case. When faced with a nasty, stinky bathroom I either skip it if at all possible or grab a couple paper towels and touch nothing. Places that look pretty clean, I tend to throw caution to the winds.

And you?

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if it looks clean, i tend to wipe the seat with some tp and then take a seat. if it looks questionable, i hover. if it's worst than questionable, i pray to the gods that i'll make it home before an accident occurs... ;)


I had the glorious pleasure of spending a week and a half with my neice and God-daughter. She is 3 1/2 yrs. old going on 18 (you know what I mean...)
I have been privileged to be part of her "potty training" experience, both number 1 and number 2.
I don't recall my own "p-training" but I do remember my mother always being there at the time of need.
Yes, I use toilet paper to cover the seat when the seat covers are not available. I even use paper towels if needed. (I had the honor of meeting the guy responsible for making these necessities available for us. He's worth buko $$$$$$$$$$.) I am not ashamed to share that I use public restrooms with GREAT trepidation. I advise all my young female neices not to touch the seat or anything else for that matter in the public restrooms. I have taught them to turn around while I relieve myself and ask for "privacy".
I would much rather sit on some sort of protection than try to "aim" for the center of the bowl when hovering. My legs are too short for hovering.
So I say, teach, guide, encourage and most of all don't forget the "Yay, you did it!" cheer. As it is truly a tremendous fete when that bowl is full and ready for the sweet sound of the flush....

BTW, my 3 1/2 yr. old neice, can balance on the "big toilet" using no hands, therefore, relieving Auntie Anni from having to sterilize her hands with the anti-bacterial wipes she carries, AT ALL TIMES. We do know to wash our hands before leaving the restroom. Both in public and at home.

I'll save you the treat of my underwear habits...that's between Victoria and moi... :-)

Always put the set thing on in Walmart if I have to sit. From what my wife tells me about public toilets, I am SOOOOOO glad I'm a man.


I always use tp or the covers if they're available. I considered buying some travel covers to keep in my purse for when they aren't available. Hovering makes my legs hurt. I will definitely teach Ava to "cover or hover". I forget what it is, but you can catch something from public toilets besides just the usual crap--no pun intended.

I hover, usually. If it looks really clean I'll go full force and sit, but I usually hover.

Yeah, I'd definitely say it's on a stall-by-stall basis. Sometimes I hover or hold it if it's really a gross public bathroom, other times I just chance it. Hey, what a girl does in her own stall is her own private business....and I've never caught VD yet.

If it's a clean looking bathroom, I'll just sit right on down. I live on the edge like that.

If it's an ooky bathroom (or a port-o-let, which are ALWAYS ooky), I'll hold it if at all possible. If not possible, then it's hover-time.

I can't even imagine what you'll be asking us tomorrow, but I'm finding myself bizarrely fascinated by the possibilities.

My son is a "sitter". Since he went to preschool, he is proud to balance *himself* on the potty. (I used to hold him and tell him not to touch anything.) I don't do the potty lining thing and I make sure he doesn't touch his face. Then it's wash, wash, wash, wash, wash, wash, wash, wash those hands at the sink. That's another story, getting each hand washed because after one hand gets washed, he touches the sink which is usually covered with watery slime. Ewww to that, too. Wash, wash, wash some more. Wash, wash.

Mainly, we potty before we leave and take only short trips to town.

Either skip, or cover with toilet paper and hover.

Beth, thank you for asking this burning question that I too have always wondered, but was to embarassed to ask. Now that I see there are others that employ my bathroom techniques I feel much better.

I'm in the "case by case" crowd. If it looks clean & I'm feeling lazy I just take a seat. If it's just ok I employ the TP safety layer or hover. But, if it is GROSS I hold it or if that isn't an option I definitely hover.

number 1: always, always hover. always.
number 2: two of those seat covers.
(number 2 is nulled if the restroom is particularly nasty.)

I was wondering myself what I was going to teach. My mom taught me to sit on my hands - I'm not sure what this accomplished. When I was old enough to balance, I hovered. These days, especially with baby in tow, I sit if it looks clean. I am of the opinion that I can catch more from the sink than from the toilet seat.

I use 3 or 4 sheets of toilet seat covers.

p.s. sometimes i even hover at peoples' houses who i don't know very well (i.e. a party) or whose toilets are particular funky.

I never use the paper things. I've heard stories of my mom's work bathroom where some women just leave them there, pee-soaked and all. Gross. I usually wipe the seat before I sit down though.

I'm the same way as you. I rarely use the paper covers, because truly? If they provide them for you, they are generally not the places that NEED them, if you know what I mean. I try to avoid public restrooms altogether if I can. If not, I tend to hover.

My mom taught me to use toilet paper, but I've since stopped. Supposedly it doesn't protect you and there's really not much you can actually "catch" from a toilet seat. The thing that pisses me off is when the last person in there was a hover-er and sprayed the seat. If you're going to hover, take pity on those of us who don't (short legs, you know) and wipe off your pee. Not that I have strong feelings or anything.

I always use tp or the cover if available - but this is also relevant to a little boy because it is my understanding (I have not yet begun the potty training on my little one) - but here's the thing - you have to start with them sitting down to! Gah!

Wipe seat with TP. Sit down. Shower regularly. Open doors with paper towel in hand. ALWAYS WASH HANDS. TWICE.

Avoid disgusting woman at work who you hear in the next stall every morning, but who NEVER EVER EVER EVER WASHES HER HANDS!!! Touch nothing she touches.

case by case for me; but in truly public restrooms, I'll always use the seat covers if they are available. I only do the toilet paper thing when seat covers aren't available and the seat looks gross; I usually hover in those instances, too. I'm not gonna hold it because that can cause more problems in the long run.

In places like my office where the facilities are pretty clean -- the janitor comes at lunch *and* at the end of the day -- I take my chances and have a seat.

I'll probably teach my child to use the seat covers and/or break out the toilet paper. My husband won't give it a second's thought, so my lessons will probably be moot anyway.

I just wipe it with TP. And then I sit right on it. And then I wash my hands when I am all done.

I have to agree with some of the earlier commenters - I'm glad you have the guts to ask the questions that no one dares to ask!

I am also a case-by-case basis kind of gal. I tend to use toilet paper on the rim instead of the toilet seat covers just because I'm always afraid the covers will clog the toilet and then I'd be completely embarrassed.

heres my beef with public restrooms...if we were all a little neater and pretended those bathrooms were in our own home they wouldnt end up being soooo NASTY!!! you wouldnt leave pee all over the seat at home and you would FLUSH the toilet too!!(unless you have an im sure if we all used a little curtesy for the next in line it would make a womans life easier!! as to answer your question...i wipe and sit!

I always cover with a paper seat or toilet paper. My girls both do it, too. It takes just a few seconds and it's worth it not to sit directly where some stranger just put their bare butt.

I'm not a cover'er. I wipe the seat w/ tp and go on with it. If it looks questionable I hold it.

Is that bad?

I'm a case by case kinda gal. But for my daughters (ages 6 and 3) I wipe the seat with a baby wipe and then sit them sideways---that little separtation in the front seems, to me, to be a total germ trap and totally creeps me out. Then I squat next to them and have them hold on to me for balance (not so much the 6 year old anymore). That's for unexpected public restroom use, like while running errands.

For travel, I bring their padded potty seat with us. Yeah, I'm a wee bit neurotic, but, most of the comments I get from fellow rest area patrons are pretty positive, and besides, I don't care what anyone thinks---we are talking about my kids bottoms!!

We only use public bathrooms only when it's an emergency and there's no way around it. I usually make sure the toilet looks good and sit her way back on it. My daughter's 6 so I've told her how dirty bathrooms are and why I flush with my foot and open the door with a paper towel. If she touches the door at all after washing her hands, I make her rewash them.

Public bathrooms are the worse. I would rather try and make it home. If that is not possible I find the cleanest bathroom available and touch nothing. I use to make sure their were always toilet covers and such, but soon realized in my one of the many bio labs in college, germs are still going to get through. You would have to have a pile that is about 4 inches thick (Although many restrooms now have the self sanitizing seat).

I wipe it down and sit. IMO, hover-ers are, in a lot of cases, the reason the toilets get so nasty in the first place! How else is pee going to get all over the seat??

I ALWAYS hover over any public restroom. I don't want someone else's butt germs.

For someone as OCD as I am, I am remarkably lax in the public bathroom department. I sit.


Butt skin is skin. I'm not afraid. IF there is piddle on the seat I wipe it off. Very rarely I will hover and that is in extreme cases, but it works the quads so I'm killing two birds with one stone.

Thats my story. Am I a dirty dirty girl?

Live dangerously, unless it's gross then hover.

More importantly... I'm absolutely aghast at the number of women who don't properly wash their hands after going to the bathroom! Wash front and back and between, and sing the happy birthday song to yourself while doing it (so you' know you've washed enough. Oh, and NEVER use the hand dryers... they just spread whatever's in the air (say from flushes) onto your hands. Yay purell.

Even though studies repeatedly show that catching anything from a toilet seat is practically impossible (so long as it's dry and you have no open sore on your butt/legs), I am a seat-coverer. I use the ready-made ones in they have them; if not, I cover with toilet paper. I also flush with my foot, and turn the faucet off and open the door with a paper towel.

I'm a case-by-case girl, myself. I really am not that concerned with 'catching' something from the toilet seat. If it's SO repulsive, I'll just wait...I think the sinks are generally much nastier than the toilets. And washing hands is a necessity. If there's no soap then I use my hand-gel in my purse. Easy peasy. I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to bathrooms. Camping a lot will do that to you.

eh,,, mostly, it;s caution to the wind... dirty? i hold

eh,,, mostly, it;s caution to the wind... dirty? i hold

If it looks sketchy, I hover. I find it to be a super workout for my legs and butt.

I just sit.

And I second the request to all of those who hover to PLEASE clean up after yourself when you hit the seat!


Fascinating reading. I ALWAYS wipe down with toilet paper, then take a seat. I'll hover only if it looks particularly disgusting or if, as is often the case here in France, you're looking at a cold ceramic kiss on the bare butt because there is no actual seat.

If it looks clean I use it, no stupid wrapper deal. If it is gross, I skip it or in dire emergencies, I use the wrapped deal, although I always then almost pee on myself. I haven't tried it with Maya. I probably won't. Washing hands is the best thing anyways. They do say, a water fountain has more germs than a toilet seat. I know you can catch things. But you can catch things anywhere. I don't worry about it. I've never been one to catch weird toilet germs either. ;)

Skin is skin, and meh. So I'm generally pretty easy going. If it looks nasty, though, it's definitely hover-time. And I second the "happy-birthday" thing. I think that's most important. :-)

I don't bother with TP over the seat if it's a nice bathroom. For that matter, I don't bother if it's NOT a nice bathroom. I don't eat off my ass, so it's pretty safe to say that if I wash my hands, I'll be okay. My aunt and grandmother swear by hovering, but I'm afraid I'll fall :)

I'm with the daring crowd. If it looks clean, I just sit. If it's a trifle icky, I wipe with TP and then sit. (And I always wipe that part in the front where the seat splits) If it's scary and I really have to go - holding is just a bad option as I have the world's smallest bladder - I wipe, the cover with TP. Always wash hands, but I don't do the whole grab the knobs and handles with a paper towel thing. I don't wipe off the handle of my grocery cart either. I'm a germ rebel. Bring 'em on!

I am a total germ freak. I wouldnt use it unless I put the TP on there. I have gone so far to even do that at some peoples houses if I didnt know them so well. Its not really that I am afraid I will catch someone but just the thought that someone probably peed on it or I dont know some people can be very unhygenic...ok I am just a freak!

P.S. I can not hover for the life of me and I really think its the reason we all have to use the covers. I think the only people that get pee on the toliet seat most of the time are the people that else would the pee get on there???

I've done all three, but I tend to favor hovering. Good for the environment, good for the thigh muscles. Since most kids learn by example, I'm sure Kyra will be as much as a germaphope as me (which may or may not be a good thing). What's hard is when Mia is a walker, you may opt not to bring a stroller sometimes. Then she'll have to accompany you to the bathroom, and you'll have to juggle going to the bathroom with stopping her from sitting on the floor or touching anything. Okay, that wasn't cool. Now I just gave you something else to worry about. Sorry:(

I am seemingly endowed with magical bowels and bladder which usually only need to be taken care of at home. I give thanks to sweet sweet Jesus for this. I am also male, which further reduces my chances of toilet-touchage by 50%. Sorry.

However, on the off chance that I do have to go, and I'm not comfortably ensconced in my own house, I usually do the paper thing, unless I *really* need to go. I only actually started doing this fairly recently, within the year. Apparently you can get some STDs and junk from toilet seats, since some of the germs can live for a while on hard surfaces outside the human body. Of course, this is very rare, but I don't like playing Russian Roulette on a regular basis, even if the gun has 1600 cylinders.

i usually hover. if i really gotta go and am too buzzed for hovering i just sit. if it is icky looking and i gotta go and can't get the strength to balance i will put tp down...bc/ those covers suck!!! i never use em. and most importantly i wash my hands, who doesn't?...and i wash my a#s too, so i am not overly worried. i only hold it if all the toilets are backed up or something. i say put tp down while she is little and teach her that one and as she gets older she can learn to hover and whatnot. oh yeah and don't forget to use your foot to flush cuz we all no what people do to the handles!! lol. people who wipe themselves with their hands use em! heee, just jokin!

I'm just like you, Beth.

I try to avoid public restrooms as often as I can, but, when I can't, I Never EVER just sit. either seat covers or hover (good for the quads). Or sometimes both. Or multiple seat covers. I don't particularly like the idea of sharing everybody's butt cooties....

I did not read all of your comments here, but here is my input.

When I was in my microbiology class in college, we went around and swabbed a bajillion places in the school, and then plated them, incubated and took a peek at what grew.

We all guessed that the toilet seats would be the worst. They were WAY NOT the worst. The worst two offenders were the bubblers (right where the water comes out) and the elevator buttons. eww.

I don't worry about public toilets unless they are super scuzzy.

i personally try my hardest to avoid the public toilet. if i must - i cover the seat with toilet paper - usually thrice over and then hover as best as i can.
having a 5-year-old and 3-year-old makes avoidance tougher. they can't hold it until they get home. so, yes, we cover the seat. the two sides and the little bit in the front. and then i hold them over the toilet the best i can. it's a terrible, terrible thing the public bathroom...

I think I have a little OCD around this...But here's what I do...:

First, I wipe the toilet seat with a bundle of toilet paper (enough so that my hands can't possibly touch the seat). Then, I put toilet paper down (3 pieces so that the whole thing's covered). Then, I put both hands on the toilet paper that's on the seat (palms down). Then, I sit on the back of my hands....Then, I flush the toilet with my foot and wash the fuck out of my hands at the sink. Sorry you asked? ;)

What will I teach Joey to do? I'll probably by some of those disposable toilet-seat covers they have at Babies R Us.

By the way, I gave you a shout-out on (one of my) post(s) today. Had to--because it was a meme about "Pretend Celebrity Boyfriends"...!

For myself, it depends on the seat. Sometimes hover, sometimes TP and if it looks REALLY clean, I'll just use it.

For my 4 year old though, I feather her nest every time for a few reasons. #1 Ugh! The touching! She holds on despite our family viewing of "Outbreak", despite me gagging and dousing her hands in gin afterward. #2 What if I miss some rogue pubic hair or something. Some things that would skeeve me out on myself are absolutely, obscenely wrong if I find I have subjected my daughter to it. #3 She is little and while I can kind of straddle the cleanest parts of a seat, her little legs fold right into that part of the seat unprotected by the top seat (know which part I mean?) and even her little cheeks sag into the center of the bowl.

The bad part of all of this? She now tries to TP the seats at my mother's house. That doesn't go over well.

Addendum: flush with the feet. ALWAYS flush with the feet. Its the funnest part when you are 4.

The joy of having a boy, I taught him to stand on the toilet in a public restroom since he was too short to reach otherwise.

When my daughter starts PT we will find out how I will train her. Thus far, I have no idea.

Me, I am exactly the same as you, when it comes to restrooms.

I am so glad this topic is finally being brought out of the stall and into the light!

A) Avoid public bathrooms at all costs.

B) Hover unless I can't possibly do it for as long as I need. Ahem.

C) If I must sit, I ALWAYS wipe the seat with tp.

I'm not big on those paper covers. They rarely have them so I've learned not to depend on 'em.

I'm not a mom so I don't know what to do with kiddos.

Once, I was in a public bathroom in the stall. I heard a mom and a little girl come in and the little girl says "mommy, who will hold me up?" LOL, I thought "hey, I'm not the only one who hovers!"

Sorry for the multiple comments but I just finished reading everyone else's. I am so surprised how many people wipe the seat first. I wonder if that is a dry seat or a seat with obvious um, drippage. For me, if there is something there to wipe, I am not even considering it as an option. Too fresh. I like to imagine any germs that HAD been on the seat I am thinking about using died of old age and that the seat is practically sterile by the time I get there. I like to imagine impossible things.

I grew up in the deep south where using a public toilet was just NOT an option. I'm not sure now what my survival tactics were (total repression!) but as an adult I moved to Germany where you pay (usually voluntarily) to use a public toilet but they have full time toilet attendants who clean the toilets after every use. I am so grateful that this career option exists here that I usually leave a Euro instead of the suggested 30 cents. France? At least in Paris back to NOT an option unless there is a Mc Donald's in the vicinity.

I'm ashamed to admit that unless the place is a pigsty I don't worry about it.

What does tick me off if the number of women who use the paper seat cover and leave it there.

Definitely lay the paper!

For the #1 business, i hover. But for the #2 business, i wipe the seat with a lot of TP, then lay a layer of TP on the seat before i have to sit on it. My sister lays TP even when she hovers, but i think tha's wasting a natural resource. It's not being a clean-freak, more like a precaution. BUtt germs are just too disgusting for words.

I don't have the leg power or the aim to hover. I use toilet paper to line the whole toilet and that is what I have taught my daugther. And now you know something about me that I don't think even my husband knows. Hmmm...

Only if it's really gross.

I have twins. I don't have time to be anal.

Wow, these comments are enlightening!! Personally, I use a lot of public restrooms because I tend to pee A LOT. Anyway, I just sit my freaking butt on the seat and pee. I guarantee you get as many germs from touching a doorknob as you do from a toilet seat - think about it, people who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom or little kids who scratch themselves and then open the door ...
Also, I HATE sitting on wet toilet seats! It drives me crazy to enter a stall and find some lady's pee all over the place. I'm always wondering, who the hell does this and how does it happen?!? Now I know - the ones who "hover" do this to me. Their urine sprays everywhere because they squat above the toilet and now I'm the one who gets to sit in it.
Thanks, jerks. Just sit on the stupid seat like a human.

What a COOL question!

Places that are questionable...I hover.

Places that really look like they are clean or I know they are clean (like at work and in some nicer restaurants) I also throw caution to the wind.

I think I'll be doing the toilet paper thing with my daughter though. You can never be too cautious with things like that for kids.

You've been TAGGED, my friend!!!

I just don't sit on the potty, I hover, lol.

Before I was pregnant (funny how many stories start like that now) I had an irrational (?) fear of The Public Restroom and would avoid going in one at all costs. When I became knocked up and had to pee every 5 minutes I had no choice but to use one. If there was no toilet-cover thingy I'd use squares of t.p. Now, before I go I look into each stall to be sure there is an adequate supply of paper thingys. If not, I will quietly freak out and try the hover method, which actually does nothing but make a mess.
I am glad the Internets knows of my bathrooming habits.

I cover the toilet with TP unless there are those paper toilet covers handy. I also hover - it's good for strengthening the thighs while you're taking care of business.

I always cover or hover. There's no way I'd ever sit down without covering the seat, it just grosses me out.

I will never go on a black toilet seat - odd I know but every so often you encounter them. Even with TP on it I just think the blackness can hide stuff (and 'stuff' makes me squirm).

Seats that have been pee'd on are out, but when I see a clean one, I wipe thoroughly with TP and depending on the state of the seat (cracked, peeling, discoloured etc..) lay some TP to sit on. If it's in pretty good nick I just plop myself down.

Although, I find it interesting that you guys have a gap in the front of your seats - I've never encountered one in Oz or NZ, they've always been a full seat.

I've been told you can catch Hepatitus (not sure if it is A or B) from the bathroom. I'm a hoverer, even though I am 5'2". I am not sure what all those other shorties are talking about. My mother taught me that is was better to hover, and to always carry anti-bacterial stuff or wash, wash, wash and you must use papertowels to turn off the water and open the door!

Enjoy the weekend!

In California, the only public restrooms that don't carryu those seat covers are either really questionable or really upscale. Everyplace else has them. I've heard, though, that it's really hard to catch something from a toilet seat, the seats are actually cleaner than the handles on the stall doors.

I actually saw a show where they took swabs off peoples hands, butts, faces, and public toilet seats to answer the very question you are asking. The results, the human hand that you sometimes shake has ten times the bacteria on it than a public toilet seat. They said to go ahead and have a seat, The ass is the cleanest part of our bodies.

While all the other commenters so far have remained passive (laying paper, hovering, wiping with TP, etc) - even though I'm a guy, I've always been rather proactive. If the public bathroom seat is nasty (and I know I can hold it) - then I will go find a member of management. Once found, I place a polite demand that the bathroom, starting with that stall, will be cleaned within the next 5 minutes. I did this two days ago when a Toys-R-Us changing table was nasty - the ~24yo manager was in there himself cleaning it top to bottom within a few minutes of my conversation with him. And then yesterday, I went to a Borders in Boston ... while one would expect a fairly normal store-bathroom level of cleanliness ... in this case, it was just bad ... TP everywhere, a smell of urine throughout, etc. ... luckily I just had to go #1, so I didn't have to touch much ... but after I was done with that urgent need, I had a staff member get me a manager. Though he assured me that the bathrooms are cleaner hourly, I had him accompany me back to the bathroom to inspect it. When presented with the evidence, he sincerly apologized, and assured me that it would be addressed immediately.

So - remember, you don't need to put up with lousy service (or cleanliness) ... if it doesn't meet your standards, seek out a manager and demand that it be cleaned for you. I've never had a manager refuse my request ... even if I did need to politely remind him and those other customers nearby that it would be an aweful shame if the health department needed to be called in. As long as your not in that much of a rush - it can even be down right enjoyable.

I think I read or heard somewhere once that the cleanest part of a ladies bathroom is actually the toilet seat because women never sit on it they just hover. Although when I was young my mom did teach me the toilet paper trick, now they sell disposable toilet covers for kids you can buy in the stores.

Did your mom also teach you to flush with your foot so as not to touch the toilet flusher handle?!

If it is iffy...hover it baby. If it is ok I use the toilet seat covers (which I carry with me) and yes I taught my kids the same thing! Only I wipe the seat of any splashes if I hover!!! Let be nice for the next person!

I actually have a rating system...4 rolls is awesome 1 is really bad and say pass! I so try to remember where the 4s are! But I have IBS so it is important to know where all the good bathrooms are! Snort!

I brace my hands on either side of the stall..normally with tp and generally squat..then when my thighs are shaking uncontrollably, I try not to pee myself while I wipe. Doesn't work very well for me, but I think the worse you can get from a toliet seat is Hepatitis A...really you'll only get it if you are in Mexico or some place like that. Or in my case...Panama (No I don't have it, but same hygene exists here too, scuzzy!!!)

Good question Beth.
I sit right down and I've never caught any sickness through my booty skin. My Mother never mentioned about hovering, covering or sitting on my hands (that's new to me). I am an OCD hands washer and then super careful about what I touch on my way out.

Ok, I have to admit that I'm really cautious when it comes to public restrooms. Not only do I cover and hover each and every time, I also use a little piece of tp to open and close the stall door. Oh, I also flush first...just in case!

Do all of those who flush with their feet realize that they're adding germs to the toilet handle that will then be touched by those who don't flush with their feet, which will then be transferred to faucets and doors and other areas that everyone touches with their hands? Just a thought.

I do exactly the same as you :)

I do exactly the same as you :)

Case by Case here too! You just never know. We were out yesterday and they actually had cleansing wipes in the bathroom to clean off the seat. I asked the kids to use them before sitting down. I have placed toilet paper down, I've hovered, and I plan to teach them how to do that.. (their feet barely touch the ground right now, so its not an option..) But I always under EVERY circumstance in a public bathroom, use my foot to flush! This I have taught the girls as well.
I think this all falls in the category, what every women needs to learn.

Case by Case here too! You just never know. We were out yesterday and they actually had cleansing wipes in the bathroom to clean off the seat. I asked the kids to use them before sitting down. I have placed toilet paper down, I've hovered, and I plan to teach them how to do that.. (their feet barely touch the ground right now, so its not an option..) But I always under EVERY circumstance in a public bathroom, use my foot to flush! This I have taught the girls as well.
I think this all falls in the category, what every women needs to learn.

oh gees. the only way to catch something on a toilet seat is if the previous woman, seconds before you, has rubbed her LABIA all over the seat and you run in and rub your own labia on the seat. otherwise, people, calm down. oh, and all the hoverers out there should learn to wipe. cause i don't like sitting in some hoverer's (perfectly sterile, as all urine) pee!

You are too freakin' funny.

I'm pretty much in line with you. If it's questionable I employ the hover. If not, I sit. If it's super scary? I'll suck it up and go (hey, sometimes you don't have the option of running home) but I will hover, try to touch nothing, wash my hands, and followup with Purell.

I use the seat protectors, most of the time. If the bathroom is really bad, I hover or wait. But when ya gotta go...

The main thing I do and have taught my kids to do: WASH hands. Turn on water, get soap, scrub, rinse (leave water running, ok so sue me) get 2 towels. One is for drying hands, the other is for turning off the faucet and opening the door. Under NO circumstances, touch anything after washing!

Yeah, I guess I am a bit paranoid...

(Apologies--I didn't take the time to read all comments.)

Firstly, I'm with you, Beth. Most toilets are just fine for my ass, thankyouverymuch. But every girl has her limits.

Secondly, I want to take a moment to spout off about something that has been bothering me for a long time: hoverers ruin it for everyone! Hovering is nasty, and there wouldn't be pee all over the seat if you'd just sit down. You hoverers make it so every person after you has to hover. Gross. Skin is a miraculous organ and it was made to keep nasty germs out of your system. Unless you are in the habit of touching your mouth to your bare ass, in all likelihood, you will not get sick from the seat. You will, however, get sick from touching the seat while you carefully put shredded toilet paper over it, or catch yourself from falling because you can't hover. And please please please wash your hand thoroughly! Hands carry germs and you put your hands to your mouth all the time. Forget about your ass! Only worry about your hands!

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