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Hi. This blog sucks.

No, no, don't bother trying to be nice and tell me it doesn't because you would be lying. This blog sucks. But you see, Chris has been off work this week and it has been great because we have been doing fun things and he has gotten to spend so much time with Mia (who is going to be a holy terror on Monday when she wakes up and Daddy isn't here), but somehow it also means that I have much less time to myself to do things like clean the bathrooms and do laundry. Ha-ha, we all know I never do that because I spend all my free time with my friend the internet, but I just haven't had as much time for it this week.

So, sorry about that, and I promise I will try extra hard to come up with some actual content next week (I know! What a concept!) and in the meantime, here's a picture of my beautiful kid.

Yes, she does have her own keyboard and mouse.

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Look at her! A bloggin' prodigy!!! :)

The keyboard and mouse are cordless? Lucky kid.

aaah. She's a cutie pie.
I love that dress.
I WANT SOMEONE TO PUT DRESSES ON! Chris has totally stopped playing along.

We had to scrounge up an old keyboard and mouse for Madeline too, it was easier than having her up on my lap screwing up everything I was doing on the computer. They sure love those keys (she also ripped a key off of Mr. JuJu's laptop) Future techno geeks???

No fair bribing us with Mia cuteness!! No fair!

Cute - and what a great idea - just like Mommy and Daddy.

Nope- your blog doesn't suck. How could it? WIth all the baby cuteness. :)

does she put them in her mouth?

Ok, your blog sucks... but you're forgiven since you posted pictures of the world's most beautiful baby. (I can honestly say this, since my 'baby' is 6. So I have the world's handsomest 6 yo. :)

Your blog does not suck to the extent that mine does! And Mia is overwhelmingly cute.

You dont suck and niether does your blog. I wouldnt post at all if my hubby was home. Mia ia cute as usual and G always had her own keyboard and mouse but somehow it was nowhere near as interesting as mine.

What? You'd rather *gasp* spend time with your family, than with the Internet? Crazy talk.

B's happiness with her own personal keyboard and mouse lasted only until she realized that Mommy's and Daddy's made things happen on the monitor, and hers didn't.

I can really see you in her in that picture. Adorable - I love her dress & her hair!

What a cute dress! You have the right idea though, get her started with her blog early. By the way, her blog doesn't have any new pictures! :)

She's gotta earn her keep somehow, right? Can't just have her sitting around. That wouldn't be fair.

Your blog soooo does not suck! Great that you're busy with all that other life stuff. :)



Beautiful little cherub! And *such* a cute dress...
Your blog doesn't suck. Obviously, we wouldn't keep coming back if it did. So there. :-P

That will only work until she realizes what an Elmo game is for the computer. Then she will want a real one.

On the vacation thing, at least you guys are posting. Most people just dissapear for a week.

Is it just my monitor or did Mia shoot up about 6 inches since yesterday? She looks tall and about 12 years old and glamorous in that lovely dress with her hair all slicked back. I don't know how you and Chris feel about gun ownership ('though I can guess) but you might want to lock all the doors and windows to keep the WTNs away from her, not to mention everybody else who isn't related. (And maybe even some of them.)

P.S. Hi. Your blog has been better, but I still love you and hope you've had a great vacation week with Chris.

Shut up, it doesn't fact I came here in search of zoo pics from the other day because I didn't see any over at the Cactus' place and look...down there below, ZOO PICS. This blog delivers! Don't you fret. ;)

OK, I've been hoome for an entire month and barely mannage to post once a week. You SO don't suck. At least compared to me, which is all that matters :)

You are DAMN right she has her own keyboard and mouse. You'll sure as shit have her setup with an actual computer as well... you know when she can get the one hand mouse operation under control.

My 7-month-old has her own keyboard too. And calculator. When I take her to work, they say "What have you done to her? Her favorite toys are OFFICE SUPPLIES!"

Eh. It could be worse.

I was looking at her picture on the post compared to the one on the sidebar. They're both beautiful but she's growing up so fast.

As she should - have her own keyboard and mouse, of course!

So glad you've been enjoying lots of family time with Chris home, we wouldn't want it any other way!

:-) Love the dress.

Oh em gee!
who needs content and coherent sentences when you've got all that delicious cuteness.
ah..the feet. watch out...i bite!!

I just love this picture and I love the dress...adorable!!

We pulled out an old keyboard for Sophie because she was fascinated with ours. And she is adorable in that dress! I love her chubby little feet!

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