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The chase

I am determined not to turn this site into an endless recitation of the ohmygodsocute thing Mia just did, and nobody will care about this one other than me, so feel free to skip it and come back tomorrow. However, since you have been warned, I don't want to hear a peep about how boring it is to talk about the ohmygodsocute thing Mia just did.

One of Mia's favorite games is to chase me around and around the center island in the kitchen. She loves to peek around the corner and find me and have me yell boo, and then she breaks into her superfly crawl until she gets to the next corner and peeks around and finds me and says boo. She also loves that on one of the long ends she can see my reflection in the oven and we can wave at each other. She'll happily do this for days at a time. Once every 80 or 90 laps, I turn around and sneak up behind her and boo her from there. Never fails to win me gales of giggles.

Today, she figured out what I was doing, and every once in a while she would turn around and sneak up behind me and smack me on the butt.

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? God I love this kid.

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that's fantastic. she's awesome that little girl of yours :)

Awwww, yay!

It's so much fun watching them figure things like that out.

We still get a lot of mileage out of playing "surprise tag". When we get tired of chasing her, we hide, but sometimes it's behind the entertainment center, sometimes it's behind the big chair, and sometimes it's in the kitchen, so she's never totally sure. If you're fast, you can usually still get at least one good shriek out of her when you jump out and yell "boo!"

Each one of the girls has loved the oven door. They'd admire themselves much of the day.

The two little ones would chase each other around the table. Rochelle was a late walker so I had two crawling for a little while.

We used to chase Ally around, but every once in a while, we'd have to stop and figure out who was chasing whom. She'd switch without warning.

You're starting that wonderful stage where they surprise the crap out of you - oh about every 5 minutes - with how much they've learned and where did they learn all that stuff anyway? It's great

THAT made me smile! Ohmygodsocute!! It made me giddy.

Beth said: "Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? God I love this kid."

And, may I be one of the first to say "I told you so!"? =P I know, when you were preggers, we were all telling you how much you were going to love that baby (like more than life itself) and I know you didn't quite believe us or understand (because it's impossible to imagine it!) but I am happy that we were right! It is totally impossible to top that feeling - not even Clive Owen could manage to make us feel that good! You know? Anyway. Yay!

I love the ohmygodsocute stories! Especially about the internets most beautiful baby!

As a fellow ohmygodsocute blogging Mom...who cares. Just keep it up! Mia is going to get such a hoot when reading this 20 years from now...and you and Chris even more so!!
Oh and yea...she is so very cute!!!

I love her too. Stop it, or I am just going to cave and have another one.

Dude - I am a fan of the "ohmygodsocute thing" posts so keep 'em coming.

we play a similar game of chase in my house as well. He will run down the hall and wait for someone (or even the dog) to come find him and he laughs hysterically everytime, then he chases you out and starts all over. its fun, but it gets tiring. ;)

Thanks for making my night such a nice one now. I was sitting here feeling all sorry for myself due to all the forced labor and your Mia story made me smile. Thank you again!

She is such a smarty pants! And so beautiful!

Sam loves to chase me up the stairs or from room to room and 'find' me. The giggles are the best part. And if the giggles are coming from that sweet baby girl face, what isn't to love?

And what a wonderful way to get a bit of exercise.
Kids are great.

ohmygodsocute!!! Seriously, I had an "awwww!" moment there.

For some reason, Bennett gives a huge belly laugh when you say "birthday party!" in a sing-song voice. every.single.time. I did it about 5 times in a row last night just because I wanted to hear his laugh. He laughs even harder when you say "birthday poopy!" I have no idea why.

I think I'm in trouble when he becomes mobile.

Aww... my kids don't do that any more... can I come play peekaboo with Mia? You know, on the days that you just wanna sit and watch and enjoy the giggles.

That's flippin' adorable!

Oooooohhhh!!! I love this post and posts like this. She is so adorable! And, that's sooo funny! Oy, what a cutie!

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