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We came, we saw, we zooed

Mia and the elephants. Oh, and me.

Eating cheerios and watching the sea lions.

Just, hey, look at my beautiful kid.

Again, Chris took the pictures, but I carried the backpack.

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The cuteness!! The bonnet!! The cheeks!! The cute bonnet covered cheeky one makes me happy, shes so adorable!

I'm glad you all had such a good time. And no screaming due to the sea lions! An instant success :-)

Wonderful pictures - and the one on the bottom is a prize winner.

OMG, yes, the cheeks! Hello, beautiful!

I haven't worn white in 10 years!!
You child must be the mesiah.

(love the the zoo)

You probably hear this to ad nauseum, but she is your clone!


Geez. I've never wanted to squish a kid's cheecks before, but something about your kid and her puffy little cheecks - they're just so cute!!

She looks like a fluffy little doll, like she couldn't even be real!

Ahh the sunhat!! Love it!! I remember Cheerios! Good tip on the first year foods..thanks MRs. RC!

Too cute.
Was Mia mesmerized by the animals?

Oh! So! Cute! I think my ovaries may have exploded. Pardon the mess...

I was there a couple of weeks ago and I swear all of the animals saw me and ran to take their naps. :(


Ahh...where did you get that cute outfit she has on??? You and I have the same taste in baby clothes. Super cute!

That child is so beautiful I just literally died from the visual awesomeness, then came back to life long enough to type this comment.

I love the hat. Also, I love the drool. So funny what you miss when they get bigger.

EEEE! Her little hat! What a cutie patootie!

I love the National Zoo. I especially love that it's always open and free! But that's neither here nor there. Look at the cuteness! Just awesome as always.

Hey, not to detract from the unbearable cuteness of Mia, but look how long your hair is! I love it!

Gorgeous BABY!!! oh and Love the shades!!!

Oy, her pudge is too cute! Looks like you had a great day. And, great days with our babies are amazing, aren't they? Who knew great days could be this great...!?

She is lovely and adorable, especially in the HAT! She is one lucky kid that her daddy takes such great photos. And hey, you're really good at carrying the backpack...

She is so sweet!

I remember Ian at the zoo at that age. He showed absolutely no interest in the animals, only in the people walking by.

She is so adorable.
I don't even want kids, and every time I come here and see pictures of the unbearably cute Mia I feel all broody...

Glad she enjoyed both the pool and the zoo.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Carrying the backpack is the most important job of all. ;)

She's freakin' adorable.

How do you not spend every waking moment just gobbling up those cheeks???? If that poor child were left in my chair she would go hungry and unchanged because I would be too busy gobbling up those cheeks! This is why I have a cat instead of a baby!

Great pics! and yeah, someone has to carry the backpack.

I think I'm overdue for a trip to the National Zoo. I went to the City Zoo a little bit ago, and it was ok, but not great.

Glad you all had fun.

I love the bonnet. And if nobody carries the backpack, then there aren't any Cheerios to eat.

Weirdness, but... Anyone ever tell you that when you smile like you do in the first photo, you look a little like Sarah Michelle Gellar but without the lumpy face?

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