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What I should have said

He said: What's for dinner?
I said: Pasta primavera.
He said: Oh, that's the good one that I like, right?
I should have said: No, it's the crappy one that you hate. I'm feeling passive-aggressive today.
I really said: Yup.

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I almost always think of these a half an hour after they should have been snapped out.

I smell a recurring blog feature!

Yeah, you totally should have. If only you were actually evil instead of just thinking about being evil.

Well, I actually say those kind of things (good one by the way) does that make you better than me, or vice versa???? :) AHAHHAHAHA!

been there many times my dear, I think a list of "should have saids" could be developed into a manual of some sort . . .

Don't you love these moments? I'm betting either answer would have flown at your house.

Seriously, you must tell me how you did that - how you said 'yup' like that... I must posess this power...

My problem is letting the things fly out of my mouth and then wishing I hadn't.

Ray is wonderful but he and I don't share the same sense of humor. He's much too literal (or I'm not literal enough).

He would have believed I was serving up crap for dinner and said Oh, okay - whatever you do is fine with me.

No fun there.

Yep, you need a day off! LOL

When he said whats for dinner... you could have said, what ever you decide to make;)

I kinda knew it was a dumb statement when it came out of my mouth.

I always get the good one-liners hours later. But they're never as good as your shining brilliance, of course. ;-)


My passive aggression is making the man fat.

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