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Yet another helpful tip from Beth

If you have a young child and if you decide to take said young child swimming in a public pool, I strongly recommend that you wear a bathing suit with a very secure, tight-fitting top, just in case the child in question decided to grab hold and give a good yank.

Meanwhile, I have got to stop flashing my boobs around town. People are going to start to talk.

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as long as they're saying, "God! that bitch has some fabulous boobage!"


LOL. Boy 2 used to think that was hilarious, mostly from my scrambling to untangle my boobs from around my knees and hike 'em back into my suit.

start? girl please. they're already talking about it. i thought you knew that a forum had been set up. the boob threads are just slightly less popular than the discussions about your "smoking ass."

(Dang, Patricia beat me to it.) Dude, it is way too late: the talking started eons ago. Accept the fact that your boobs are a matter of public record by now and move on. It's not automatically a bad thing ....

taking notes!

Hey, at least it wasn't the bottoms. :-)

hehehe... that's classic. :)

As long as no one is shouting, "SHOW US YER BOOBS!" at the pool, you're golden.

They might even start flashing pictures! You know, you could be the next big internet spot, or forwarded email with THOSE pics attached!

I believe that's an excellent "new mom" tip. Also a good tip for aunts and grandmothers who might be holding that baby in the water.

I was going to say something but I'm laughing so hard I forgot what it was.

Make it fun. Squirt some milk at 'em while they're out. Then you'll REALLY give 'em something to talk about:-)

And hey, I'm a negative A so if you got 'em might as well flaunt 'em!

and why in the hell did i use " 'em " so freaking much? i really do apologize.

Wow, thanks for the advice. I haven't braved the pool with yet (except for Florida, when Joey was too young to really grab anything)...But, if it's anything like the bathtub....

You know, if they aren't pulling the top down, they're pulling it up. Worse than fending off a high school boyfriend.

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