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And the baby is...

Shepherd! Adorable son of my friend Corinne. They came for lunch yesterday and Mia spent half the time kissing Shepherd (can you blame her?) and the other half of the time trying to smack him. At least, all the time she didn't spend gazing lovingly at Corinne wishing that Corinne was her new mommy.

And the winner is, Ali, who has already won a Cactus-Fish summer mix cd and therefore I am taking suggestions for alternate prizes.

Honorable mentions (and also cds, because I'm sweet like that) go to Betti and Jean.

Yes, yes, there were others who got it right, but I only promised a prize for the first correct answer, so my generosity already abounds. If you want a cd you will have to get one of the others to share with you, or win the next contest.

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I really love the name Shepherd. Seriously. *writing it down in my secret notebook of baby names*

And that first picture of Mia? Where she looks all smug cause there is totally a cute boy in the room? Is the best.

My God! He's adorable!

Still like Mia's munchable toes best, though.

i NEVER win anything!!!!!!!

I'm so sheltered. I had no idea. But they are just so dang cute together.

And here I thought, kissing up to the judge would at least get me an honorable mention! ROFLOL

Yay, Ali! Ali's my real life friend and blogger friend. She got me into it in the first place. She totally deserves a good prize! ;)

Your site always gives me the warm fuzzies, that picture of them playing together is just too cute.

I totally missed this contest until it was over.
but I would've guessed Suri Cruise anyway....


How about a cool photograph from Chris? He's taken some cool ones -- and photoshopped some cool things as well.

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