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Because really, what's more exciting than poetry

I love you guys! That had to be, bar none, the best collection of cricket carcass poetry ever assembled in one place. I'm also going to go out on a limb and say I feel sure it was the first cricket carcass sonnet writing contest in the history of the internet. And YOU WERE THERE. (Did anybody else watch those videos in school? The YOU WERE THERE videos? Just me? Nevermind.) I admit I was getting a little worried there when it got to be 2:00 or so and nobody had done a sonnet for me. I was afraid I was going to have to do the sonnet myself and I had spent half the morning trying to remember whether iambic feet were dum DUM or DUM dum. (dum DUM, right?) Well ok, I really spent half the morning chopping down the weed jungle that had taken over the side of my house, but while I was doing that I was thinking dum DUM? DUM dum? dum DUM?

Anyway, we did have a couple of sonneteers after all. Many thanks to not-Benjamin, Sheryl and Hannah for their smooth sonnet stylings. Honorable mention goes to Elaine for her entry which captured the essence of bad teenage angst-ridden cricket carcass poetry. Since you guys never want to make out with me you will all be receiving the latest and greatest Cactus-Fish mix cd instead, just as soon as you send me your addresses (give or take a couple of weeks). Also, I think some of you already have the last cd we sent out, but rest assured that this is a new and exciting cd prize extravaganza and also maybe you should send me your address again because I can't be trusted to keep track of things like that.

Since you were all so kind to send me dead cricket poems, including limericks and haiku and actual real sonnets, I thought I should do something to repay your kindness or express my solidarity or... something... whatever. Anyway, I was going to write a sonnet, but then I figured it had been done. So instead, I wrote a villanelle. What's a villanelle, you are wondering? A villanelle is a royal pain in the ass, and this one is really bad, but the form is correct and it's nice and angsty so deal with it.

Gazing upon the carcass of a fallen friend
I'm at a loss for anything to say
As like a puddled raindrop you meet you end

Stronger ones than I have gone round the bend
When they have faced this grim and joyless day
Gazing upon the carcass of a fallen friend

I fear my broken heart shall never mend
I feel deep in my bones it never may
As like a puddled raindrop you meet you end

I know that you would tell me for mine own self to fend
But how am I to rise above the fray
Gazing upon the carcass of a fallen friend

My clothing, soul and mind I shall but rend
And sing your chirpy song to all who will naysay
As like a puddled raindrop you meet you end

The time to mourn has passed, I will pretend
That my step is light, my mood is gay
Gazing upon the carcass of a fallen friend
As like a puddle raindrop you meet you end

You want punctuation? Do it yourself, I'm over it.

Ok, enough about carcasses. Tomorrow is Mia's birthday and also Mia's birthday party and I am far too busy to stay here writing bad poetry with you people. (Unless you want to make out? I always have time for that.)

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So, do tell, what did you decide to do for the party? 100 people and Elmo coming?

hmm more dead bugs. Lovely.
Have fun with the party. They totally STRESS ME RIGHT THE F--K OUT.

Yippee! 1 year old. Now, you can be the expert on all things parenting for the entire 1st year. Congrats!

Happy Birthday to Mia. Tuesday is my daughter's 1st birthday. We are doing the big party tomorrow also.

Happy Birthday to my Cyber-Granddaughter, Mia! Hugs from Granny Princess!!!!
Pictures from the party!!!

Happy Birthday to Mia! Lets face it, making out with you is always a lot more interesting/fun than writing sonnets to dead crunchy things.

I have no brain capacity for poetry today after my war against viruses yesterday - followed by the battle with cable wires at home.
So, I will just wish darling Mia a happy birthday and hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

You sure are talented! Enjoy the party...And yes...loads of pictures PLEASE!

This means I've been reading your blog and Chris' blog for about a year now. Woot!

Happy, happy birthday, Mia!!! What kind of cake will be all over those cheeks of hers?

I couldn't remember dum-Dum or Dum-dum, myself. My shriveled little brain just kept giving me the ababcdcdefefgg part, which I told it was all very nice, but not what I needed. You still want to make out? Just a little bit?

Good luck getting ready for the party, I'm sure it will go swimmingly. Looking forward to Mia Monday-- The Birthday Girl Edition

Happy 1st birthday to you, Mia Bean. You're a lucky girl to have such great parents.

Happy First Birthday Mia!

Chris's post made me cry, but oh did this make me laugh!

Happy Birthday to Mia.

Can't wait for the pics of the party.

Wow. I won something? I never win anything. Not even honorable mention! I really never was good at sonnets, but teenage angst, I'm all over.

Dude! Make out!! Me!!! Me first!!! I wanted to write you a heartbreakingly beautiful poem, but so many good ones were already written before I got to it the I had to pass. *sigh*

Are you ready for this tomorrow? Do you have enough tissues? You are prepared for all the crying, right?

No sonnets by 2 and you were worried? These things take time. But I'm very excited.

And Happy Birthday Mia! I am looking forward the pictures as well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA- and congratulations on making it through the first year Beth!!
I am going to a little girls b'day tomorrow who was born on the same day!!

I totally feel your angst. That was deep man. Real deep.

And good luck with the party!

Happy birthday, Mia!

LOVE the poetry. Especially since it's about dead crickets. That just pushes it over the top for me.

Your poem...totally...makes me want to make out with you.

(Or is it perhaps because I haven't made out with anyone for a long time??)


oh yeah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA I hope your mommy gives you ice cream.

Have a wonderful time.

Liked the poem.

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