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I seem to have an extra baby in my living room

Contest time! First person to correctly identify this famous internet baby wins a prize:

No, not Mia. The other baby. This might be tough since I don't remember if I have ever mentioned that I am friends with this baby's mother "in real life" since I am still scared about that whole "meet a blogger, watch my life crumble" streak I had going for a while. Although, I have met a number of bloggers and it has been a long time since doing so has coincided with unrelated angst and gnashing of teeth, so I guess I could say the curse is broken, but I am still a little wary. Anyway, need another look?

Ok, ok. One more just since he is so cute.

That's all you get, now on with the guessing.

Comments (31)

Is it Noah, Amalah's baby?

i know! i know!
it's Shepherd, right?

my god...that's so cute.

He is so adorable! But our Mia, well, she just is the most beautiful, right?

I'm not making a guess, but I wanted to point out that Mia looks HUGE next to him. And I don't mean enormous, I mean she looks so old and big and... when did she grow up so much?

It's Noah

I would have guessed Noah from Amalah. But it has already been guessed. So I am going to say it is Britney and K-keds baby.

Oh my, Mia does look like a grown up toddler like little girl! I love her little jeans!!!

Is it mine?

I was going to guess Noah, but I thought he was bigger, and I have no idea of other bloggers you may know!! Come on - tell us who!!

I also say Noah, Amy's baby. Darn fast commenters!

I dont know but thats one heck of a cute baby! And Mia, my oh my, she looks big next to this baby. She looks so grown-up. Beth, our little girl is growing up...sniff...sniff...

I'm betting is Shepherd right? OMG, they are both so cute, but yeah, Mia looks all grown up next to him :)

It is SO NOT Noah people.

Shepherd? In any case, he's uber-cute!

I don't know who it is, but it is definitely not Noah. Whoever it is, he's a real cutie! And I love Mia's expression in that first picture.

It must be someone I am not familiar with and I thought I read all the "famous" blogs??? But I know for a fact that is not Noah. It doesnt look anything like him.

hm. I'm guessing it's NOT Noah, cuz well, it looks nothing like him, and uhh. yeah. I'm trying to think of other blogs I read that have had babies...and I'm not sure. I win, right? haha

OK everbody its for sure Shepherd over at . I dont know how I skipped over that one.

I have no idea, but OMG... that last picture is soo funny! I love those WTF looks babies give...


Shepherd! That's my guess.

Man, that's a living room full of edible baby...

He looks awfully familiar, but I know it's not Noah Storch.

It's Shepard - of Two Pink Lines!

"yesterday I had lunch with Beth and the fantabulous Mia"

Quote from: two pink lines

...but I wasn't first...oh well :)

I am guessing Noah. I assume you have met Amy since ya'll live kinda close.

That is definitly not Noah. like I know him or something! HA!

What's with all the Noah guesses? He looks nothing like Noah... and well since I don't read Two Pink Lines I didn't know who Shepard was... but I do now!

Sean Preston.
He escaped while his momma was distracted in the Cheetos aisle at the grocery store.

I don't know who he belongs to, but if no one claims him, I'll take him in. I have two boys that would be happy to show him the ropes.

wow, i know i'm late on the guessing since you announced it and i wouldn't have gotten it anyway, but holy crap they look cute as hell together. awwww...

I wouldn't have been able to guess, anyway, but did want to chime in that that's a whole lot of baby cuteness in such a small space.

I'm a day late at guessing...but I totally would have guessed right.

And I need to add that I'm totally jealous that you guys know each other in real life...two of my fave bloggers!!

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