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Mia Monday #25: Pool Toy Bandit Edition

All photos by my dad. I would ask his permission to post them, but that would mean admitting the existence of this website, and right now we are operating under a don't ask, don't tell policy. Sorry they are so grainy, if I get better copies I'll repost.

Comments (26)

They're fine and just look at miss proud as a peacock in her bonnet.

Too much cuteness.

Are you always up this early and why am I up this late?

I forgot to tell you our church kids managed to buy a llama, a water buffalo, one other odd animal and miscellaneous smaller items. Goats?

Hooray for Heifer Int'l.

She looks as though she is in her natural habitat. I really like that baby float!

Mia, Mia, Mia! How could I start my week without your pretty face?
The pictures look wonderful to me! Of course I'm the one due for eye surgery, so this may impact the way I actually see the clarity of the shots!
I love the suit and the hat! And those wonderful cheeks!
Happy Fourth of July!!!

Am I right in guessing that her imperious gesture in picture #4 was pointing to the little bucket that's in picture #5, so Her People would get it for her? Too cute, either way.

Oh, and those cheeks!

Aw, sometimes I wish I was 11 months old again, but without the teething and having to do school all over again.

She's lovely!

If you scroll the page so that picture #3 is in the center, and Mia in picture #4 is sort of out of sight, it looks like Mia in picture #3 has big feet that she is propping herself up with. It is a fun little game of optical illusion that I'm playing all by myself over here. Of course, I'm not insinuating that Mia has big man feet in real life. It's an illusion!
And, I'm pretty sure this is the day that I will be blocked from this site.

ok... the pool pictures are a must! Too cute!

ok... the pool pictures are a must! Too cute!

It just isn't a good Monday till I've gotten my weekly dose of the cuteness. That last one is just awesome. She's got work to do, damn it!

Just when I thought she couldnt possibly get more adorable!!!

Just when I thought she couldnt possibly get more adorable!!!

I love the attitude. She looks so cute.

Too cute! I'm digging the little hat :)

Oyvavoyva! So cute! And, the pointing! What's with the pointing. Joey does it all the time--it's hil-a-ri-ous! And, so adorable. :)

Such a sweety! She has the look of "hey, get out of my sun!"

Happy 4th!

So cute... and not a silly girl either.. teething ring in the pool - just in case!

I can't believe how big she's getting!! Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.

Happy 4th of July!



we have that float too, but my monkey of a child refuses to stay in it and just tries to dive head first into the water. FUN!


(and tell me, why don't we have neighborhood pools out here in Seattle? Oh, because the sun never shines!)

wow, that is a very cute and handy little floatie tube.

and i operate under same said policy. ;)

Soooo cute!!! I'm loving her hat!!!

They look great! I love those little floaters for babies. She looks so cute in it like she's a pro tube-er! Funny about not telling the ol' parents about the site, my parents would freak out if they'd seem some of the crap I've wrote. lol

What a cute water baby!

Happy 4th a little late!

Hee, that is SO cute! You always have the best photos...but then again, your subject is just a little ball of perfection! :)

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