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Mia Monday #26: Keep On Truckin' Edition

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GAH! the walking!!! :)

She's standing up without holding on!!

Adelaide is consistantly three weeks behind Mia developmentally - I'm actually looking forward to my 25 pounder hefting her own weight around!

Soooooooooo adorable...

That little red dress is absolutely adorable...

photos by Beth.

Beautiful dress. She looks so "summer-y". Mia's clothes rock! Credit goes to Mom of course. And the independent standing and ALMOST walking, WOW! Not too long before Mia starts getting clothes of her choice on her OWN :)

dig the dress
love the fact that it's not some little pink and purple girly vehicle.

Aww...she looks so cute in that dress. Reminds me, I should go out and look for some cute summer dresses for myself before summer ends!

Do they have that dress in a misses size 6?

Look at her standing by herself.

And walking. Still hanging on a little but that's walking.

She's standing! Unassisted! Wow.

Love that second to last pic where she's facing Chris. Wonder what she's trying to tell him?
And that dress is absolutely adorable! Love it.

We've got that same glider and Oliver loves to push it and run. He really picks up speed.

I love, love, love Mia's dress.

Oh, the ankle chub, and the hair, and the dress... you're killing us with cuteness, here!

Wow, she's really going to be sprinting around the house all on her own in just a week or so.

Motion! Action shots! And that dress...I *need* that dress!

Do they make that dress in adult sizes? You must tell me. I need one.


First things first, that is SUCH a cute dress. And the walking! It's really happening! Go, Mia, Go!

Absolutely adorable! Beware--they never stop once they can walk! Looks like she is ready to go, go, go!

Please tell me she has a pair of red cowboy boots to wear with that dress. Because seriously, that would be PERFECT.

Does her driver's license specify corrective lenses?

(I love the picture of her with Chris's glasses.)

Next week: the Nobel Prize in Literature and a gold medal in gymnastics.

Yep, that girl is definitely upright. I hope you can catch her walking on video and maybe, if you would, post it?

It's awesome to see how much she's changed. I look at the photo of her on your sidebar and the photos of her that you post.

Oh, Mia! You are so lovely in your summer frock! Granny Princess sneds you hugs and kisses on this wonderful Monday!

I just love those toes!

I know it's wrong, but I just want to bite her little legs. Pretend-like, of course. And then blow raspberries on her tummy and kiss her all over those cheeks. But the biting part is wrong, right?

I totally want a dress just like hers. Sadly there's no chance I'd be 1/3 as cute.

Seeing these pictures makes me want to have a girl. She's just SO cute :) Oh and I LOVE the dress. (as always)

I'm sooo impressed with two things in these photos:

1) Mia's standing, walking, etc.--unbelievable! My monkey's got some catchin' up to do!!!

2) Chris's expert half-lotus! (lotus=that cross-legged yoga pose)

Holy crap, look how mobile!
And I love the dress. And I may be repeating half (most?) of the comments, but I don't have time to read them all. Love it love it love it! :)

Where did you get her that dress? Must. Have. One.

Cute dress! I wish I had a girl to dress

Holy crap, I am swamped for two days and the girl starts walking. YEA!

On the contest over there....I am sucking at ideas right now. Sorry.

And the post above, I wish I could get paid to write too. But then I'd not have to suck.

How's that for three comments in one. Saved you having to open them all. :)

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