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Mia Monday #27: Video Killed the Radio Star Edition

Eat your hearts out, internets.

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holy cow!, i lovelovelove how she stops to adjust from you holding her hand to her hold your hand in the last one. too adorable!!!

That? Adorable. Truly.

But...where is the screeching? She's so quiet!

consider my heart stolen. she's beautiful.

Oh my god. That last one is too precious.

Mads does that to me too, as soon as I try and let go of her hand, she will grab and grab at mine. Kinda symbolic I suppose? Huge hugs to Mia Bean.

That is just tooooo cute! She's a little stunner!

I love, love, love the sound of her bare little feet slapping the floor! Too precious!

She's all over the place now! Watch out! lol

I am swoooooning. Positive-L-y swooning.

i cant decide which is more adorable, the full-out grin in the 3rd or the handholding in the last.


Mia In Motion Monday! It's like we've infiltrated the baby's habitat - and she's so quiet!

Oh WOW! I'm amazed. Shes so beautiful and confident. I love the way she walked, she was barely even holding the hand. And the crawling was at the speed of light! That definitely must keep you busy!

Yea, a mobile baby. So freaking cute. I love how she adjusts on holding your hand. So cool.

Oh, look at her go! So proud of herself, too, and rightly so. You've set the bar pretty high, Beth, if you're planning to outdo this next Monday. :)

Is your house always that quiet? My house is 'quiet' at the moment, but I can still here 2 tv's and 3 kids talking (at least they aren't fighting and the tv's are at a reasonable volume).

And Mia is adorable.

Not like she's cute or anything...


I heart her.


One year went fast, she's growing so fast. Love it! She can't possibly get any cuter...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! She's sooooo adorable! I can't stand it!!! It's so funny that these videos are so quiet! Interesting, too, because you really get a sense of the blankness/silence of infancy--that babies have one intention and they focus on that (vs. our babbling brains), until the next one supercedes it--is that overanalyzing a bit? Nah!

Nice toes, by the way!

Thanks so much for posting these. They really are precious and put a smile on my tired face!

What a great Mia Monday! Thanks!!!

What a big girl!!! What happened to your tiny baby? Her smile in the third movie made me grin like a lunatic (as if she were smiling at ME).

LOVE the big smile for the camera!

So cute! Thanks so much for the videos, glad to see you're actually putting the reader comments in action!

The cuteness! The cuteness! And she's gotten so BIG!

Aw! What a smiler.

I don't see how you restrained yourself from talking at her for so long! I would've been all, "Mia! Hey baby girl, look at you all mobile and aren't you gorgeous and..." Yada yada yada. I tend to have a continuous patter where babies are concerned.

Aww she's so cute. Love the smile in the 3rd one!

That smile just melted my heart...She is a doll!

Yay! Walking video!!! You and Mia have made me so happy today - thank you!

I'm late....but I just watched the videos...the last one is precious...she is like GIVE me the hand! :) Adorable as always.

OMG! I adore Mia.

awe I love the crawling video... so sweet

So adorable!!! That third video - where she's smiling - I want to eat those cheeks. Seriously.


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