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Mia Monday #28: Happy Birthday Baby Edition

More pics here.

Comments (47)

She is just beautiful. Happy Birthday Mia.

Holy Crap... that first picture?!?!? *swoon* She is so adorable, and so grown up!!!

I love that little tongue poking out!!

I think the first picture is a sign of things to come, Mommy. Holy cow, she looks old in that one. I love all the birthday pix, though. It looks like a good time was had by all. Way to go, Beth!

Love the pics!

I can't believe she is 1 already! What a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday to Mia! :)

Wowee! I want to squeeze those cheeks! What a perfect little gal. The photos are fantastic. What a beautiful family.

You and your daughter both look gorgeous! I absolutely love your outfit.

Happy birthday little Mia!

I think Mia needs to take part in the "What's in your purse?" meme. That last pic of her with the tongue peeking out is just too cute for words.

The pics are beautiful. Mia, Happy Birthday! Looks like you all had a great time. I'm so happy...thanks for making my day(Monday)!

Ooohh...I forgot to mention...You look beyond HOT (sizzle...sizzle)!

She really does look so grown up in the first one, all ready to head off to run her errands. I just about laughed tea out my nose at the last one, though. Too much cuteness!

happy birfday!

Happy Belated Birthday, Mia Bean!!!!


Beth you are stunningly smokin' in all those pictures!

Just beautiful!!
And that tongue? Too cute!!
Glad you all enjoyed the weekend.

She's so grown up & beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Those pictures are great.

Ack! Too cute! She looks *so* grown up in that first picture!

Mia's birthday pictures are wonderful! It looks like the day couldn't have been more perfect!

you can totally tell that she KNOWS that party was ALL ABOUT HER.


Jeez, she looks way older than one in that first picture.

And again with the legs. MeeeOwww.

I love the pictures. One thing that caught my eye in the pictures is the way you look at her. I totally related to it: I look at Joey with the same adoration, amazement, and with the same inability-to-look-away gaze.... :) Happy Birthday Mia! (Joey's birthday is on Friday!)

From one girl to another, even though I already said this over at Chris's blog, I just had to say it here, too: You look *hot*. And you have nice legs. So go with your bad self.

And happy birthday, Mia Bean!

She looks so big in that first picture. Like a toddler instead of a baby.

Happy Birthday, Mia!!!

Happy Birthday, beautiful Mia!!

Ah my darling Mia! What a beauty you are!!! It's easy to see where you get your good looks. Both your Mommy and Daddy are pretty beautiful too!
I'm glad your party was a happy one and so well documented.
Happy Birthday again!!
Granny Princess

WOW!!!! That first pic, just WOW! Happy Birthday to her!

Great pictures. Mia is adorable. She looks just like you.

That first picture is adorable. She looks a few clicks further away from "baby" and closer to "little girl."

They're all beautiful but I think I like the last one with her little tongue sticking out the best. I wonder what she was thinking?

what a cutie. she is all ABOUT being one!!

My goodness, doesn't she look grown-up? Happy b-day to your Mia.

Happy Birthay, Mia!

Beth, she's beyond gorgeous...and you look pretty great yourself. What a lovely party.

Happy Birthday Mia!

I can't believe she already has the "Modelling the purse" stance down pat.

She is such a beauty.

too cute!! Happy birthday mia!

Goodness, Mia looks SO OLD in that Staircase picture! Like she's ready for college or something. Adorable! Glad you guys had such a fun time :)

By the way, do you have any trouble with Mia trying to climb up the SIDE of the staircase? Button just started that (she loves the stairs and I guess she's going to figure out a way to get to them one way or another) and I can't figure out a good way to protect her from it, other than harnessing her to the coffee table or something...

I only skimmed the other comments because there are so many, but it seemed like everbody's focusing on Mia. She's cute and happy birthday and whatnot, but did anybody tell you that you look Fabulous??

Happy Birthday little girl! She's awesome! Oh, and I'm with "T" (the comment above mine), you look Awesome, too!

That first photo made me a little bit sad. She looks so grown up! Also, we have the same high chair.

OMG, the picture of her with the purse just kills me!

I absolutely love the picture of Mia with the purse!!!

Wow. She look so grown up now! Congrats on 1 year!

It looks like she had a wonderful party! Who are all the people in the pictures?

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