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Mia Monday #29: All She Wants to Do is, All She Wants to Do is Walk Edition

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Mobile Mia. Lookout world!

Very Cute.

So sweet! Looks like y'all had a great weekend, except for the vomiting escapade. I love the pictures of Mia Walking in The Outside World. :)

Love love love the last picture of you 2! So sweet!

Adorable. She has the most fabulous smile!

I actually got all teary eyed the first time I "went walkies" with my daughter outdoors. It was always one of those things I had daydreamed of. I could see us, her hand in mine. Venturing out... Loved it!
(No she's not so much lovin' the hand in my hand bit, and wriggles free every chance she gets. Who needs the gym when can run after a 2.5 year old in the mall for 2 hours....)

How fun...then comes running.

Such great pictures as always. That's a determined little girl in #2. Carefully taking her steps...

Wowie! Is this the first time Mia walked outdoors? That' just so awesome! Loved the pics. Loved em all!

tell me that last photo of you two isnt GORGEOUS... yeah you cant!

...and at the end of a day having to bend lower to hold the hand of a much shorter person who walks slowly and precariously? Yeah...that calls for three Advil and a few glasses of wine.

You guys are such a great family. Really. And it so shows in these pictures.

So next week I can expect to see her behind the wheel, right? :sigh: I don't know if I'm comfortable with how fast all of this is happening. Bother.

ps. Too cute for words as usual.

k - seriously...she seems like such a HAPPY kid.
and the walking is way too cute.
the sandals?!! ah...delish.

I can't believe you posted a picture of your hubby's butt. Too funny. ;)
What are you and Mia looking at in the one picture?
Mia, as always, is gorgeous!

way too cute for words. it always makes me smile when aaron reaches for my hand when we go for a walk. just wait until mia runs! the world will never be the same!

I know I say this every week lately, but, what a big girl! She looks so happy, out for a stroll with Mom and Dad. I love the last picture of you two, too!

Wow! Amazing how passing a first birthday makes them suddenly seem so grown up!

At first I thought that twig was a snake and I was like "run Beth, run!"

But then I realized it was a twig.


(Love the pics!)

All the pics are cute but the last one is my favorite!

What a fabulous grin!

Just look at your big girl go. She's adorable.

how cute. she's ready to take on the world.

(and that last photo is gorgeous...)

Beautiful, wonderful Mia Monday pictures!!! Love them all!

Yeah, yeah, your kid is adorable and you and your hubby are gorgeous. What I demand to know is where do you find the time to groom your fabulous eyebrows so perfectly with a hectic schedule like yours?

Now you have a great excuse to buy adorable shoes. For both of you!

Oh, love the pics! I think Mia gets bigger every time I see a picture of her.

She's simply irresistable.

Oy oy oy! Too adorable! Really great pictures, too. We're lucky we get to enjoy the pudgy cheeks, still. Joey still has hers, too. :) It's the greatest!

Ah! Walking! The cute!

I LOVE the last photo. :)

Practice makes perfect you know. And walking is a very healthy exercise.

Have a nice walk.

Aww. She's out on the sidewalk! Like a big girl!

Oh, Holy Cuteness? Where was I yesterday?

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