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This kid? This kid right here?

She can stand up, all by herself. She can bend over to pick up a toy and stand herself right back up. At least, she can do it until she notices she isn't holding on to anything, and then she plops right down.

And yesterday? I can hem and haw and qualify and say almost, sort-of, nearly, maybe, but none of that changes the fact that yesterday she took a step.

It all makes me want to cry, from sadness or joy I'm not quite sure.

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yeah, a little of both..

we spend the first two years trying to get them to walk and talk and the next 16 trying to get them to sit down and shut up.

awwwww beth, I love love love reading your posts about Mia and motherhood.

Hee. I love that she can stand up, as long as she's not thinking about it. Don't look down, Mia!


Yeah, definitely both. I get choked up with every milestone, as I'm brimming with pride.

Your picture reminded me of my 2 1/2 year old daughter--she put on my glasses the other day, which, despite the fact that I haven't replaced them through about 3 prescriptions, are uber-strong (I only wear them 2 minutes a day, to get to my bed). So she's got them on, squinting, and she said, "I see Two Mommies! Hi, Two Mommies!"

Mia will make you laugh and cry at the same time, but from the looks of it, she'll make you laugh much more often.

Aw..really its so much better when they start walking. They are so much happier and can keep entertained for a lot longer. Remember most kids do walk by the first bday so she is almost there!

WTG Mia!
It's all bittersweet. But still so good. :)

Mia rocks!

It is awesome, really. Sometimes it's a little sad, but you gotta admit that it's really cool what all they can do.

for the last two months, my husband has been coaching our (now 4-mo old) to roll over. He's almost got it (he can roll his upper body but the hips haven't come along just yet). Now daddy is working on crawling. I keep telling hubby to slow down... I'm not ready for baby to grow up that fast!

Isn't it funny when little ones can do something until they realize they are doing it? It's like they think, "hey, I'm not supposed to be able to do this. I better stop now." Go Mia!

Oliver started walking about two weeks ago. I laughed and clapped and then I cried.

*Fabulous* picture! And wow, what an amazing milestone for all three of you! Congrats!

Shes to cute.
My son did the same thing. He could stand on his own but once he realized he wasnt holding on he'd fall.

He didnt walk til he was 13 months old.. but when he started to walk he was running because his legs were so strong from holding onto furniture :-)

Wow... standing and stepping? Cool! I'm sure they were tears of both joy and sadness. Get used to them.


Yay! You have a walker, I love it when they start walking and they are so proud of themselves. Now I have a 2 year old who is regressing and has decided it is just as easy for her if I carry her around! And it makes my job all that much more fun lugging all 30 pounds of her around while I try to get things done. :o)

DUDE. Go, Mia! Rock the walk!

This could call for some very special shoes...

That is absolutely the most adorable picture you've posted of Mia. I'm a sucker for babies wearing big glasses, though. You have some fun weeks ahead of you!

nice work, she's beautiful and getting big ! and i like the hair.

oh yeah, i think that yogurt is bad... unless it's some special flavor?

YAY for Mia!!

Also, my kiddo took his first step at about the same age - on the 4th of July - so almost the same day but 7 years apart.

Is that even interesting? Probably only to me, but oh well. :)

Motherhood is a series of bitter-sweet.

It's just a matter of time until she's dating. Gasp!

WOW! That's so exciting! Love the glasses, by the way. She looks like she's skipped ahead a bunch of milestones in this picture! ;)

She looks even cuter (as if it were possible) with glasses!!

And she's on the verge of walking? Your life is officially over,lol!!! Just kidding. Kind of.

Oh.My.God. Yea Mia!

And um...feel free to cry. I did when my kids walked. But when you're done, can you maybe take a video of it?

Oh.My.God. Yea Mia!

And um...feel free to cry. I did when my kids walked. But when you're done, can you maybe take a video of it?

Yeah! Go Mia!

Yes, it is all a bit heart wrenching isn't it? So happy and sad, so proud...but don't want our babies growing up too fast. It's sweet, it's motherhood. There is so much more to come, hang on and enjoy the ride!

Awe, Beth. It goes so quickly, doesn't it? I posted a picture of myself with my "baby", Amanda. SHe is nearly 30. Trust me, it has gone very fast!

WOW a step. Thats so exciting. I know what you mean when you want to cry yet your so happy. I tagged you, check out my site!

Yep, the bittersweet will just keep on coming, and it doesn't stop even after they are moved out and on their own.
We had a bit of a milestone day here too. Miss Madison used the potty all day. I didn't have to change a single diaper. Of course, that means we will soon be checking out every single bathroom of every store and restaurant we ever go to...which brings us back to that whole "wipe the seat/cover the seat/hover" issue. EEEK!
Miss Mia is definitely rockin' the spectacles.

Awww, she looks like the cutest little reference librarian ever, sitting at a big upholstered desk.

Way to go, Ms. Bean! Congrats all around.

Toddle on, Mia Bean!

Um, you might wanna get her some frames that fit her face a little better, though, Beth .... ;-P

Yay Mia! And that photo is beyond adorable. I actually exclaimed out loud.

The fun has just begun. And I mean that in a nice, sweet, wonderful way, not a sarcastic way. i.e. When she runs down the hall, arms upwardly outstretched, reaching for you, eyes lit up to see your face after you were gone for a mere 10 minutes. *Sigh*

Bottle that cuteness and make some money, will you?

I know. You want it to happen but it's always too soon isn't it.

Walking and then running. Very soon.

YEA! MIA! Bebe Boy started walking 2 days before his first b-day, and now, well give Mia a week and you will see. The pic with the glasses is too cute.


"The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step."

In Mia's case, she's gonna go far.
Look where her Mommy and Daddy are!
Congratulations on winning the "Parents who know what they're doing with their child" award!

Anni :-)

Love the glasses!

eek!!! walking??!!!

i'm dying. it's such a crazy, huge milestone.

jeez! my Tot didn't start walking til 15 months!! go Mia!

also-- hahahaha you're in for it now!

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