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Month Twelve

Mia Bean,

Happy Birthday, my baby girl. You are twelve months old today, and a year ago right now I was holding you in my arms for the first time. You have grown so much, from just under eight pounds to almost 25. Your jet black, sticky-outy hair has given way to light brown that lies down calmly except for the riotous curls behind both ears. Your soft, gummy mouth is full of eight teeth. Your quiet, whimpering cry has become wails and screeches and hoots and hollers and giggles and grunts and babblings and even words. From a tiny swaddled bundle in the crook of my arm who couldn't stay awake for more than a few minutes at a time, you have grown into a sitting, rolling, clapping, pointing, crawling, walking, beautiful little girl.

This year has been the best of everything. I'm living a life I didn't even imagine existed, and I adore it. I adore you, my big girl, my toddler, my Mia, my baby bean.

This month you learned to walk. You still prefer to hold onto your truck or a nearby finger or leg, but you will take a few, tentative steps on your own. You also learned to stand up unassisted and to do so while clapping or raising your arms over your head or giggling at your own cleverness. With just a bit of support, you abandon walking in favor of running.

This month you also learned how to control your body and make it do fun things. You learned to climb onto a pile of blankets and get yourself stuck so you can flail around and giggle. You learned how to fling yourself over backwards, then sit back up and do it again. You are slowly learning not to smash your head into a wall while doing it. You have learned that when you clap or point or raise your arms or make a face, the people around you will do the same thing, and you revel in your new found power. You are in control of the world right now, beautiful girl, enjoy it.

You don't talk much, mostly mama and dada and the meaning behind those are hit or miss, but you babble non-stop and have learned so many words. You can comply when asked to point at the fan, the light, your tummy, nose, hair, truck, mama, and sometimes dada. You know apple, pear, avocado, water, cheese, up, down, nap, no, and the list goes on and on.

Your focus is incredible. You will sit and play for half an hour with a wallet you can take cards and tickets out of, anything with a lid, your blocks, your cups, your books, so many things that hold your interest. You delight in handing anybody anything and are learning how things work together, how to stack things, how to put blocks in and out of the bucket, how the world relates to you and to itself.

Your physical milestones are slowing down and your mental milestones are happening so fast we can no longer keep track. This month you discovered under, so we can no longer slide something under the couch and make it "disappear," now you will go right in after it. You have such a personality and an attitude and at times a temper. You are becoming yourself, becoming your own person, and I feel so blessed to be here to watch it happen.

You are napping now, recovering from your birthday party. You were attended by Grandma and Papa, Mimi and Grandpa, Uncle Erich and Aunt Kelly, Great-Aunt Bev and Big Papa. There must be a thousand pictures documenting those two and a half hours. You ate cake, which you enjoyed, and played with the ribbons and boxes and paper and bags from your presents. Mostly though, you just charmed your guests with your smiling and playing and flirting. It's always like that, though. When I take you out, people can't keep their eyes off you. You are magnetic and mesmerizing and more so every day.

It's been an amazing, wonderful, challenging, fabulous, difficult, gorgeous year. Thank you for that. Thank you for coming to us. Thank you for showing me that all the poets who describe love as an ocean, a chasm, an eternity were right, were telling the truth, were talking about their child.


Comments (66)

Everything you say is true. Having kids gave me a perspective that I was sorely lacking. Though I completely respect and applaud those folk who do not wish for children, I'm also aware that this same choice comes at the expense of the perspective you and I (and others) have. The is boundless. Nothing else on earth could ever tether me to the ground the way my three boys have. And nothing else could, at the same time, set me free. Your post was wonderful

Happy Birthday, Mia!
Wish you a superb year ahead!

Happy Birthday, Mia! And congratulations on your first year, Beth :)

Happy Birthday!

She is so adorable!

I started reading you the week before Mia.... great post girl.
absolutely great.

happy birthday little bean.

Happy Birthday Mia!!

Beth that was a beautiful letter. I am sitting her crying. Sheesh. Mia is one lucky girl. Thank you for sharing her with us for the last year.

Happy 1st birthday Mia Cactus-Fish. ;)

You look great in those heels!
Mia looks so happy and really enjoying herself.
Hope you and Chris celebrate your achievement!
Congratulations on the 1st year of parenthood!
May you have many, many more years of discovery and just letting your natural maternal-paternal instincts take over. So far, so good.

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Anni :-)

She is completely mesmerizing. Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

Awesome post. I feel you on every word of it...our children - they are amazing!

Happy birthday, baby girl.

And nice legs, mom. ;-)


ONE is a big accomplishment and you have done with style and adorableness. :-)

Beth - I must say you look awesome! This whole mothering thing definitely agrees with you.

Here's to a wonderful next year!!

Happy birthday Mia! I cant believe its been a year since she came into the world! Wow. And Beth? You look hot in that outfit. Way to Go.

Crying on a perfectly lovely Saturday afternoon...that's what I'm doing. Happy birthday to the sweetest Mia in the world, you truly bring joy and light to all of us!

And Beth, honey, you look totally smashing. I think Chris got a little distracted by your legs while snapping Mia...:)

Happy Birthday Little Bean!

Beautiful pictures and touching post.

And yes, Beth, you have some smokin' legs! Don't let what you think of your stomach get to you, because the rest of you looks fabulous. When I'm a mommy I wanna look just like you:-)

What a beautiful letter and one that she will treasure when she's older.

Glad your day went so well. That's my kind of party. Simple and focused on the birthday girl.

And you look so lovely.

What a beautiful letter to Mia. It's amazing what being a parent can feel feelings you never knew existed. What a fabulous first year you've all had! Best to you!

That was a wonderful post Beth!

Happy 1st Birthday Mia!

Happy birthday! I love the last paragraph, it's so true.

Happy birthday Mia!

What a wonderful little girl - and you look great in that outfir (as does Mia in hers...)

Happy First Birthday Mia!

Those sentiments were absolutley beautiful and I teared up reading them.

And I must say you look smashing Beth! I covet your hair.

Happy 1st Birthday to Mia! She's such a big girl now and absolutely beautiful. And I totally want to look as hot as you a year after I have a child. What am I saying, I want to look as hot as you now!

It's a wonder, this thing called motherhood. Watching our girls grow, seeing them change and advance. What a miracle!
In fact when I talk to Hubby about Mia, I always refer to her as your "Miracle Baby". For this child has come to two wonderful people and changed your life in all sorts of good ways!
Happy Birthday, Darling Mia!
And Happy 1 year to you, Beth and Chris!!!!
Cyber Granny Princess!!!

Happy First Birthday Mia Bean!

Beth- you look amazing by the way!

Thanks for sharing all the pictures of such a beautiful baby for the last year. It's hard to believe that it was a year ago. Doesn't it seem like she's always been there?

Have a great birthday weekend!

Happy 1st Birthday, Mia! What an exciting year you've had - what a wonderful life to look forward to.

Amy :)

Hippo Birdie, Squigglesaurus! Didja save any of that cake for me? ;-P

Happy Birthday Mia!!

Happy Day to all!

I can't believe it's been a whole YEAR! Happy Birthday Mia Bean :o)

Happy Birthday, Miss Mia!

Beautiful perspective, Mom. One of the best things about parental love is that when you can't imagine being able to love anything any more or you'll burst, you have another baby and fall in love all over again and realize that your heart has the capacity to expand exponentially.

Glad to hear the party was a smash (and to see that Mia eats
YOU look fabulous!!

Happy Birthday Mia! Did your Daddy get any video of you smashing your first cake? look mahvalous!!!

What great photos of the two of you. Happy birthday, Miss Mia!

Happy Birthday, Mia Bean! Wishing you a happy, healthy life ahead full of riotous laughter to match your curls. ;)

Such a lovely letter, thank you for sharing. Looks like Mia had fun at her party.

Those are great heels you've got on!

Happy Birthday Mia....and Happy What a Joy it is to be a Mother day to you!

Sounds like the day was a success! Happy birthday, Mia!

Happy Birthday, Mia!

The photos are great, especially the one of you standing with the glass watching Mia.

Happy Birthday, Mia!
Fancy shoes, Beth! You're looking hot!
In that last picture, Mia reminds me of Drew Barrymore in her E.T. days.

God, that was beautiful!

What a finish!

You and Chris never fail to make me cry-- the way you cherish your daughter. Happy birthday, beautiful Mia! And congratulations to you wonderful parents.

a big happy birthday to baby bean! =D

*sniff, sniff*

That was beautiful.

My internet was out of commission yesterday, and I cursed the ISP for keeping news of the birthday celebration from reaching my computer.

Happy Birthday, Miss Mia. My, how you've grown...

Happy birthday, Mia!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mia! and happy day to you, Beth, as a wonder-mom. ญญญญ Felicidades, chicas !!!!

(Great post . Absolutely great.)

ah. happy birthday, Mia!!

Happy Birthday Mia! What a beautiful, beautiful girl!

God, she is so beautiful. I never get tired of Mia pictures.

Happy Birthday, Amelia!! You both look's been a fine year, yes?

Happy Birthday, Mia! Glad it was such a great day--for the entire family!

Happy Birthday Mia!!!
Congrats MOM and DAD!!!

OK, first of all - those are some kick-ass shoes you've got there!

And second - happy birthday to Mia! She's so cute!

Happy Birfday Mia,

I'm such an idiot...


Wow, that picture of you in the heels watching Mia is great!!! Is that your usual daily wear? ;) So cute... Happy Birthday, Mia!

Happy Birthday Mia! Where did the year go?!?

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.

And ... is that what you wore to her birthday party?! OMGSH: Yuh-hummy MUMMY.

Happy Birthday to Mia! Nice shoes by the way.

Ummm, no one with a one year old should look as good as you do. Hate you! Love your shoes. But hate you!

Happy birthday, Mia!

Your lil girl is so cute. She looks very young for a year old. I mean she looks a year old but she has that extra cuteness to her that keeps her looking like a baby longer. My son lost that very early because he is so tall.

You look cute in your skirt! so stylish. lol

Happy Birthday MIA!!!!

Wow, I am completely stunned that a year has already flown by. Amazing how the internet connects seemingly random people and life events. I remember the day Mia was born, yet I do not personally know you, Chris or Mia. All in all, its awesome!

Here's to 99 more Ms. Mia!!!

Happy 1st Mia!

As always, beautifully written...and beautiful child! Looks like it was a great party. They grow up so fast, don't they? Happy birthday, Mia!!! Hope you have a spectacular, dream-filled second year!

Happy first! She shares a birthday with the man I'm going to marry, I'm thinking that day must birth awesome people!

I'm totally crying right now....I feel all these things....
Mia's doing so well! And, it just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? Happy birthday!

Lovely as always. Happy Birthday to Mia. Congrats on your first year, Mom.

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