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My cooling ardor

People. People! I am distressed!

I am beginning to suspect that the hotty pediatrician may not be plotting to leave his wife and beg me to run away with him. We took Mia in for her 12-month check-up yesterday, and I spent the whole time carefully watching for a secret sign. You know, a look, a gesture, something that said "Amelia's mom, I long for you, ditch your husband and meet me out back in 10 minutes." I mean, of course I am planning to turn him down, but I feel like I owe it to him to at least listen to the speech that I feel sure he has been practicing in his head every since the first day he saw me. It would only be polite. But there was nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So now I'm wondering, what? What is it? Is it something I said? I mean, I brushed both my hair and my teeth before I went in yesterday and wore a clean t-shirt and my least-stained shorts. Maybe he didn't like my perfume, eau de sunscreen, chlorine and baby poop? Maybe he could tell that I ate a piece of birthday cake for lunch? Am I just not MILF-y enough for him? Has he transferred his affections to one of the moms who haven't been wearing the same nursing bra every day for the past year? I just don't understand.

But you know what I noticed? He sort of has a screechy voice. And I don't think I like his glasses that much anymore. And I'm pretty sure he was wearing the same shirt the last time we saw him, which means he just isn't making the effort anymore. Maybe I'll just forget about him. Yup, that's it, that's what I'll do. Why waste my time on one hotty pediatrician when there is a whole station full of firemen just half a mile from my house?

(Hey, do you think he just didn't want to give us away in front of Chris? Maybe he's waiting and he's going to call me later and pretend he is calling about Mia? Do you think?)

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Yeah, that's it. He's biding his time until the perfect moment to take you into his hotty doc arms and have his way with you.

Can I have some of those drugs you seem to be on? I could use a good hallucination like that myself.

hee hee hee hee

Oh, Chris was with you? Yes, that's probably it. He was playing it cool.

But just in case, don't go lighting any fires in trash cans. They can get out of control quicker than you think, you know. ;-)

Well DUH! If your husband was with you, of course he was acting all like whatever. He will use the may I speak to Mia tactic at the appropriate time.

Hang in there....


Oh my goodness, you're killing me! After reading this, I'm glad that our pediatrician is a woman who is about 15 years older than me... I haven't felt any ardor for her and I suspect she's not really my husband's type. :)

Could be that he's into the newer Mom's with the milk engourged breasts and jelly belly.
His loss!

well, obviously if chris was there, he's not going to make an overt or even a subtle move. Because then he'd simply be the bumbling, socially awkward pediatrician, and where's the hott or sexy in that?

You should set fire to the trashy neighbors house down the street and then watch the firemen as they put it out.

A number 1, he is definitely waiting to call you - possibly when he knows that Chris is at work. You might want to call his office and surruptitiously leave Chris's schedule with his nurse, just so he knows when you will be home alone and he won't have to make up some kind of lame excuse when Chris answers the phone, when all he wants to do is profess his undying love for you.

But B number 2, do you really want someone who sounds like Fran Drescher from The Nanny to profess their undying love for you? I mean that would just give me the wick. Not that The Nanny isn't a WONDERFUL show (1pm on Lifetime, for an hour) because it is, but I wouldn't want Fran Drescher to profess her undying love for me. I'm guessing Fran Drescher in glasses = not so very much better.

Boy o Boy- all this talk of when you having a child having a "hottie" pediatrician makes me want to have a child of my own...
BOTH you and RS Mommy have them... where do I sign up to get one of my own someday?
OH.... and he was definitely playing it cool b/c Chris was there...

Just imagine *his* feelings, when he realized he was going to have to wait to tell you he wanted to run off with you! Driven mad by your Hottness and the aroma of cake, and Chris standing right there.

Not saying that you shouldn't keep the firemen in reserve... seems like you ought to get something in return for having to listen to sirens that often. Well, you know, *besides* feeling safer in case of a fire... pffft, what fun is that?

Oh, he was just playing it cool because Chris was there. Having birthday cake for lunch would just make you more attractive, not less!

Perhaps its time to threaten changing know, the whole cat and mouse thing.

He'll beg. He'll plead. He'll promise whipped cream.

He'll say, "Beth, I want nothing more than to make out with you. Quick, before Mia wakes up!"

Then he'll try to entrap your heart by saying he's only a pediatrician because the smell of babies reminds him of you, and its his way of being close to you in secret.

Feel better?

Poor guy was obviously crushed to be reminded that *you* are not quite ready to run off with *him*. How *could* you?

And HELLO. Firemen? You haven't mentioned them before. What, are you just, like, the luckiest woman in the world or something? It is so totally not fair.

Ok, just looking at your photos from Mia's birthday party, and could you BE more gorgeous?! Obviously hottie ped just didn't see an opening. Keep the faith. ;)

Firemen rock. My daughter had a ring that wouldn't come off and was beginning to hurt.

I sent her down to the fire station. They were happy to cut it off for her. She came home saying the guy was so cute she thught she might look around for another too small ring.

Yeah, he was probably keeping his head down while Chris was around.

Unless...unless he's playing hard to get! You know how men can be. Maybe this is all part of his coy plan to get you even more hooked. You know, a little of the cold shoulder can go a long way. What a bastard!

Um, firemen make housecalls. When was the last time you heard of a Dr. doing that? 'Nuff said!

Ah,forget him, you've got a keeper on your hands ;)

So I watched like a whole day of The Brady Bunch on TVLand this weekend. Well, I didn't sit in front of the tv the whole day, the kids DO NEED me from time to time, but it was on all day, nevertheless.

Anyway...there was a **fabulous** episode about Marcia falling in love with her very groovy dentist...he had the grooviest bell bottoms you know. He was married and older and wanted her badly, very much like your situation with the hottie pedo doc. She ended up letting him down easy, and he was crushed, but lived on. This, too, could happen with you. Let him down easy Beth.

LOL.... you crack me up!
I am thinking that the firemen down the street sound like a better prospect anyway... if nothing else, you know they can put out the fire once it is started!!!!!.... LOL

Nah, I saw those Mia birthday pics, you are MILF-y enough...he's just playing hard to get. Which I wouldn't tolerate if I were you. Bring on the Firemen!!! ;)

Did you wear those fabulous shoes you were wearing for Mia's birthday party? Nope? That's where you went wrong. And a belated happy birthday to the 1 year old.

We need to start a club: Women who have their bags packed, waiting for their pediatrician to make the call saying that he's bought an island where the two of you can live forever and have hot beach sex all day every day and drink mixed coctails with little umbrellas in them.

Okay, we might want to shorten the name a bit...

Chris was there, eh? Maybe it was never about you at all...
just a thought, that's all's I'm sayin'

I think it is CHris's fault. He probably knew he would come and dressed down.

But you do have firemen that close and that is what counts. You can always find a new hottie doctor.

There's strength in numbers - say "toodles" to the hottie ped and go for the firemen!

Amelia? Is that Mia's real name?? Or, is my flu (yes, again) preventing me from understanding a saying that's common knowledge?

Hottie pediatrician is sooo into you! The screachy it all away--schoolboy crush...toooootally!

seriously...i need a hottie pediatrician...

oh, yeah, what i really meant to say (but got distracted thinking about having a hot doctor...mmmm...hottie doctor...)
was that he totally gave you the brush off because Chris was there. you can't bring him with you!!!

cute birthday pic's....
and i totally think the doc was lying low because of chris

I'm sure it was awkward for your hot Doc with Chris there. Stand by for the call! LoL

You are so funny! LOL!

Maybe he just realized you are out of his league!


Maybe he just feels like he can't compete with your Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend, Mr. Owen.

He's just trying to throw you off, as to not appear TOO eager.


Love it - I could have totally wrote this! We must have the same pediatrician - I keep waiting for mine to call or pull me aside as well. :) Thanks for making me laugh today!

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