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Notes from Thursday

Does letting Mia play with the blender make me a bad mother?

Was the last line of the song I am listening to really "take me to Walter Reed tonight?" As in Walter Reed Army Hospital? Isn't that weird?

Anybody want some pearsauce? It's yummy.

This kid has eight million toys and has spent the entire day playing with an empty Aquaphor container, a cup from Baja Fresh, and empty water bottle, a can of spanish peanuts, and her shoes.

When she isn't pushing her high chair around the kitchen, that is.

And screeching.

Will write something later, I swear, when the screeching stops.

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Oh poor, silly, Beth. You think the screeching will stop? *pat* ;)

Google says Michael Penn has a song using "take me to Walter Reed tonight". Is that who you're listening to? (Sean's brother, who knew?)

There was a period when Queen B was about Mia's age that we stopped buying toys, and just gave her empty containers and boxes to play with. She was happy as a little clam. Hey: reduce, reuse, recycle, right?

As long as she couldnt get to the blades of the blender I think its fine :-) Caleb loves BUTTONS on stuff like that.

And yea they always seem to be entertained best by "non-toy" items.
Calebs personal favorite thing right now is a SQUIRT bottle I use on my hair sometimes... He enjoys squirting himself for a half hour then drinking the water.. weird lol.

Does letting Mia play with the blender make me a bad mother?

Not if she shares. Oh, look, I brought limes!

Isn't that how it always is? My mom said all I did was play in boxes as a child, and now, so does my daughter. I found her on top of our vacuum's box every day until we threw it out, and all she wants is the remote lately. If they think they aren't allowed to have it, play with it, use it, whatever- then they LOVE it. LOL.

Letting her play with the blender makes you a smart mom. Anything to stop the screeching!!!

hmm . . and I was just thinking that if my P had more of her own toys (versus her brother's cars that he won't let her touch) she might stop pushing stools around the kitchen and climbing on the counters. I really should know better and perhaps I subconciously do and that's why I haven't supplied her with more expensive traditional toys.

And the screeching only stops when they sleep.

Dunno. Prolly. Yup.
Yes, I do. It sounds delish. I wish I could have some right now, in fact, but I'm betting pearsauce doesn't e-mail real well.

Please make the screeching stop.

oh yes. I had one of those days yesterday. Except mine is 3 yrs old and would NOT STOP dumping water on me and my little bamboo mat at the beach. And then he screamed like I ripped his arm off when I snatched his watering can away from him and tried to feed him to the seaguls!

Isn't Micheal Penn recently deceased? Didn't he JUST od or something?
Am I right?
I am totally not googling it.

ok ok I am.

Wait until her next Christmas when she ignores all the pretty new goodies and plays, not only with the boxes they came in, but with the ribbon as well.

It makes great jewelry.

moron, I am

Nope, not a bad mama. Just one who likes peace. :)

Enjoy it. I was hoping Christmas would always be easy, just buy the child some plastic spoons and put them in a waffles box. But it passed.

If letting her play with the blender quites the screeching for even a second, it's well worth it.

Hate to tell you this, but that screeching thing lasts awhile. Some kids hang on longer than others, but they all love it.

When my oldest was a baby his favorite toy was a Crystal Light can with about 10 pieces of uncooked spaghetti in it. Glued the top on, and he played with it 10 times more than any rattle from the store...

Oh the screeching. I know the screeching. People look at me funny when they see me with my fingers in my ears in the car. So, I guess it doesn't get better huh? Bummer, dude.

If the blender's off, I don't see why playing with it's bad--except for the blades and the cord....I'll have some pearsauce, please. Thanks. I know what you mean about the toys....They tire of every "toy" but the darn water bottle....

My dear, haven't you discovered that the child will enjoy the things that are not toys more than the things that are? I remember one year going to a yard sale and all Katie wanted was this giant plastic broken whale. I moved her to the Barbies and we bought a bunch of those. The man having th sale threw in the broken plastic whale. Do you know, she played with that stupid whale for years and years. The Barbies? Well, yeah, but she slept with the whale.

So funny, the screeching, the non-toy playing, the screeching (we call her "Raptor", pushing around highchairs and kitchen chairs so it looks like a poltergeist came to visit, the screeching...are our daughters soul sisters???

We adults have things so messed up, don't we? We buy the super advanced and expensive toys when kids really just want a paper cup to play with. Next toddler birthday party I go to I'm just going to wrap a box of tissue paper and I bet it will be a big hit.

The screeching has an echo (I'm just sayin') so it might be awhile before you get your hearing back. And your sanity.

I love the pearsauce. I wish it came in grown-up size jars.

Try the corn, too. And the banana yogurt.

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