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Two words

I have a bit of unsolicited advice for mothers of young children.

Once they start pulling up and trying to walk, babies will latch onto anything handy for balance. Combine that with natural baby grabbiness, being only a couple of feet tall, and insisting on accompanying you wherever you go, and you have the makings of a bad situation.

I have two words for you: brazilian wax. Of course, you could just wait for the baby to do it for you.


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*Tears* And I thought it was bad when Madison uses my boobs for Guess you should be glad you're not a man!!

Tell Chris to watch out.

Nothing is sacred, huh? Raisin is fascinated by my pregnancy-induced outie belly button. I have to stop her from lifting my skirts/shirts to inspect it.

OOooooh, youchie!

Oh ow. That does not sound pleasant at all.

And, actually, I was thinking it'd be a really unfortunate story about Chris too. You two weren't planning on having any more children, were you? ;-)

My son bit me there once... He was crawling over me like an obstacle course and at one point he kinda tripped forward and landed face first into that area. I guess he decided it'd be good to taste?! I feel your pain, Beth. :)




True Story: My friend used to put her boys in the shower with dad when they were in a hurry to get them cleaned up. One day, dad walked out of the shower and said, "No more." Apparently, one of the boys slipped and grabbed hold of the first thing he could reach. You guessed it. Owie!

think of the money you save!!

see you've lost all your pregnancy weight, (damn you woman) and so she has no mommy flab to grab...

so sorry.

you are killing me... I needed this laugh so much... I love you for it :)

oh. my GOD!! lol. my friends kids like to pull my shirt collar down and look in, or worse, show everyone else while going "boobies!!" but.. yeah.. that one? that's the icing on the cake. lol

hahahhhahahahahahahaha... I can't stop laughing (not at your pain, but just the very thought that this would actually happen!). I'll totally have to keep that in mind....

I could NOT stop laughing for at least 5 minutes. Why? I actually witnessed this, personally.

Sigh....such as "vicarous" parenthood.

Thanks for sharing.

Anni :-)

LOL! I hear ya! I yelped the first time Munchkin did that (Yes, there have been repeats) and scared the poor mite half to death...

Oooowwww! I'm vincing in pain here...

ROFLMAO!! That was too funny - sorry to laugh at your pain.


Am never having children :D

I will have to keep this in mind for when I have kids.

No f-ing way! OUCH!!!!

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