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Yo, baby

Hey, is yogurt supposed to taste like brie?

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Perhaps you should check the date on that one!

I love brie, but- Oh Barf.

Its also supposed to have a faint green fuzz covering over the top...


Ewwwwww, I don't think so! EWWWWW!

Ummm, two totally different types of dairy products, dear.

I'll go slice the pears

only if its brie-flavoured yogurt.


Yipes - you may have stumbled upon a money-maker there! People will part with big bills for brie!

Aaaack! Abolish alliteration!

Hmmm... I'm going with, "no".

Am I allowed to ask you a question in your comments?!!?

This post is about food, so technically it counts, right?

So, I know you've fed Mia avacodos, can you tell me how old she was when you introduced them? Did you puree them with water?

See, it was a food question!

NO! How sick is that? blech! You're not referring to that "Yo Baby" organic yogurt for babies, are you? Joey loves it. Great post, Beth! ;)

No...its suppose to taste like yougurt. The kid I watch loves the organic "yo baby"

Yo-baby yogurt does taste a little different than normal yogurt. I would check the date anyway though to be sure!

Never had it. WHy is yobaby better/different that regular yogurt? Call me stupid here.

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