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Coming clean

Answers to the post below:

1. I am so not pregnant. In fact, the next time I am pregnant I think I am not going to tell the internet until the baby is born, just for a laugh. Lie.

2. I did once dye a bathroom red and miss most of my hair, but I never had purple hair. Lie with a nugget of truth to throw you off the scent.

3. Why doesn't anybody believe I have a tattoo? What, you think I'm too much of a goody goody or something? You think just because I write about the minute details of my life you know all about me? Well, you are probably right on all counts. Lie.

4. Quirkybook pointed out that everything is a very big word, and it is, but it is the right one. I don't love the sleepless nights and the teething and the poop, but neither would I give them up even if I had the chance because they are part of the experience. Not the experience of mothering a child, but the experience of mothering this child, and I enjoy everything about it. Truth.

5. Mint chocolate chip is the spawn of Satan. Lie.

6. Sadly I meant every word. Truth.

7. Can anybody really answer this question? I mean, can anybody do it in a paragraph? I could do it in a novel, short of that, the answers I gave are true and as good as any, although obviously there is much more to the story. Truth.

Comments (13)

Yeah, well, I was wrong!!

But it was fun participating!!

ooh. i must be evil. mint chocolate chip is my favorite. :D followed by chocolate chip cookie dough... and also nearly any concoction my friends ben & jerry seem to come up with. ;)

one of the best sentences on the internerds: "not the experience of mothering a child, but the experience of mothering this child..."

I believe you have a tattoo :-D

see I'm with you on the mint chocolate chip. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE minty chocolate, i hate hate hate ice cream that tastes like toothpaste

Isn't it funny how you can say this then change into that. :D

But, truths are not always as funny as lies. ;D

BTW, there was a reseach saying that one of the reason to get married is to boost your mood.

Yet, I'm not sure that was your reason to marry Chris...I believe it was love, despite of his ability to cook and excellency in bed ;D

Mint chocolate chip....mmmmm....Can you tell I'm "dieting"??

I love mint chocolate chip icecream. Satan and all.

mint chocolate chip rocks my socks.

If loving mint chocolate chip is wrong, I don't want to be right. :)

Ooo, the ice cream one was a lie! Well...I have to say that I hate most chocolate/mint ice cream combinations, but there is one that 'lights my fire' in the yummy department: the one by President's Choice. Chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream with real peppermint (I think it's the fake mint flavour that makes the other ones so disgusting) and dark chocolate shavings. creammmmm.
I also completely agree with you on the love question. I don't believe in "the one" either - to me, marriage is about choosing someone you love and remaining dedicated to the necessary "maintenance". :)

Mint chocolate chip is, like, totally dreamy. But only when it's the green kind.

OK - this isn't about this post - it's about the Wean post. Sierra did the same thing to me on her 13th month b-day. It pee'd me off - I still mourn it. But don't worry we may both live to nurse again!

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