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I have never wanted to make out with you more than I do right now

I love you guys. No, seriously. I love you guys. I wish you all lived down the street, because I honestly can't think of 10 people I know in "real life" who would send me these pictures to post. You are all just a hell of a lot more fun than anyone else I know. Without further ado, all of the following people win a Cactus cd for amusing the hell out of me and also for valor for allowing me to post these. Also hey, if you don't click these links, you are seriously missing out on some of the coolest people on the internet.

Hi. I know I look like hell, but you go three days without showering and let's see how good you look. Also, lucky for you this isn't the smellternet.

Mia smells like peanut butter.

Alissa had some sob story about her printer, but she definitely gets an A for effort here.

Technically, Valerie did not follow the rules, but this is so freaking cute she wins anyway.

Here we have the brilliant and beautiful Dawnie.

Emily still has that lovely newlywed glow about her, doesn't she?

This is Mia's Internet Grandma. You should see the other guy.

Winner in the "Best Cubicle Art" category is ktjrdn.

Polichick is already complaining that the music on the cd I will send her in the future isn't good enough to make up for the embarassment of posting this picture, but I dunno, I think she looks pretty cute. Also, I totally want that jacket.

Anna is another big cheaty cheat cheater, but I liked her dedication, so she gets a cd.

This is my favorite picture, and I think you will agree. Ladies and gentlemen, the Dread Pirate Rick.

Hey, you know those people who write so well they sort of make you want to vomit from jealousy? Well, it really pisses me off when they turn out to be hott too. Say hello to Wordgirl

Now that was ten, so technically there should be no more prizes. However, then I got this picture of Math Daddy, father to the beautiful Sophie and fortunate husband to my internet girl-crush Erika and come on, could you say no to this? No, you could not.

And last but certainly not least, Honorable Mention to HollyRhea. No picture from Holly, but she did put my sticker in her sidebar, which tickled me so much that she wins a cd. I was going to offer her a big kiss too, but I happen to know that Holly is feeling especially sexy these days, so I worried things would get out of control and decided on just a cd. (Holly is another of my internet girl-crushes, but don't tell her because that would be really embarassing.)

Send me your addresses, you lucky, lucky winners. CDs for this and everyone else we owe will be going out by the end of the week.

And that, at last, is that. Oh, except for this.

Comments (17)

Damn Office! No access to a camer or nothing! :(
But this is great! Your readers are sooo awesome! (yeah I just complimented myself, did you notice that?)

Wow, that's way more embarassing than I thought it would be!

But so worth it for the CD. Thanks!

Oh, and the Mia/popsicle pic? Adorable.

Ooh! I'm blushing! ;) I crush you right back.

hahaha.. Pirate Rick totally stole my idea. (ok, not relaly, but I thought about it too) Unfortunately my camera sucks the life out of batteries and I still don't have any batteries for it or can find the charger for my rechargables. :( oh well :)

lol ok that was a very interesting but weird post!

Wow. I'm really glad I didn't send a picture of myself. That's embarrassing.

Hey, Beth, I sorta want to dry hump you, too.

If Mia lived here in Texas, she could take a bath in popscicles every day. In fact, it's probably a law by now.

So does that mean that we voted on whether or not Mia should get to eat popsicles? Cuz I'm really dying to know over here... in case you can't tell.

W00T! When Hubby got home and asked how my day was, I eagerly answered, "I WON A CACTUS FISH CD!!" :o)

The popsicle looks so yummy...

oh yeah! OH YEAH?!?

well ... I thought about doing your silly little game but ... ahem ... I'm too mature.

Very good.

Ya know... sometimes you click on a link that takes you to a blog and you click on another link and then eventually you end up somewhere you've never been before with pictures of people you don't know. A different "blog circle," so to speak. And you like it. So you stay. And you read lots of posts. And you're really hungry but you just keep reading. And then you're still hungry because you read longer than you expected, but you have to leave a comment before you can eat, just to say, hey, thanks for having me even though I wasn't actually invited.

Sometimes. Sometimes, that's just what happens. And now I'm going to eat something.

We bought Mexican freezer pops at the store this afternoon. They have twisty tops. I can't wait to eat one!

Cute! Fun! I've been on vacation, but will catch up.

would you know it. today is my first visit to your site and I come across pictures of people with stickers on their heads.
I swear I miss all the fun!!

Okay someone catch me up here, because I have a feeling this place is going to be a fun place to hang out at!!!

My picture should totally be up there. I know I let you down by not posting. I'm a bad bad reader. BAD! Honestly, I'm just too darn tired. This weekend has been NUTS! But, loving the pictures! Everyone looks awesome. The Mia pic is sooo sweet! :) 3 days, you didn't shower? It is tough to fit a shower in sometimes. But, three days? ;) When I really don't have the time, I just throw the monkey in the shower with me.... :)

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