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I'm Lying!

Quite a while ago now I had you all ask me questions that I would then either answer totally honestly or totally lie. And then, life intervened and I mostly forgot about it. But now I have remembered! And I am in a lying mood! So here we go!

I'll come back later and tell you what's true and what's not, and you are free to guess if you are so inclined, but no prizes for this one because I still haven't gotten off my ass to send out the last round of prizes. Am slacker, sorry.

From That Girl (who I love, go read her):

1. When are you having baby #2? I'm pregnant! And you all are the first to know! I haven't even told Chris yet!

From Kate the Shrew

2. Did you ever got into dyeing your hair (either wacky colors or humanly possible) in college? There was one time I tried to go red and ended up dying the entire bathroom but not so much my hair. After that, I stuck with my usual purple.

From Betti, owner of possibly the cutest dog known to man:

3. At any point in your life, have you ever consider tatoos, and if so, what and where? I have a Picasso peace dove on my left hip. Am too lazy to post a picture, so picture this as a tattoo. I sort of hate it.

From Sabrina

4. What do you enjoy most about being a Mom? Gosh, everything really. Well, everything other than the teeth. I love watching her learn and grow and I love rocking her to sleep with her head on my chest so I can smell her neck and I love the way she does something every day to crack me up. Just everything.

From Kristina:

5. What's your favourite flavour of ice cream? Mint chocolate chip.

From Melissa:

6. If you should ever be so lucky to be in your house alone again, what would you do? I have a fabulous lie answer for this one, but am not quite brave enough to use it. I would probably, um, do laundry and then clean the kitchen and then start dinner. Sadly, this is 100% true.

From Jodi:

7. How did you know Chris was the one? (if you believe in the one, if not, why did you decide to marry him?) I don't believe in "the one." I decided to marry Chris because he could cook and was good in bed.

More later, if we aren't all bored to tears by it yet.

Comments (16)

I'll play-I thnk everything but 4,5, and 6 are lies!
Thanks for answering my question, although not really, since it was a lie

I don't care what is true and what is a lie, I love it.

Hubby has been having a Mint Chocolate Chip thing going on lately. Know anything about that? Are you two getting together behind my back? Ahhuh, I knew it!!! LOL

I'm guessing you're not pregnant. I remember the last announcement, and how long it took for you to make that announcement.

And besides, I think you'd probably like to get most of the teething thing done first.

I vote for 1, 3 & 7 as lies (since 5 doesnt have any embellishment it's hard to decide).
I asked kind of joking because as soon as your first turns 1 suddenly that's all people want to know.
I think you should totally ome up with like 20 wacky answers to give people.

Thanks for the linky love!

I've never actually participated in this little game! I've always been a spectator!!

I'm going to say 1, 3 and 6 even though you said it was 100% true!!

Lies: 1, 3, 5, 7

Tell me I win :D

Hmm... I'd guess 4, 5 and 6 are true, but again, hard to tell about 5.

I'd say I'm glad you're back, but I don't want to jinx you with the net.pixies, so I won't!

I don't know if number 3 is true or not but it sure surprised me. I actually have a picaso peace dove on my hip. No lie!


Dude, if you're pregnant I'm going to have a heart attack.

(and I am not bored to tears. Keep 'em coming.)

1, 2, and 7 are lies.

I believe you about the tattoo because I have two.

I think the lies are 1, 2, and 7.

Looking forward to finding out how close I am. :)

Mint chocolate chip? Preposterous! Clearly that's the only lie here. Everything else is so easy to believe.

I think 4,5,6 & 7 are true the rest are lies. :-) (and there's probably more to 7 but it seems like a good start!)

My guess is all lies, except for 2 (and that, only because I've seen your picture -- I don't think you're purple-haired now!). The only one I'm not so sure about is number 3, which is the very sweetest of sentiments, and I feel kind of like a curmudgeon pointing this out, but "everything" is a very, very big word.

Haha, it would totally be cheating if I "guessed" because I've already read your coming clean post. :) Thanks for the link though!

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