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In your hands

So, here's the deal. I want you to vote yes or no. That's it, no further explanation will ever be offered, but I will abide by your decision, as reflected by votes received before my arbitrary deadline of 8 PM Thursday.

Voting is your responsibility and priviledge as a citizen of the blogosphere. Think carefully, and vote your conscience.

Polls are now closed, stay tuned for official results, um, later.

Comments (159)


double hell no - absolutely not - not even a freaking chance I'd go for that. My vote? NO!

Yes. How could you pass up an opportunity like that ?

Sure, why only live once.


Absolutely yes! It must be something you want, otherwise you'd have no trouble saying "no" all on your own.


YES Beth, you should let us in on your "how to have a stork bring you an abnormally cute baby"" secret . . . your too-flat-to-be-true post-baby belly has given you away! *grin*

Yes. Always yes.

It'll always grow back.

No way. Play it safe. Who says change is good? Everything is fine the way it is.

Absolutely. He's hot and he's a pediatrician. Chris will just have to learn the power of forgiveness.

Yes! Absinitely, posolutely, and desitively! Best blog I've read all day :)

The answer is obviously yes, unless it's a resounding no. Which, considering the information I'm voting on, is probably the clearest vote I can give you!


Yes. I think yes. It's something you really, secretly want, but are afraid to jump into for some reason. All you need is a hearty "YES!" to push you into the goodness. So I'm pushin'

Amy :)

No. Not everything you want is good for you.

yes, the old American Government teacher in me can never pass up an oportunity to vote.


(you're thinking of cutting your hair aren't you?)

the sky is blue

You've got to or you will regret it forever!

i'd vote yes, just for fun.

Yes. Definitely.

OH, YES! I, wait...mmmmm, yes, Laws yes, m-o-o-n, that spells moon, Tom Cullen knows that.

Yes! Of course!

no. 'cuz what if it's that you're thinking of quitting this site?! NO. To the capital N to the capital O to the capital NO.

umm, wait..NO.
maybe. :)


i don't know why or what.

but i vote no.

Absolutely, yes. Unless I'm voting for, you know, that thing. Or that other thing, then I vote no.

Let's see...

No!!! If the vote is for cutting your hair.

A great big YES if you are treating yourself to something or baby planning.

Hope it works out for you either way.

Hell to the yes! You owe it to yourself. To your family. To HUMANITY. You don't want to disappoint humanity, do you?

The magic 8 ball says... Yes, most definitely!

Okay, is the hosting site erasing posts again? I have no idea what's going on and I check in at least twice a day. I hate not knowing what's going ON...

So, I vote...yes? Unless you're leaving us, and then it's a big fat NO.

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!

I vote YES!!

yes! yes! yes!

Yes. Is there another option? Yes.

Change is not always good

computer says "naaahh".

Why, yes, of course!

What the heck, I'll vote yes!

Yes! , I mean, what was the question again?

Definitely Yes!!!

yes, you should leave chris and accept clive's offer to become his lover.


I think you should decide! Quit being lazy and relying on us sheeeeeesh.

(thats a yes, btw.) *big grin*

Sure, go for it! You only live once a lifetime. You gotta grab the men, er, the gusto while you can. sweaty firemen...mmmmmmm

Um, where was I? Oh yeah, I vote yes with a capital Hell Yeah!

I think....yes.

No friggin' way.

No. Just cuz everyone else is, doesn't mean you hafta.

crap. Where's my conscience now? Always hanging around and bugging me when I don't want it, but now that I'm supposed to use it, it's nowhere to be found. Stupid conscience! It usualy says no, so I'm voting yes out of spite.

I flipped a coin- yes it is!

ah what the heck, YES, now let us in on what we're voting for, cause obviously we're all suckers for answering a non exsistent question.


I don't make uninformed votes. Just like I won't vote for a candidate about whom I know absolutely nothing, I will not vote here because I have no clue what the hell I've voting for.

So there! :P

Hee. Um, yes?

I am feeling in an agreeable mood today - so definitely YES



Yes. Absolutely, no doubt about it.

I'm nervous to hear what I'm agreeing to.... :-)

Make it so.

A definate yes. Always positive.

Yes, please. Unless the question is, "Should I dismantle this site and only blog at the 'Diary of a Playgroup Droupout' site," in which case the answer is no.

My family has always used the phrase "change is never good" as a big fat sarcastic joke.

Yes. Of course.

Almost everyone else is saying YES. Which is what I was going to say until almost everyone else said it.

But because I am obnoxious and contrary (hey look! I made it about me!), I say NO!

Yes. Always better to try and fail, then never try at all. :)

yes, sounds good.

Yes - what's life without taking a gamble now and then?

Sure why not? Now I wonder what I've committed you to.

m I still under the influence of anesthesia? I'm not sure what was the question? I can go either way and I am definately easily swayed.



yes. i have no idea what the question is, but the answer is yes! It's far more exciting to accept the mysterious than run away from it...

I'm going with no. Only because so many others voted yes. :) (Yes, I usually vote "third party" in elections.)

Yes. Your country needs you.

I can tell you right now putting Chris on Ebay won't work so NO!

I vote yes!

Oh Yeah Baby!


Yes! (Unless you want it to be a No!)


certainly! they only charge you around $100 when you place a fake fire call. it's worth it to see all those hot men.

Um... yes?


i vote yes.

Yes. But only if I get a percentage.

Didn't you hear? Yes is the new black this season.

Yes. I've never been more sure of anything.

Yes! It could be great...

I say no.

No. I'm at work, and that puts me in a negative mood, so F NO!

I think my head just exploded.

Go for it! I vote YES!

yes! Get your groove on!

Yes. It's better to regret doing something than wonder "what if" for the rest of your life.

Yes is more adventurous.

Yes. What the heck. Go for it.

No. Not even.


Good luck ------>

Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.
-Arthur Miller

I'm voting Yes, but since my vote results in a hanging chad, it's not a valid vote.

nope, no way, no...

Holy crap! Look at the turnout for your election! Or..whatever it is.

My vote? Yes. Of course you should do it/see it/clobber it/eat it/buy it/sell it/kick it/hug it.

Yes, of course.


I cannot in good conscience support you in this. I vote NO.

Yes, totally.

Wait, you aren't going to try to influence my vote in any way? Manipulate my emotions so I'll vote "yes"? Promise some sort of monetary "break" down the line if I just vote "no"?

I don't think I feel comfortable with this, so I'm going to go ahead and write in "Mia."

Yes! Why not? Everybody else is doing it, right?


If it's got anything to do with the hot, hunky fire fighters then....HELL YES!! Those guys have been begging for it!

YES! YES! YES..... only if you can get me 121 comments on my site :)

No. It's all about timing!

Yes...I mean no...I mean...yes. YES! I vote YES! YES! YEEEESSSSSS! Wow, this is liberating! I AM a citizen! I have ARRIVED! Woot. Yes.

I can't decide. I just can't, don't make no no...I mean yes yes yes....I what you want.

Yes! I say do it..heck, we should all do it!



World hates a coward :^)

OOOH I voted (yes) already but I'm bored at work thinking about what I voted for...

are you getting another kitty cat???

(vote stays YES)

No way! It's just too risky. And by "risky", I clearly mean "Yes, go for it"!

I hope that's clear.

Ofcourse!!! How can you doubt? Yes yes yes!



Um...well I usually like to be a more informed voter...but...


I'm usually a negative person, I'm a glass half empty kind of gal. But for you, I feel I should be positive so I'm going to give it a shot and offer you a...half assed, yeah. Ok. Yes. :)


Definitively yes! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, girl! Go for it! It's always better to beg for forgiveness that ask for permission.



Yes - what the heck, go for it!

Also, Here is an item that may be of interest to you.


Yes, yes, yes.

(You can count that once or three times, it's up to you.)

Yes, of course. Yes.

Okay I will have to vote yes, as I believe in the power of positive thinking!


No write-ins?! that stinks.
Well, I hope it's something you really wanted to do, because so far, it looks like the Internet Has Spoken. ;)

Wait a minute...did you just push the deadline back by three hours? You'll make us wait that much longer to find out what we're voting for?! In that case, I retract my vote.


I just re-red your post...we'll never find out, eh? Bummer.

I'm doing my part to contribute to the most comments you've ever received on a post, though!

Is it 8 o'clock, yet?

Since I'm no negative-nancy, I vote yes.

Well, she didn't mention the Time Zone her 8pm would fall into.


I vote yes

Since my vote was a hanging chad, will there be a recount? Or will this be decided by the Supreme Court Justices (Mia and Chris), denying us our democratically elected answer?? If there's a re-count, I'd like to punch the hell out of my chad, and vote yes again.

Yes. Of course, yes. Always, yes. Especially if you were wondering if you should make out with me.

Yes, sure, why not!

Don't know if I'm too late or not, with the time difference. It's not yet 4 here. So um....YES?

Yes!Sure why not!

Posted and then realised that JJ said exactly sord for wordthe same thing before I did sorry JJ!!!Its still a YES!!!

My pseudo ghetto vote is "Hells yeah".

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