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Like, I'm sure your hair was so hot

My internet connection went down yesterday while Mia was taking a nap, and I found myself at a loss for that to do. I mean sure, I could have cleaned something, but let's remember who we are talking about here. I could have read a book, but that might have blown my current five page a day before collapsing in exhaustion rate.

So instead, I put on eyeliner (yes, that is so rare these days that it qualifies as an event) and then I tried on one of my pre-pregnancy bras, and then when I finished laughing I tried on one of my pregnancy bras. Then I wondered whether it had always made my boobs look so pointy and like they were coming out of my neck. Then, I changed back into the nursing bra I have worn every day for the past year. (Well ok, I have two. Gotta do laundry sometime.)

I considered installing the new ceiling fan that I bought to replace the old ceiling fan which has started making horrible noises at random in the middle of the night and which was not repaired by Chris spraying cooking oil on it. Yeah, I was surprised too. I decided that was too much trouble, so instead I went looking for a necklace I haven't worn in a while. I found it, and I also found this:

That's me, age 12, in May of 1987, and Callie, age about 8 weeks. My bangs are hot, yes? Soooo hot. Also, the pearls are hot. Hotty hot hot. I am rocking that look. You all know you had the exact same hair in 1987, so you can just shut the hell up.

Finally, the internet came back up, which caused Mia to immediately wake up, so we went out for coffee.

Oh! I know! Guess who I had coffee with yesterday? Well ok, guess who I had decaf passionfruit tea lemonade with yesterday? No really, guess! Bet you can't. I dare you to try. (Obviously, anybody who had coffee with me yesterday is prohibited from guessing.) The exciting answer will be revealed tomorrow! Or, later today, if I get bored!

Comments (38)

HOT HAIR!!! I totally had the same look... I even had my bangs PERMED... as to have that look without the curling iron. Seriously. Hmmm coffee w/ Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad?!?

Nothing like the 80's hairstyle and accessories. At least it wasn't your senior picture like mine, yikes!

I'm guessing/hoping you had coffee with a hot fireman!

White Trash Neighbors is my guess.

Your computer going down was Karmic Retribution for the cruel "I'm leaving my husband" entry.


both you and Callie look soooo cuuuuuute!

I did have the same hair, only blonde! It took a bunch of hairspray to get my hair to stay that way, too..

I also had a kitten that looked remarkably similar.

I didn't have bangs like that in 1987, but I wanted them. BADLY. My hair just wouldn't cooperate.

Between you and Chris and all the hair pictures I'm starting today off with a good giggle. Thanks! ;)

Don't worry, Callie has a bad haircut too. ;-)

when I was twelve, I had a perm that made my hair wider than my shoulders. oh so sad...

WOW! Great Picture! Seriously. You look so very cute. And yeah, totally dig the pearls on a buttoned-up T-shirt look! I DO like the hair. But I wonder how it became so very straight now...
Oh and I think you had coffee with me...No? Oh maybe just in my head...

The kitty appears to be looking for an escape route...

Oh my god, yes, I DID have that same hair. I think I even had the exact same BARRETTES. Actually, my bangs were a little different, more of a bagel shape: I curled the top half back and the bottom half down and the sides to the side; fluff slightly to blend into perfect doughnut and finish with eleventeen coats of Aqua Net and voila! Instant gorgeousness!

Also, I believe I had that same shirt. Pale pink with a "layered look" fake collar, and I had pale pink plastic pearl beads to match. And pale pink Reekboks to complete the look. Smokin'.

I did have the same hair in 1987. The only difference is that I would have had a hair bow in to accentuate the bang flower made by a curling iron and lots and lots of Rave hairspray. I had a hairbow to match EVERY outfit. EVERY one. No joke. It was a sickness.

I am so very thankful that most of my hideous hair pictures still reside with my parents so that I never have to look at them. Along with the ones where I'm wearing all those twisty beads and scarves clasped with broaches. Geez. Just the thought of that makes me cringe. As for the location of the rest of the pics? I'll never tell.

ahhh...a girl and her cat! Sweet. The look....typical 80's. Your hubby's entry today fuckin' hilarious!

awwwww what a great picture of you and Callie.

Although your hair is definitely hott, sorry to say Beth, Callie-kitten is cuter.


Wow, hair flashbacks all around at the Cactus-Fish household today!

I'd call the entire period from 1985-1991 my era of hair shame. Fortunately, most of those pictures live with my mom... oh, except no, I have them. Gah!

Callie was a darling little kitten. You two look so cute together, 80's hair or not.

how much hairspray did you have to use to accomplish that look? now if you combined chris's mullet picture on his site with your bangs, we'd have one scary hairdo....hmmmmmm how good are your photoshop skills?

i also, sadly, own two bras that fit me. sad.

in 1987 i was 9. i was totally rockin' the hairband with giant bow attached look in those days. yikes.

nice bangs. ;) yes, we all had them so you are not alone.

i'm can't guess who you had coffee with because i can't even think of a funny guess, so i'm just going to wait it out.

callie looks so hot in that picture.

I was a couple of years behind -- in 1987 I think I was sporting more of a my-mom-still-cuts-my-hair kind of look. But later when she let me choose my own style, THIS is exactly what I chose. Because it was that awesome.

Well, it wasn't with me, damnit! I didn't even get a kiss. Okay, in my hot day dream I get a hot kiss.

Anyway, if you didn't have coffee with a hot fireman then you are losing your grip. lol

Ooohhhhh, now I have a hot daydream of you and a fireman and me all kissing! OOoohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


Not Benjamin?
Hott hair abounds in the Cactus-Fish household....

Ah yes...the 80s hair. I remember throwing a huge fit in 5th grade because I couldn't get my bangs right, refusing to go to school that day. My mom made me go, of course, and now I wonder what the differnce between good and bad bangs could have been. And let me guess, were you wearing stone washed jeans with that polo, by any chance?

I'm guessing you went out with one of those Hot Firemen yesterday;)

Awww! You two are so cute!

Did you dig Chris' picture out too?

And, I have no good guess for your daytrip yesterday.

So, we are the same age? Funny. For a second there I thought I was younger than you and was ready to shoot myself square in the face, having 3 kids to your 1 and being younger.

I wish, oh how I wish, I had a picture of my nappy-ass kinked-out-philly-humidity-stricken-bad-perm-hair. I'd totally show you.

Yep, at 12 in 1987 I look just about like that. Only I have curls so where your hair is all nice and contained, mine was all WAHHHHHHHHHH! ROCK ON!

I SO have you beat, yo.

Callie's bangs look hot, too. The natural look is always chic.

Oh God, I hate to think what my hair looked like back then. Let's see, 1987. Hmmm. I'll email you.

Oh, to be young and adorable again.


I had a preposterous slightly asymmetrical cut in 1987 that was helped along by an unfortunate at-home trim-job-gone-astray which occurred just before yearbook photos were taken. Yes, my worst hairday EVAR was captured for posterity in the yearbook, and NO, don't ask because I won't show you or anyone else. You and Chris may be brave (and foolish) but I am, well, not brave.

I read your last post first so I'd be cheating.

I had the EXACT same hair. It was never as "well kept" as yours. But? I was 7, so I hadn't discovered caring about my hair yet. I think I had lots of tangles and refused to take it of a half-up arrangment long enough for my mom to brush it. But looking at yours makes me think I could have looked so much BETTER for about three years, with a little effort!

I was 13 in 1987 and I had pretty close to the same hairdo as you here. Mine was more of a mullet though and too short to wear barrettes. But yeah, the bangs were exactly the same. Ah, the eighties.

Oh, the hair IS HOT. Although you didn't have the that ROCKED. I had that. Bitch to grow out though.

Totally Rad.

Trust me, that isn't as bad as some of the pictures I have around here. I need to dig them out of the attack so everyone can make fun of me ;)

Found you by way of Wannabe Hippie. I didn't have that hairstyle, but it wasn't through lack of trying. My hair was too curly to pull off anything nearly so straight. But yoyu were rocking it. *agree*

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