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Listening Tour of the Blogosphere

Since Mia quit nursing, I have read very few blogs. See, I did all my blog reading while breastfeeding, and before that I did all my blog reading at work, obviously. In addition, I've always been a lousy commenter. I've decided this is very unfriendly of me, so for the rest of the week I'm going to spend my internet time reading and trying to comment. I'll come back every day and tell you something I learned from the internet - there must be something of value out there, right?

Here's where you come in. My blogroll is woefully out of date, as is my RSS reader, so I know where to start but not where to go from there. Help me out by leaving a comment on this post with your url so I can come see you and say hello. Would ya? Would ya please? It would help me out ever so much.

Don't know what to say? Then tell me the first name of the first person you ever kissed, how old you were, and where it happened.

That's it - I will try to get back later today with something I have learned, but I think we all know we should really not expect to see me again until tomorrow, that way if I do come through tonight you can all just be pleasantly surprised. Or, you know, surprised at least.

Comments (208)

BTW- I think it is GREAT, that you got to nurse Mia for a year! Way to Go!

As for your question:
Paul, on a double date in 7th grade to the movies. Captain Jack I think.

Please come visit and judge me like the loser I am. I love reading you and the cactus everyday. Sadly, none of my friends seem to leave me comments although they don't hesitate to tell me they read everyday, so please leave a short thought or snarky remark. (See, told you I was an attention whore.)

Donnie, 5th grade, in the alley behind my house....he's in jail now. I used to have great taste in boy friends.

Hi, my name is Shannon and I have never kissed anyone. I'm holding out for this chick in Washington, but I think she's just going to end up being a make-out tease in the end.

Hi there. I'm a pretty regular reader of your husband's blog, and sometimes I pop over here, too. I'd love for you to check me out, if you have the time. Though, I know it can be overwhelming, all the choices.

Anyhoo, to answer your question - Nick, 15, in my bedroom, on Valentine's Day. I was so shocked he actually leaned in for the kiss that I turned my head and he got a mouthful of hair. So not sure if that truly counts. Though there was mouth-to-mouth contact for a split second.

Maybe it was actually Joe, 15, on a couch at a party in front of all my friends? I don't know. It's all a blur now!

The first boy I ever kissed was named Doug, we were about 10, and it was behind the curtain of the stage in the gymnasium at our elementary school record hop.

You actually stopped by this morning, though I don't know how or why, and I was so excited I called my husband at work to tell him! You are invited back anytime; maybe we could make out!

I stumbled onto your blog from your husbands site. I too suck at commenting so dont feel so bad.

His name was Kip, I was 16, in the parking lot of the movie theatre we worked at after work one night.

Shit, if I'm going to make you come over and read, then I should probably update or something.

I understand about not having time when you have a baby!
Come and say hi!

Would it be possible to save Mia for my son to have his first kiss with when he is old enough? That would be sweet.

If you want to read a blog by someone who's just starting this whole pregnancy-baby journey thing, feel free to stop by my site and say hi. I try to keep it funny. I'm not always successful.

First kiss: Carl, the boy next door. (Literally.) We were playing "soap opera." I was 4, he was 8. His two sisters and my sister were both present at the time, and my mom walked in on us and Wigged. Out.

My blog is random b/c I can't talk about my job and my job is pretty much my life and most of my friends and social life is off limits too b/c of the job. Vicious cycle. Anyway, you're welcome to stop by. I'm just not promising much. ;-P

Captain of the soccer team, backseat of his car (ahem), 15. Also, he is still one of the best kissers I ever smooched, so I consider myself very lucky.

david, the 4th grade, my driveway. i pushed him away and told him i did not kiss boys, i was only in the 4th grade for goodness sake! gross!

His name was Graham. I was in 7th grade. We were at a friend's house. Very. Sweet. Moment. :-)
Have a good day!

I am so old I don't even know the answers to those questions...

Good question: Phillip, 5th grade at the roller skating rink.


Let's see. His name was Steven. I was 15. Parking lot at school, next to his car one day.

I should have waited. It wasn't really very fun. It's memorable only in it's awfulness.

First freindly kiss to/from a boy: Steve - playing house - both about 5 years old. Our mom's are still good friends all these years later. wierd.

First more than just a friendly kiss: Dusty (what a name), his backyard one day after school, far too young - 4th grade, I think.

First time I kissed my (now) husband: Midnight between 1997 and 1998 on the streets of downtown Houston. It was a dare. We didn't start dating, or kissing on a regular basis for about 7 months.

Oh my gah you might actually come over and read my blog! It's like a celebrity coming over to my house or something...I need to go make an awesome post so you will be totally impressed, but I can't think of anything aweseome to blog about. Bummer.

To answer your question it was John Paul, I was 13 and we were in his front yard...and he used tongue which just about made me puke.

I stink at commenting too, although I am always reading.

I forget who my first kiss was! Terrible!

I don't remember a first kiss... but you can visit me anyway.

Bruce was 13. I was 12. It happened on a school field trip in some bushes. He slipped me the tongue (WTF???) and I nearly threw up in his mouth it grossed me out so much.

Later, though, I learned to love me some tongue.

I was in the 5th grade and "going out" with a boy named Tristan. Everyone in our class knew, so someone dared us to kiss after school by the portables. We were encircled by a bunch of kids as we quickly timidly touched lips then left. I remember thinking I didn't want to kiss him because his lips looked chapped. Boy could have used some chapstick;)!

I was catching up on my blog reading here at work and someone complimented Mia, so I'm passing it on to you! :)'s my link.

Do you mean serious kiss, as in with tongue, or are you counting the innocent second grade kisses that consist of boys tackling you on the ground, smashing their lips against yours, and then punching you in the face? Because in the first case, it was Cory at 19 in the parking lot of a hotel (should've known) and in the second case, it was Travis at about 7 on the playground. Or rather, on the dirt on the playground after he tackled me.

I'm a terrible commentor too.

first kiss....Scott at the 7th grade dance during an REO Speedwagon song. It was very romantic.

I was 13, his name was Tatcho (for real) and I was in the bedroom of my future boyfriend. The next day, he had a new girlfriend who later stole my best friend's boyfriend, married him and had a kid with him.

Something tells me that is FAR to much drama for a first kiss...

i'm both a terrible commenter and a terrible updater.. someone should take the internet away from me.

however! my first kiss was dave from alabama (the nephew of a family friend) when i was 16 and he was 18, in his parents' SUV in front of my grandma's house. that sounds just about as terrible as it was in hindsight. kid tasted like pink lemonade in a can but i was oh so in lust :P

I've been a bad bad lurker lately. I hardly deserve to be read, but I have an interesting post up about being friends with someone with depression should you want a peek. I was 17, he was a college professor, lapse of judgment I'd rather forget, 2nd kiss was much better.

Am nursing! Aaron, junior year of HS, back of marching band bus coming home from competition. Was gross. He didn't get how to do it.

Jesse. 12. Sitting on a branch of a tree in the canyon, hiding from his sister.

And yep, he showed up at my wedding. Good times.

John. 12. At a teen dance club called "Weekends" where my school was having an end of the year dance.

(It sucked, the club, the boy, and the kiss. It got much better as the years passed -- the kissing, the club and the boy never got better.)

Ohhh, I guess I should brush off the cobwebs and actually update!

First kiss....hmmmm

I was 9, his name was Jason, and we were playing 'wedding' in the back yard.

(Is it wrong that I wasn't the 'bride' and he _was_ the 'groom'?)

I was 12. His name was Chas. He wore hideous shoes. One night, he dressed up in my backyard in a black tank top and gold sequin tube top. He wore the gold tube top as a skirt. It was hysterical.

I was 5 years old. We were on the playground playing "Dallas". I was Pam, he was Bobby... then he kissed me. It was brief, but I remember it well. His name was Alex.

You are invited to my blog. If Mia lets you. Been a devoted reader for more than an year now. Hope to see you around.

you can visit me, if you want... nothing interesting going on, though. ahah :) first boy i ever kissed was my joe. :) and i was uh, 22. :) yeah, i was a late bloomer.

You commented on my blog once. I was tickled PIIIIIIIIIIINK! I couldn't believe that the all-popular Beth had commented on MY blog! I still have some inner pride issues over that. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't ever comment again. I'm sure if you commented more, I'd get desensitized to your comments and soon it would be, "Beth? pah! Yeah, she comments on my blog."

Yeah, right. I think I'll always have the nervous giggles to see the names Beth and Fish in my inbox. Weeeeee!

My first kiss was with Simon at age 15 in front of my locker in school. He was a scandalous and mighty-hot 13. Could I be locked up for taking advantage of a minor? After our romance quickly fizzled out, his appearance took a nasty downward spiral. When I saw him walking through the mall sporting corn-row braids on purpose rather than as a courageous dare, I was glad that we had parted ways.

No way as funny as you are, but I do have a cute kid!

Forth grade, Tim, outside my bedroom window with my mom listening inside!

You can come see me anytime. I have been woefully underposting since my blog got eaten but hey! I love Mia and I have a cute kid too. ;)

first kiss: also fourth grade (see above), David on the back stoop at his house, 4 houses down from mine. I can still remember exactly what he looked like.

////i try to be funny, but it i not always possible. But I do try.

First good kiss- how bout that? Freshman in high school, my boyfriend stopped over at a house where I was babysitting, gave me flowers and planted a kiss on me that took my breath away. He was there for like 5 minutes total, it must have been a 30 second kiss, but I still remember it.

Amazing how time disappears once they are mobile, isn't it? Good luck with the blog reading.

Would have to say that I was quite shocked you stopped by earlier. You made my day! Someone actually left a comment! Whoo-hoo!

I know I am a total loser now :P

First kiss 8th grade, Ryan, after the first high school football game.

I think I could have qualified for better late than never award.

I'm Drew Barrymore's "Never Been Kissed".

At least you kept posting for us, even if you haven't been able to come out and visit very often!

I don't remember. It makes me sound like a whore, I guess, but I don't. I haven't kissed THAT many people, you'd think I'd remember the first one!


Yeah- no clue.

I remember the first time I was french-kissed. It was so gross and slobbery that I never wanted to do it again. I walked away in the dark trying to hide that I was scrubbing spit off of my entire face. I imagine that you're much more skilled at making out than that.

If you decide to come visit my little corner of the Interweb, I welcome you in advance.

Hi There -

Don't know if you've ever "visited" me. Find me at: I'd be oh so honored if you stopped by and said "Hi" and stuff. :)

As for the kissin' - his name was Tim, he had red hair and glasses and we were in kindergarten, so I must have been about 5 years old. Yeah, I started young, but I had a loooooooonnnnnnnnggggg dry spell after that and I don't even really remember this kiss at all, so it hardly counts as anything at all.

Oh - and I reallly, REALLY wanted to put that "I VOTED" sticker on my forehead, but we don't have a printer. And then I REALLY wanted to post it on my sidebar, but I'm not as techno savvy as I thought, I guess, because I couldn't get it to work. But rest assured, the desire was there, my friend. I hope all us "yes"s helped you make the "right" decision.

Amy :)

John. 16. My driveway.


Uhhh, well, when I was in kindergarten I used to relentlessly pursue all the boys on the playground. I caught at least one of them! His name was Frank. Frank had a fondness for pretending that he was The Lone Ranger and I wasn't willing to be Tonto, so the romance grew tiresome very quickly.

Well. I dont have a blog but I love reading yours, and your husband's and so many others. I guess that I am a blog reader. Anyway, first kiss this french guy named Hommy, yes that my friends is his name : HOmmy!! We went out for a few years. I was 14 at the time broke up when I moved to the states at 17.

I was in 4th grade and his name was Scott. We kissed on the playground and then we were officially "going out". He broke up with me the next day and went out with the class president. Now I hear that Scott is bald and married to a VERY LARGE woman. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) Scott always was a cute, shrimpy little punk, so that makes it pretty funny.

Great question! Roy, 13, in front of a Christmas tree.

Hi are you?

The first guy I ever kissed was named Adam. We kissed in my backyard and I was surprised at how soft the inside of his mouth was and how much it tasted like eggs.

Jason, and it was an awful first impression of kissing. Thankfully my husband is great :)

My blog address is: I'd love to have you come check me out!

Technical First Kiss(es): Paul Pepin, neighbor, pre-school- 1st grade about 100 times while playing "Brady Bunch" under his deck. He was Mike, I was Carol.

Real First Kiss: beautiful, beautiful, Tom Evans. Under a crystal clear summer sky, Star Island, 1985. sigh.

No blog since I figured out I'm not that interested but I do like to comment. So...

Marcus, age 16 (late compared to your other commenters!)New Years Eve on the Boston waterfront under the fireworks.

BTW, I'm currently pg with a boy and looking for names. I thought this would be a great place to hear some. So far we are definetly NOT using: Hommy, Kip, Graham, Dusty or Tatcho (no offense). It seems boys name Steve get around. Lastly, I am seriously considering naming my son "Dave from Alabama" it has a great ring to it ;-)

Hi. Those pics of Mia below are too cute. Thanks for sharing. :o)

See you did this and asked for a zillion comments and now I keep getting the email I'm sending you back. i'll try again tomorrow. :)

Oh and Nathan, 4th grade, nine years old and under his trampoline.

Since no one ever comments on mine, and I read yours all the time, I decided to comment! Thank you for always giving me something enertaining to read!

YOU SLACKER!! God, you'd think that you had a toddler running around keeping you busy or something.

His name was John and it was at a party in 7th grade it was in some girl's backyard. He liked Judas Priest. This may have been the beginning of my "metal phase".

Wayne. I was in kindergarten, and he grabbed me and kissed me square on the lips. He wore a yellow rainslicker and I screamed loud enough to shatter nearby eardrums.

Okay first I have to say I have been reading your blog for a little over 6 months now and although I have never commented your site has become part of my daily routine. I love it. It's what inspired me to start my own site when I found out hubbie and I were on our way to babydom. So I am a little nervous about having you check out my humble abode, it is just getting off it's feet! Okay first kiss. Laoise Mulhall. In the bushes in front of her front yard, I was in grade 5, and her very irish father caught us and gave us the "if you are lesbians that's okay but society frowns on it right now so don't tell anyone" talk. Sheesh!

Um...come see me. Also, I have never kissed a boy. Or a girl. Or anyone, except my granny on the cheek. Oh, and Nathan's hand in grade 9 on a dare. (Hey, I went to a Christian school. We're adventurous like that.)

Steven, 15, in front of my locker at high school...

Not sure if that's a good memory or not! LOL...

I'll leave the light on for ya ;-)

Please come visit me and my woefully not-updated-as-often-as-I'd-like site. Even if I did vote no last week. And since you asked; Jason, 13, country club pool (his family were members, not mine).

First kiss? My husband, 13 years old, in a park. Love reading your blog.


damn girl - you're going to be busy reading all these blogs. ;)

first kiss: Curtis (who was 28 at the time i think) I was... 13? 14? now that i look back i go Eww. at the time i thought i was hot shit. oh, and in his car.

yes, i was a MAGNET i tell ya!

his names was Chris (but not the Chris I married)
It involved full tongue action...which really grossed me out.
It was Jennifer's birthday party in No wait...7.
And you ahve already visited me today AND told me you suspect my 3 year old had SYPHILLS! So you know....BITE ME!

I think his name was Nathan...or Nate. I was 12 I think at church camp. He tried to tell everyone that he was psychic, but he was kinda cute.

The first person who ever kissed me was...a girl. At church. A Baptist church. I was 14 and she was 15. Her name was Julie. We were skipping choir practice with a bunch other kids and it was in the evening and we were playing hide and seek (our church was big). I NEVER SAW IT COMING...TRUST ME. I only mention it because anything else would be a lie but, since I'm totally heterosexual, I'm worried that it might make some people uNcoMfOrtAbLe. Two years pass...and..the second kiss was on a date with a guy named Doug. I was 16. He took me to eat and to a movie and then tried to lick my face off afterwards. An awful experience. Julie was actually much better. After that, it was a guy named Bob. Now there was a guy who could kiss.

I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Mia :) the lake on

It was SO nice to see you at my blog today! Thank you for stopping by. I love your comments. I still remember when you wrote "must. eat. baby." under a picture I posted of the monkey. It was so cute. :) Here's my addy again: :)

Dan, 18, in his living room. He really wasn't any good, but I was fifteen and it was about damn time. I swear, even the angels in Heaven were cheering me on.

Hey! Come visit me!

The first person I kissed was my first boyfriend. His name was Chris. I was sixteen, and it was in the street outside his house when my best friend (who played bass in his band) dropped him off from band practice.

It was also the singular most horrid kiss of my life, and I cried for an hour straight and gargled with Lysol and then broke up with him two weeks later.

Eewwwwww- Gary when I was 14. I almost drowned-enough said.

Doug. It was highschool. It was in a car. We had just met at a party. I was really upset because I wasn't ready. My feelings weren't sorted out about him. But he became my first boyfried all the same.

Trent Bass, 12 yrs old, my friend Angela's bottom bunk - while we all watched TV. He pointed out my stinky armpits.

Maybe THAT'S why I'm so paranoid about smelling pitty.

The first person who kissed me?

Let me see...

All I can say is that his inital is A.

The rest is a secret. Hahhaha...Am I that discreet?

BTW, the strawberry popsicle pics make me realllyyyyy thirsty!!!


Have a great visit!

Ummm...the first person I ever kissed would have probably been my parents...but I don't think that is what you are looking for...

Michael 5th grade by the monkeybars.

Brian, summer camp, 7th grade. In an odd twist, he and I now work together in the same small office. Not quite sure what 12 year old me was thinking.

I totally agree with you. Breastfeeding is the only time I get to spend on the computer!

I suck at comments, too, even though I've been blurking here for a long time and commenting on Chris's blog on and off. You guys are two of my absolute favorites!

Let's see- I was a typical band geek-- my first kiss was at the age of 15 on the band bus with a guy named Steve who I'd had a crush on for months. Older than me and slipped me a litle tongue-- I giggled. He was pissed, but he was my ride home and decided he could do better if he tried again in my parents' driveway-- too breathless to giggle that time. ;D

Come on over and visit!

He had a big nose. And zits. 8th grade. He took my number and a few glances down my shirt. Jerk still owes me a phone call and a nice compliment on my training bra.

Ryan, in Kindergarten, at the back of a school bus with a little two-person seat that flipped up. It was sweet.

Good luck reading all 85 of the blogs left in the comments!

Boy did you ask for trouble with this one! :-) That's alot of blogs to read!!
You can find my poorly written but sometimes slightly entertaining self at

And, to answer your question: Rusty, the summer before (?) 8th grade.

I don't comment much either, so don't feel too bad. :)

First guy I kissed was when I was 15 I think. David. On a friends couch. Good kisser.

Hey, would love to have you come for a visit.

As far as the first kiss, his name was Ryan and it was in his parents basement. I don't remember exactly how old we were, I'm guessing somewhere around 10. It was in one of those big moving boxes that are used to keep winter jackets and such, we used to hide away in there on a relatively regular basis. It's funny now that I think back on it.

Gary Harrall...Kindergarten...on the Catholic School with nuns present. He is now serving life for murder. See?
Yeah, thank God I gave up dirty convicts at an early age. Stop by my place doll and be bored by my ramblings about being pregnant!

Who: Lynn
When: at seventeen (real kiss)
Where: a rock concert
Aftermath: she became first girlfriend, summer romance that ended at a Harry Chapin concert in September and stopped thinking about her everyday after about eight years, thereabouts. Now it's just once in awhile.

Doug, 6th grade, school playground. Very hott, obviously.

Stop by sometime if you have a chance after visiting the eleventy billion blogs ahead of me. Big selling point: My blog is purple, too! :-D

i'm leaving a comment even though i'm already up there over on that little thingy you were referring to.

'cause i like you.


I am boring and don't blog though I highly recommend Electric Boogaloo the girl is way funny and her oldest boy is incredible.
Woowoo, eerie Kim
It was Frank on the 6th grade bus. A total set up by all our friends who served as Greek Chorus and hid us from the driver. We had each been told how much the other liked us. It was a heartbreaker. Prim and boring as kissing an aunt. I decided kissing was all hype. (So did Frank!)

His name was Danny. I was 14. And it was in the middle of a roundabout. He made me do it.

Anything to oblige.

First guy I ever kissed?? Well, my first ever boyfriend (we'll call him 'C'), in his bedroom, while my brother and his mates were in the next room and his two pet ferrets were playing in a nearby shoebox. Our relationship was none sexual (he was about 7 years my senior) and lasted a grand total of four days.

But damn, could that guy kiss...

I was woefully late at 18. His name was Brian and he was too cool for school. It was outside his ute - and quickly progressed to the inside of his ute. Read religiously and love reading about your daughter's antics, but terrible at commenting.

Come see me, but I am still waiting for the boobage pain to go away.

I don't remember the first guy I kissed. That was waaaaaayyyyy so long ago. I do, however, remember my first love. Chris McNichols. I had the biggest hot crush on me, but the bastard wouldn't touch and dumped me for some ugly stupid cow and didn't even have the BALLS to tell me. A friend of mine did. lol

I kissed Matt on the cheek when I was five on the stage at school.

If you want a lip to lip kiss then it was Matt again playing kissing tag in the 5th grade.

As for my blog, I've been shamefully lax (is that how you spell that?) in posting recently, but there is a new post from yesterday.

well, with 99 comments down you certainly don't need more reading material but I'll answer the question anyway. My first kiss was a bit of a gip to tell the truth. Emotionally I wasn't ready for it. I saw him leaning in and at the last second I turned my head and it landed on my cheek. Not quite the kiss you were asking for I think but it's the one that I count, unfortunately. I don't remember his name though. Isn't that strange?

My last post just illustrates why I should not be allowed near any machines until the second cup of coffee. *sigh*

Hi! Lurk a lot, but love your site. Let's see, I guess my answer would be John, on my front porch, sixth grade, after he gave me a lovely fake rose from the gas station.

Hello! First kiss was a guy called Jimmy in a horrible nightclub in a horrible town called Wakefield (England) and I was 17. Yuck.

Come visit...

My first kiss was a guy named Rob in 9th grade who turned out to be a weird boy who showed up at my house unannounced and wouldn't leave.

Good morning and welcome back to the addicting blogworld! My first kiss? Roger Faulkner, under a bush outside the swimming pool. (yowza)I was 13? Any way...come see me. :)

I used to make my neighbor - all of a sudden I can't remember his name - pretend to be Kermit and I would pretend to be Miss Piggy, all so that I could kiss him. I was three!! Such a fast child!

Girl, you are gonna be BUSY. You may not get to my blog until Mia is three, but I suppose I can wait.

Trey, in the 10th grade (15 yrs old) and in the backseat of our friend Greg's car. Greg and his girlfriend were in front. Lovely, no?


I have not commented in a while.

Dawn 8th grade formal.

His name was John and I was 13 years old. He kissed me at school in front of my locker.

Wow, 109 comments?!?!

Holy smokes, you'll be reading for days!!

well...that's a whole lot of blogs you'll have to be visiting :)

His name was Neil. I was probably 4 or 5. It would have happened in my family's giant back yard that backed on to the parking lot of the united church where his father was the minister. My dad was the baptist church minister. It was doomed from the start....

Lee Morrell, was the first real one. 7th grade, summer camp, on the haunted house ride at a now-defunct park. Too much tongue. Ewwww.

Ok, I was a late bloomer I guess. But I'm also not counting the little pecks on the playground when I was 8 either.
My first real kiss - ok really it was a 45 minute make-out session - was when I was in 11th grade. His name was Mike Bastine and I thought he was dreamy.

Jeff, 8th grade, at my house one night when my parents were out and my friend was spending the night. Her boyfriend and this guy Jeff rode their bikes over to hang out with us, and then when my parents got home, they had to sneak out the front door as my parents came in the back. Scandalous for me, such a good girl at the time.

Ok, i've got to go back up there and read some more first kiss memories. I love that stuff. But thought I'd leave a comment first, so I wouldn't forget. I can't pass up the opportunity to have possible comments on my blog. I get about 1 a month or so. Although my family keeps bringing things up that tell me they're reading. What is so wrong with leaving a comment then? OK. end of rant.

My first kiss was supposedly when I was 5. My sister found me kissing the neighbor boy on our couch. I don't remember this. The first one I remember was in second grade. Under a table in class. It was raining outside, so we couldn't go outside at recess. We started "going out". In third grade, the school made sure to put us in separate classrooms, because they caught us kissing after school. What can I say? I was early.

first kiss? summer before 7th grade. it was in my garage. with a boy named benji.


The first boy I kissed was Greg. I was a sophomore in college. There I said it....are you happy.

i'm coming in to this one late, but that's ok, right? can we still make out?

let's see... the first boy i ever kissed? his name was Anthony and we were in the first grade. he was my "boyfriend" [as much of a boyfriend as you can get in 1st grade] and we kissed in the log cabin on the playground. one of those quick little pecks [on the lips, even!] and then we went running in separate directions. because of the cooties! duh!

Or maybe come visit me here instead--this site is more established:

It's book reviews! Because you have so very much time to read!

Since you have already visited, does that mean I should still tell?

Okay, okay! If you must know, his name was Michael, I was in 5th grade and it was behind his house at the neighborhood creek.

Well you already stopped by, and the post is so very out-of date, I do however have BIG plans to post something fun in a little bit (read it's about WINE), so stop by then!

Anyway, about the first person I kissed - his name was Kenny, I was 14, and was summering with a friend that had moved (so far away from my normal friends and parents) and everyone thought I was cool there. No idea why - probably because I was new. He was the "bad" boy and her parents did not like him! Ha!

Are you sure you should asked that..lo.. Wow 122 comments. You are pretty popular around here. OK come visit me too!

Does making out with my friend Andy in kindergarten count as a first kiss? After that, we weren't allowed to sit next to each other until 3rd grade.

After that it was a loooong time before I started smooching again - after seeing "Encino Man" I was holding out for Brendan Fraser.

I am laaaaate as usual, but I'm popping in to say Hi!

I just don't want to be picked last at dodgeball... But you are welcome to come visit me! I just made fresh cookies.

And because you asked: Jon, 14, the band hall at my middle school.

Josh Koski at the park... I was 12.

I read you everyday! It's all apart of my morning blog reading.

Too old to remember the answers to those questions.

Nothing real exciting happening at Therapy Failed...just getting back in the groove of being a student and a teacher...stop by and say one seems to visit anymore.

Is it sad that I'm not really sure who was my first kiss - they're all a blur!
Maybe...Calvin, grade 5, behind a shed at the gas station in my small town?

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As with most bloggers, you have, like, 599 875 more readers than I do, so I thought this would be a good place to pimp it ;-)

Jeff Mills. 5th grade I think. My best freind and I both LOVED him (as any 5th grader can), but he kissed me first, on the playground. WHOO HOO ME!

You know I'm here, right?

The first guy I ever kissed was Brian Skrenta. It was seventh grade and we were playing spin the bottle at a party. We had been friends since first grade and we did eventually go out on a few dates and do a little more kissing. Good ol' Brian.

I kissed a boy named Danny on the cheek when I was five. We were on the school bus and it made him cry. I'm afraid that my aggressive behavior would only continue to get me in trouble with the boys.

You aren't really going to visit all of these blogs are you? Talk about busy. Plus, it's okay if you don't visit mine just because mine is a knitting/craft blog and I'm not really sure how interesting that is to you. But I do enjoy your blgo.
Um, I would share my first kiss, but I'm kind of private like that, so. Let's just say it was a surprise and had lots of potential, but nothing materialized from it.

Sure, come take a look around! Its mostly pissed off rants about work right now, but whatever.

First kiss was technically on the bus in Kindergarten, with my sister's best friend's little brother, they made us do it. His name was Christian.

First real kiss was at my 12th birthday party in the bathroom in my parents' basement. His name was Mike. He's a Mormon now. Hope that wasn't my fault.

Sheesh... I get busy at work and miss all the fun...

You can visit any time... so can anyone that wants to. :)

Lets see... I'll answer the question... I was in 8th grade, a friend was moving, we threw a going away party, I got really drunk. (amazing how stupid we are at the ripe old age of what? 13?) I kissed this boy named... Tom, Bob, Scott... Um, I don't remember. That's how stupid I was. LOL! The first kiss I remember... 9th grade, Tony, his birthday party. It ruined a perfectly good friendship, cause he liked me and not Lisa. Looking back, I should have let her have him.

His name was John and I was 13. He was my first bf. Wonder whatever happened to him?

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

I'd love to have you check me out. Makes me wish I had something funny up right NOW. Mostly it's blurry photos of my son peeing into the bushes on the side of various highways, otherwise known as vacation photos.

his name was(probably still is)severn(he was named after a river or something) i was 15,it was slimey and awful and he licked my teeth. i think it was in the parking lot of dillards.sooo not how i imagined it would be...

His name was Greg. I was 15 and we were backstage in the auditorium at our high school. But as commenter 138, I don't expect to see you over in the Kingdom any time soon. Happy reading!

first kiss with tongue: Chris, my first real boyfriend. I was 15, he was 14. In his bedroom with the lights off while listening to records (on vinyl! not CD or cassettes because I'm that freakin old!).

Is it sad that my baby has already French-kissed me? several times? even though I tell him it's gross? He frenches his father, too.

I'm sure I had one or two chaste, closed-lip kisses when I was in middle school but I don't remember them.

I have no blog for you to read, but I felt like playing along with the kissing game.

What was your trick to being able to surf and nurse at the same time? Is Mia not obsessed with the keyboard?

Not that I update much lately, but here I am.

Ken, 16, in a church parking lot. That's all I'm willing to say about that.

His name was Otis when I was, um, 12 I think, and he was from Barbados so with his accent the name Otis was actually a pretty good one. It happened on the front steps of my mom's house after he walked me home from the park.

Wooohooo Come see me too :D... I'm kinda boring.. well maybe not... you tell me, lol.

which first time kiss? the one in second grade where david kissed me on the cheek and broke my favorite headband (funny how you remember these things.) or when i was fifteen and it was with my best friend gerard during a *gasp* catholic school youth group lock-in. needless to say i dated gerard off and on for 6 or so years and then he ended up marrying one of my best friends.

Wow, holy comments!

I'm embarrassed to answer the question because, hypothetically, the answer might reveal a lack of um, experience, on my part prior to my relationship with my husband.

For more on a life that is just THAT exciting, stop on by. :)

Hey there, I've commented a few times and was always secretly hoping you'd be wowed by my own blog...albeit less sophisticated, less photogenic...etc.

Kind of like when you were wanting to sit next to the popular girls at lunch but they didn't glance your way and you assumed it had to do w/ the fact that your jordache jeans weren't quite as tight as theirs...

My comment was just eaten by the internets!

My first kiss was when I was 12 and at an overnight summer camp. (note to self: don't send Sophie to an overnight summer camp). His name was, I think, Frank. I started late but it was all downhill from there.

Well my blog has grown cobwebs since I got pregnant and I am in the process of rebuilding it (a process that has been sitting on the back burner for a year and a half at least).

So with that I received my first kiss in the 10th grade. His name was Shaun and it was in the hallway right after he dropped me off at my next class. He has been trying to kiss me for weeks and this time he caught me by surprise. His lips were squishy, not unlike gummy bears. No tongue action though. We made out constantly after that.

I don't remember my first kiss, but it was probably around 5th or 6th grade playing spin the bottle. Must not have been very memorable.

First kiss - I was 12, his name was Joel and he could draw comics, not like little stick guys having a karate fight, but like real comic book action guys. I thought he was hot stuff. First kiss was at church camp in the summer, we went on a date (with his parents, so weird) after camp, and then only saw each other at church camp for a week at a time and would make out the whole time every year. Very odd place to have a summer romance if you ask me...

Hey there...I started reading your blog a couple months ago, but have yet to comment :) I can't imagine that you'd have time to read my piddly ol' blog, but stop by anyway if you're really bored ;)

The first guy I kissed, technically was Michael, when we were in the first grade...we were walking to lunch (or back to class?) and we had put his jacket over our heads for some reason...what can I say, we were 6! The first real one? When I was 17...Yep, 17, with Matt. He was super sweet, but that was a silly summer romance in his book, and it ended with me really pissed off!

answers to your questions:

Alan, 15, the movie theatre.

My site it Just Venting at

Hey Beth, I'm your biggest fan. :)

His name was Chris, I met him at the campground we frequented when I was 12. He had one hand. I'm not sure what happened to the other one.

First kiss: Jason during a game of Truth or Dare in my basement. We never ever mentioned it again....

My blog: - stop by soon for tales (and photos!) of my debaucherous birthday party/bachelorette weekend this past weekend!

I have a new blog so add me to the blog roll thingy (thingie) or whatever it is you want to do.


7th grade; side of a building; sans tongue, thankfully!


First kiss: A boy named Ziggy (real name). I was 14 and we were in a tent at The Kerrville Folk Festival. I sat on an old smushed banana.

Yay comments!

First kiss? Heck if I know. I've always been a make-out slut... I've lost track of who was first.

HA! Kidding. Uhm, sort of.

Joel at camp when I was 12. Big blue eyes and 80s rocker blonde hair (him, not me). YUM!

I'm just another notch in your bedpost. Or comment stats. Whatever.

I cna't remember his name, but he worked at Jewel when I worked at Osco. A superquick lip peck in his truck when he dropped me off. He was older. I was nervous. I was 16.

My first tongue kiss was Jim Nemeth when I was 17.

I was a late bloomer in the kissing department.

But I made up for it in college lemme tell ya! :-)

Hi! Just started my blog a few weeks ago, but I've been reading yours for a while now...Love it!

As to your question...first kiss was in 5th grade with Greg (but we barely touched lips, if at all). First real kiss (with tongue action included) was with David, when I was 16 years old and we were camping out with a group of folks at Foley's to be some of the first in line for Pearl Jam tickets. It was awkward, and the rest of the night my friend and I kept leaving to go get everyone sodas, blankets...basically anything that would allow me to avoid him! Good times :)

I write a whole bunch of crap. You should come and read me more often and comment when you can. Don't be mad I stole your idea about questions. My readers suck at the game though.


Well, there's my URL, but I think you've visited my site in the past.

Anyway, the first boy I kissed was named Matt, and since I was a late bloomer, the first kiss was at age 15. We were in line for a haunted forest thing and he kissed me quickly on the lips. I think we totally made out the next few months before he dumped me because all I wanted to do was make out and not go any further. Then, a few years back, I heard he was gay (so, after reading the above post, we have that in common), so maybe the "going further" excuse was just that.

how're your travels going? :)

Ohhh, neat idea! I wonder what else you'll learn :O

I'm off to post about my first kiss :O

Edan, fourteen, on our first date which was going for a walk around his neighborhood. I heard from a friend that they saw him a while ago in drag at a concert. Hey, I think Eddie Izzard's hot, maybe I knew about Edan's prediliction subconciously.

Jeff. I was 5, and it was during recess in kindergarden. Had to wait until I was 15 for the next one.

Nine-year-old Che' behind the Coke machine (well, kind of in between two Coke machines) at my elementary school. Slimy!

Hey Beth! I love your adventures in Mia-land.

And I was 17 before I got kissed. His name was Dave and we were at a party and vaguely drunk (though wound up going out for another 10 months). And that makes me sound pretty lame compared to everyone else, so um yeah. :)

Hi Beth my name is Marsha. I was about 10 when I had my first kiss. We were playing hide and go seek and Ray hid with me and asked if he could kiss me. It was nice, we kissed a couple more times and then he moved on to one of my friends. I later found out that almost every girl in the neighborhood had their first kiss with Ray. And yes, Ray turned out to be gay. I guess none of the girls in my nieghborhood were good enough kissers.

I just found this today in a very round about way, but her entry about a year after Katrina is unbelievable. Puts it all in perspective-

Of course I'm thrilled when you have time to visit.

My God, look at the comments!! You asked just the right question.

You want me to remember back 60 years? My first "boyfriend" was in seventh grade. We played chess and worked on a science project together. He may or may not have kissed me - obviously the earth didn't move. Probably he did. We went to a couple of movies together and I know we held hands.

My first kiss was in the church basement. I was a bad Baptist.

I love in the popsicle pic Mia's belly rolls over her diaper.

The first person I ever kissed was named Jeffery. It was at daycare in the treehouse and we wouldn't let anyone up the ladder. We got in trouble after. But Marci (Grade 3) and Kostas (Grade 8) are fond memories, too.

Come read about Lucy and I's little world. We live outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Um... First real kiss too disgusting to relate. Blech!

Come check out Life, the Universe and Everything at

I was not going to post here because I have not been posting on my own site. Hence, nothing to read. BUT! I have posted. WARNING: Not interesting. Dull and mundane. But! I have posted.

So, come on back and update your feed to me. Loving your notes of sites to check out.

I wouldn't complain if you came to visit me!

hey! I have been reading your journal since before you had Mia. Before that I read Chris's journal. So anyway.. come on by! :)

I'm a bonafide lurker. :) Come visit me? :)

i need all the visits i can get, its a lonely blog

come on by... my kids are cute. really, they are.

Feel free to come by. You're more than welcome!
I'll have some chocolate chip cookies waiting for you! And maybe some stroopwafels as well...

you can see my weird musings at my blog, and my super--amazing-beautiful child here:


Andy. I was 16 and we were on a band trip in Europe.
Come and see my blog! (it's not that exciting, but I do like to have readers) =)

My first non-tongue kiss was in eighth grade, as Bill Stevens and I hid behind the sacristy at the CYO Valentine's Day dance. The first one for reals, make-out style was a few weeks before my seventeenth birthday with another Bill, who I dated for the first six months of my senior year of high school.

Please come visit my regular blog (linked with my name) or my knitting one ( even though I am a dork and my blog is not nearly so kewl as either this one or your ClubMom one.

His name was Aaron, I was 14, he was a bastard, and he STOLE my first kiss. He just freaking leaned over and kissed me at a school dance and I was crushed, you see, I would not have chosen him as my first. Just thinking about it made me all sad kinda. Bah! However, I was a great many people's first kisses after that so I guess in the realm of things if I mine couldn't be great at least I made sure other peoples' were!

Come visit. I like visitors. And purple. I like purple too.

I haven't been around in forever - I keep up on your Bean's progress through Flickr these days, it seems. Hi hi hi!

i don't know/remember his name, i was 12 or 13 and he had gum in his mouth (which left me puzzled as to where he'd stashed it) and the next day he denied to everyone that it had ever happened, making me look like the loser i was (ahem - *then*). thinking back, it's a good thing i forgot his name. jerkwad.

I don't remember his name but I was 15 at an Air Supply concert at Six Flags Over Georgia. Uhm, just gag.

Long time lurker/first time to comment.

Elton... 15... sitting around in my driveway.

Man, I thought I was the coolest thing ever, but looking back at it, that was a horrid kiss.

pick me! pick me! lol

Come visit me! And since this is, like, only the millionth comment, and no one will read anyway, I won't mind admitting that I was 23 when I first kissed a boy (well, a man -- he was 26). His name was Roy, and it ended up being a full-on, one-hour makeout session in front of the door to my apartment complex. It was really nice, but mostly I was glad to FINALLY have done the deed!

Of course, there's a backstory to why it took me so long to kiss a boy (let alone do other relationshippy stuff). But that's a story for another post.

You never write, you never visit, what's a poor blogger to do?


Love ya Beth!

Hi Beth,
Found you from Poop and Boogies. My first kiss was with Eddie D. in the hallway outside my first grade classroom. It's okay, we had known each for YEARS at that point. He ended up doing some time in prison.

Come see me,

Clarification: Eddie D. did not end up doing time in prison for kissing me. He was in first grade at the time of the kiss too. I re-read my comment after posting it and realized that it could be easily misinterpreted into me being a victim of a first-grade-hall-lurking-masher.

My first real kiss was in at the age of 14 with a guy named in Bill in the basement of a girl named Dawn's house with her father upstairs getting us all drunk.

Long time listener, first time caller.

My first kiss was with my first cousin, Jeff. We were totally making out in his living room when my aunt came in and freaked out.

Okay, no. I lied. But I had you going there, didn't I?

My first *French* kiss was with my friend Matt, who lived across the street. I was such a goody-goody then. It didn't happen until my sophomore year! It was all downhill from there, though.

This is not easy for me to share.

1- I was 16 (gasp. Too old!)
2- His name was TR (gasp. What a dork!)
3- The bonus is that it was at the CHICAGO concert. gasp.

I am such a loser.

(I went on to kiss much hotter and nicer guys. I promise!)

It was in middle school. He was (looking back now) amazingly unattractive. It was immediately after he ate a bunch of Doritos. There was tongue. I needed a towel afterwards. I thought I would never kiss anyone ever again.

Howdy. Name's Adam. Another Poop & Boogies reader who clicked over. Liking what I see so far. Love reading blogs about parents & their kids, because my wife and I are getting close to the point where we'll be ready to have some!

Here's a secret: I actually have 3 active blogs at the moment (the linked one being the most active), one of which is super-secret and not linked from any of my other blogs, because I'm hiding it from my mom. Sounds silly, I know, but a guy's gotta have some privacy, you know! Sometimes I think it's a curse to have such technologically savvy parents. :-X

Feel free to stop on by and say hello! We're celebrating birthdays and discussing school.


Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I'm probably too late aren't I? Christ on a pony, when will I learn NOT to do so much work behind this cubicle wall and instead surf my favourite blogs faithfully, each and every day? I'm totally missing out on good opportunities to pimp my blog!

Beth. I love you more than cheese. Please stop by?

Like Vicky, I too am late. I can't help it; last time I checked your blog at work I got a virus (um, really, you might want look into that) and then I had to tell the IT guy how got it and he pretended he was cool with it, but I know he was really rolling his eyes at my slackass ways. So I can't check it at work, and home has just been wacky this week.

So, um, yes. I'm late. But please come visit. You will learn a lot at my blog. We're building a house! So much to learn.

I suppose I'll finally stop lurking and invite you to my humble blog... :)

I've been a bit of a slcaker lately updating and reading, but I am back and would love to have you stop over for lunch or maybe a dreaded playdate. Thanks

Am I that teriable? I don't remember the first person I kissed. I remember my first crush. I was in the 6th grade. He was in the nerdy class. I remember my first boyfriend. He went to the nerdy school. Catching the pattern. But as far as kissed I have no idea.

It's a very generous offer. However, I'm not sure what you'd get out of mine -- I'm an over-30, overweight, medieval renacting crazy woman who happens to have a busy job with a big title and a tiny paycheck. But you're welcome to peruse.

Sadly, I'm not certain about my first kiss. But the first one that mattered was with the man I eventually married. We had met in a college hallway around 8pm, and kept talking until 5am -- and at the end of the night he kissed me. And that started everything new for me again.

But don't tell him. He doesn't read my blog -- in fact, he's not much into even checking his email -- and he'd think it sappily romantic that I still think of him so fondly.

7th grade at Rollerama. He was in 9th grade and I was so in luvvv. I can not for the life of me think of his name.

Must have been earthshattering.

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