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Mia Monday #30: Child After My Own Heart Edition

Reposting. Again. Let's see if it stays this time.

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so far so good. 6:30 pm PDT

I can't believe my witty comment for this post was deleted! That level of genius banter can not be replicated! It's lost. Forever.

loooooong sigh

Okay, I'll try to recapture the magic. No promises, though.

I love the forced smile on Mia's face in the second photo. It's like she's saying, "Oh. Hieeeeee. I thought you were spending time looking at your hot ass in the mirror, but there you are. Heh. This is awkward."

Yeah... it's just not the same the second time around with no adrenaline or giggling on my part.

But Mia is still squishably cute, and that, my friends, is all that counts.

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